Fear,Calamity,of long duration

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Storm clouds rolled in from the west. The afternoon sun had all but disappeared from the sky as thunderhead clouds quickly surrounded it squandering its light source could this be it? The end of the world?

Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



Fear of long duration causes the mind to wonder.a

Crossing the thin line we call reality and turns into a world of its self.

A world of delusion cultivated by a song on the radio, the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves on a nearby tree, the smell of gas and oil burning when you start your boat motor.

The conscious fear of nonexistence or departure from a calm summer night on the lake with the moonshine sparkling on the water like a giant yellow carpet.

 Moving forwards from times indefinite even until times infinite or the smell of the mold on the underside of the shore stumps on a humid summer morning.

Or the crisp air on a cold winter afternoon a dark blue sky cloudless devoid of movement as if life itself has ceased to function.

As a healthy man seeks out his weakness to become it its self.

As this causes a vacuum allowing the strength to shed all traces of fear as the deficiencies, absorb the fear ten fold.

In this state, the strong become stronger and the psyche it must, and it will survive the long duration of the calamity.

As the weakness may be exploited and ceases to exist in its own particular time's reality has become unreality.

Living in morbid fear constantly as in short duration fear each moment has its reality as well as its unreality.

The mind may or may not be sharp and definite as each moment is a lifetime for a second passed by, and nonexistence becomes closer to reality.

 The heart,  For a moment passed by into times indefinite and the future, is as yet nonreality.

The heart never quite adjusts to the state of near extinction, so its strength is scanty, to say the least.

At this point, the secure exploits the weak when fatal calamity is at the gates retracting into an individual event of long ago wich has faded away into all eternity.

The healthy will live on in a song, a stage play, or trolling for walleye as the weakness must face extinction head on again and again.

The brain struggles in a relentless battle to find unreality so as to dwell there until reality becomes a safe dwelling place for the strong and the weak.

Nonexistence is residing at the entrance its mission is to fulfill its agenda to perpetuate its self into nonexistence.

By nearly shutting down the heart valve or severing it altogether causing the liver and kidneys to cease functioning causing all conscious thought and the works of the hand to fade away.

Nonexistence, extinction, unreality these are the reality.  It is self-perpetuating it has no natural enemies.

It will fulfill its agenda without failure. 

 Without regard for gender, nationality, material possessions, skin color, religion, gravity or lack thereof, displacement or lack thereof, cohesion or lack thereof, photosynthesis or lack thereof, or any other reality such as life itself.

Until an outside force is added to subdue it a song on the radio, the sound of crickets chirping in the field at night, a bull frog croaking down at the lake at dusk or the feeling of a warm rain shower against the skin.

Or reality itself as it lies in wait at the door causing the strong and the weak to converge as strong adheres to the fragile reality brings long duration fear to its nonexistence.

When the solution is complete, and the mix is real reality will live on to times indefinite even forever.







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