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a broader audience writing of a review on my college campus cafe, buffet.

Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



 A buffet is a place where a system of meals is placed in a public area and not a lot of buffets are located in the Jackson area. Although that may be the case there is a buffet located in the local Jackson college where you can find a wide range of food which I will be reviewing. Located in the middle of the college inside the potter center sitting right next to where the financial aid office used to be. Now some people would say buffets are a place you go to when you don’t know exactly what you want to eat it’s the complete opposite. It’s a place you go to when you know exactly you want everything you don’t want to choose just one food.

Now the Potter Center café “buffet” located inside of the college made available to not only just the college students as well as anyone who has 8.75 to spare and 7.50 to anyone who works there. Great place to go in between classes especially if you have an empty stomach and is just looking to kill some time. A nice thing about this café is if you’re a student who resides on campus and happens to use all of your meal plans and don’t have the 8.75 to spare you can just use your jet fuel instead to cover it. Which is a great attribute to students who reside on campus. Another great attribute is that although not a lot of buffets aren’t child friendly this one very much is you definitely can catch a family eating inside the café every once in a while.

Now on to what I have gathered from this specific café being a frequent attendee as a Jackson college on campus student who doesn’t really have access to eat anywhere else, they honestly do not have much to offer compared to other buffets out there. This café is bland and lacks flavor in a way that the food isn’t really all that special. Where it does show some type of creativity in the sense of they do make their own food as in chicken and pizza where as other on campus cafes have outside restaurants. Such as Ohio State university their café has subway, pizza hut, Magic wok, Agave and Phoenicia’s just to name a few of the restaurants they have available to their students. Now compare that to the everyday chicken and fries and pizza and the typical lemonade and or water that everyone gets from the potter center “buffet” offers, it lacks in comparison such as variety and uniqueness.

Now after eating inside of the café with the mindset of actually trying to look for the things that needs fixing and what’s really the issue with it there were a number of things I would fix in terms of making it better from the next buffet you would come in contact with. As I’m sure a number of people who attend the café would also agree with me saying there has to be more variety. The food that is there you see every day and after a number of times seeing it and eating it you grow very tiresome of eating it as well as even looking at it. Whereas at another buffet you might not expect the same things all the time or even if you do there is such variety you might not even get through more than half of the selection after a couple weeks. Where here in the potter center you are more than capable of actually trying the entire small selection of food they have here to offer inside the potter center café “buffet”.

Even though the buffet could be a lot better compared to the other buffets out there. Whereas me being a regular of course I am going to have some low standards because I see the food every day and know exactly what to expect but another average person will not really agree with the food presented to them. Now the standards for a professor might be high cause they would expect this being the primary food area for on campus student’s to be of a high quality especially if they only attend the café only once in a while. Now a parent who may just be visiting would think it has a lot to offer based off them not having to cook for their child anymore their going to say it’s good with the offering of ice cream as well at the end of dinner what parent wouldn’t want that for their child. With that being said they would leave having high standards for the café thinking it just might be the best place to choose to eat.

Now even though there are many things that may be wrong with the café there are also many things that are positive as well. For one the fact that they have an ice cream machine is a major plus because not a lot of cafes and buffets offer that for instance the buffet fire moon in Troy Michigan they have ice cream preset out for you already to eat. Another thing is a lot of their food is fresh that’s one thing that the café can say the food, the lettuce and everything else is always fresh. Now on to the cleanliness I would say the areas to eat are always very clean compared to other places such as golden corral or fire moon buffets where it’s always a little bit dirty from the previous customers who may have just left so the workers are forced to rush clean which provide a not so clean environment for the next set of customers and so on and so on.

Now coming from a much broader perspective I would say that all in all this café lacks flavor and original taste. The things that make other buffets stick out is its wide variety and range of food but here they do not have that. Places like old country buffet and fire mountain are great buffets so let’s just say if you’ve been there once in your life this will not compare not even in the slightest. I would say it would be in everyone best interest to skip this buffet if you need to not be there. Not a student then do not waste your money is what I would say.

In conclusion, there are many buffets to choose from and pick aside from but the buffet I chose to review is the potter center café which I feel I know everything about even though it may be limited and not a big place to really pick from aside from that the food is always fresh and it’s still a great place to eat when living around it but picking its pros and cons out from other buffets it fails to compare I just feel it’s great in the lane it’s in when supplying for the students on campus but compare it to another buffet it might not stand a chance.

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