Matt’s First Day of School

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It’s the first day of school for Matt, and this sixth grader has big plans to serve his school billy the perfect revenge.

Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016




I remembered it like it was yesterday. The morning when my Mom dropped me off at the bus stop. I was in the sixth grade, which meant that I had earned the right to sit at the back of the yellow, beat up school bus for the rest of the entire year.

It was a glorious privilege for a boy like me to finally be able to be one of the cool kids for a change, even if it was only lasting me for the fifteen minutes that my bus took to reach my school. The bus pulled up on the first day of school, right up the curb where I’d always boarded. The door creaked open, and I waved an insincere hey to the bus driver Debbie.

“You get taller, Matthew?” She titled a friendly head towards me. She was a nice and caring lady, but I wouldn’t realize that until much later on in life.

I told her that I grew a total of two inches over the summer and watched her react in a way that I’d actually accomplished something all on my own. “Impressive,” she pursed her lips with a complimentary nod. “Guess I won’t be needing to worry about you and the bullies for much longer then, eh?”

I wasn’t counting on that assumption. Not in the slightest. Soon, we’d be picking up Billy the bully, who by all accounts was the dumbest sixth grader in the nation. And I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that he had failed sixth grade a grand total of twice. And I’m sure you can imagine what the height and weight difference is of a boy who is fourteen, compared to all the other sixth graders who were twelve.

I sighed in that thought.

I made my way to the back of the bus. I passed by the spot that I’d known as my own for the last six or so years. So many horrifying, delightful, and utterly embarrassing moments were recorded in the eyes of dozens, right from that very spot. I winced harshly at the thought of those memories and stains that would likely be covered up by the butt of some poor kindergartener in the next day or two.

But for me, I left it all in the past. Time to move on and claim the territory that I’d come to know for the next three years, or at least until I made it to High School (If I made it to High School….).

It was the bench that lined the very back of the bus. Royalty, as many of the kids would call it. All of the greatest planning for school pranks and gossip began right where I was headed. The twins were already occupying the bench beside where I would sit. Their names were Tommy and Timmy, and they both had acquired a mole right above their lip.

But believe me, nobody ever dared mentioning this to them.

I took my seat beside them, said nothing. Debbie was already well on her way to picking up Anthony, and then Billy, and then Veronica, the girl who’d I’d had a crush on since kindergarten.

There was so much that I’d planned over the summer to prepare myself for this very morning. My time was coming up, and I was more than ready to deliver on what would be talked about by everybody in my school for weeks.

I placed my backpack to my side, felt the swaying of the bus go back and forth.

“So you’re in the sixth grade now, huh, Matthew,” Timmy, the twin with the mole on his lip said to me.

“That’s right,” I said blankly. Now stop talking to me.

“You think that makes you special now?” Tommy added. The terrible twins obviously never liked me, and I’m sure that the fact that I’d earned the right to sit next to them wasn’t helping me in the slightest, anyway.

I said nothing back to them, I didn’t even glance a look over. I tried to stay focused on what was going to happen.

Tommy didn’t seem to like this, though. “I asked you a question, WelcomeMatt,” he barked.

“He’s not gonna answer you, Tommy,” Timmy said. “ ‘Cuz he thinks he is some kind of special.”

“Is that so?” Tommy laughed, then turned to face me, gearing up his fist and punching me in the thigh.

I flinched completely, but tried my best to stay like a statue. Screw these guys. They’re just a distraction. Ignore them. They’ll stop. They’ll stop.

“I think he’s ignoring us,” Timmy said.

“That just seems rude to me,” Tommy agreed.

Another punch was delivered to my thigh. And this time, it really hurt. The pain was comparable to a numbing sensation that traveled all up and down my leg. I gritted my teeth, tried to fake my lifeless reaction, is that the best ya got?

If I ignored them, they’d get bored and leave me alone. That’s what had worked so well for me in the past, and I assumed this day would be no different. They were a distraction to what was going to happen, and engaging with them would have only meant the demise of my plan. So I stayed true to my reaction. I faked a lifeless stare towards the front of the bus. Trying to read people’s lips as a way to distract myself.

The twins seemed content in their little game, though. And I received two more consecutive blows to the leg. And I lost almost all feelings and the tingling sensation was reaching all the way down into my toes.

Go faster Debbie, I pleaded in my mind. Go faster. Ride like the wind! Please!

A final blow was given from Tommy before Debbie finally made her next stop to pick up Anthony, and it took about every fiber in my body not squeal in a roaring cry of pain.

But the beating was finally over for me.

Anthony made his way to his seat, which happened to be right in front of the terrible twins. And all so suddenly, Tommy and Timmy had found a brand new toy to play with.

“Hey, Anthony,” Tommy teased him. “What’s with the haircut?” Anthony tried ignoring them just as much as I did. He turned to me, giving me a timid grin.

“Hey, Matthew,” he said.

“Hey, Anthony,” I said.

I liked Anthony a lot, and I felt bad that his Mom felt the need to cut his hair in a way that made him look like a mop was on top of my his head. But I said nothing more towards him, he would have only been a distraction in my plan that day.

The plan would begin when Debbie made her next stop, which was coming up on us quickly.

Billy the Bully was standing at his usual spot at the corner of his rich white neighborhood, along with a few other terrified kids.

He made his way on the bus. And of course he’d somehow grown even taller, larger than I remembered him before the summer had started. He had stubs of facial hair already beginning to grow on his face, and the ground shook after each step he took.

I gulped immediately when he finally noticed me, began with his creepy smile.

This was it. This was showtime.

I grabbed my backpack beside me, took out a meat stick sausage link that my Mom had packed in my lunchbox. I bit off a huge chunk and chewed it with delight as Billy the Bully took his stance right in front of me.

“WelcomeMatt,” he laughed, as he then pegged my chest so my back firmed on the back of the bench. “You’re a sixth grader now, huh. The same grade as me. So let me be the first to welcome you into our little group.”

I nodded at him, still chewing on my piece of meat. There were already streaks of sweat beginning to fall down my forehead.

“There’s a lot you’ll learn this year, Matty,” Billy continued. “And I like to think I’m a pretty good guy for telling all the things to learn this year. But there’s a price you gotta pay for my wisdom.” He nodded at me with a stupid smile. “I think that’s pretty fair, don’t you?”

“Absolutely,” I said, reflecting his fake friendliness. I took another bite of my sausage link, feeling the sweat begin to pour down my cheeks.

“Good,” Billy said, then grabbed the sausage link straight from my hand. “I think this’ll do for today.”

My shoulders shrugged as a response. “No problem,” I said. “It’s all yours.”

Billy seemed oddly content towards my consent, but, of course, he didn’t take the warning I gave him. He bit right into the meat, began chewing for what seemed like a half-second.

“My mouth!” I heard him scream, flail in pain as he fell on his belly to the ground, coughing up the meat that had just soaked into palate, throat.

“AHHHHHHHH!” His screaming continued, and suddenly the entire bus was in an uproar of laughter.

“What just happened?” I heard Tommy ask in shocked delight. “Is he having a seizure or something?”

It sure did almost look that way. Billy screaming on the ground and shaking all over. But I knew that this wasn’t a life or death situation. It was just a common reaction that a person would have after eating a piece of meat that just happened to be soaked with the Universe's Hottest Peppers. An extra helping of them, I might add.

And boy, were they hot. At least, that’s what I thought when I initially tasted a fingertip amount of the stuff at the end of the school year before summer had started. It was mind-numbing kind of spicy, enough power in its punch to last a full day’s worth of misery. At least, that’s what I experienced for months on end when I first tried developing a tolerance for the pepper. But after eating these suckers for three months straight, you can actually develop a pretty good tolerance; almost to the point where it’s bearable to eat some without giving anybody around you an indication that your body is going through hell.

I began shaking my happy head at Billy in that moment. His misery was only just beginning.

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