A Gust of Wind

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Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



I don’t normally wake up this early on Saturday’s, but I couldn’t sleep comfortably on account of my neck pain. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs so I shut my eyes and pretend to sleep. My mom opens the door, and scans the room. Opening my eyes, I take a look at her before she walks out. Her eyes are red, and her face is filled with sorrow. What is she upset about? As soon as I finish tying my tie I walk upstairs, and sit down on the stool in the kitchen, and act as if I’m distracted by my phone. I watch her prepare breakfast. The way she moves is like her body is weighing her down. She’s tired, more than usual. She’s in a new dress, and her hair is in a very crudely shaped bun. she’s not wearing makeup, her face is pale, and the bags underneath her eyes are extremely noticeable. My dad walks into the kitchen and hugs her. He hasn’t shaved in about a week. His beard is a mixture of black and grey stubby hair. More of his hair has turned grey. This past week has had him under a lot of stress. His suit matches the colors of my mother’s dress. I head towards the living room to sit down on the couch. While watching T.V. my brother appears from the hallway. My dad had yet to teach him how to tie, so with an undone tie around his neck he walks into the kitchen to ask my dad to tie it for him. The youngest one trails behind him. They look like twins in their new suits. We all gather around the dinner table, and eat our breakfast without a single word being uttered. Today is a day of silence. We leave for church immediately after. I stare outside through the car window at the uncut lawns covered in a mixture of brown and orange leaves. A gust of wind is seen pushing more leaves off a tree branch that at one point gave them life. It feels like it was only a month ago when we were watching the ball that would mark the beginning of the new year fall, and now we are watching the leaves fall marking the end. Where did the time go? We arrive at church, and make our way to the front. The mass is being done outside today. My mom is carrying my youngest brother in her arms, while my dad holds her hand in his, and wraps his other arm around my brother’s shoulder. I notice my brother wearing a jacket I had handed down to him. I used to wear that jacket all the time. It was torn up, but my brother still wore it wherever he went. My dad has on the lanyard that I keep my car keys on tucked in under his shirt. He took it from me when my license got suspended. I loved my car, and was furious when he took the keys from me. The youngest brother is playing with a toy car I had bought him last week. He doesn’t know what is going on. My mom has on the necklace I had bought her a few years back as a mother’s day gift. I never truly realized how much I loved my family before. I always felt as though to them I meant nothing. I felt I was the outcast of the family. I never stopped to think about how wrong I was. I always focused on the negative aspects of them rather than being grateful for having them. Grateful for everything that they have provided me with. Grateful for everything they had taught me. I want to tell them how much I love them. So I do expecting to hear them echo it back to me, but instead I get nothing. It’s not their fault though, they just couldn’t hear me. Last week I was sitting on a tree branch when a gust of wind pushed me off. I had a rope tied around my neck.

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