an act with my bro

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this is a play

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



An Act with My Brother

 (Both the brothers Nathan and Kevin are at home)

Nathan: Hey Kevin are u done with your building’s design.

Kevin: Ya bro I am done with the structure.

Nathan: Oh lucky you, I am done with my script and the director.

Kevin: Ooh what about the producer.

Nathan: I am thinking of producing it myself or could you help me with it.

Kevin: Yeah! sure! as it is am done with my work.

Kevin: So when do I get to see the set.

Nathan: Why don’t you come tomorrow to see the set.

Kevin: Okay fine and goodnight

Nathan: Goodnight to you as well

(they both go to sleep)

(next morning)

( Nathan is waking Kevin up)

Nathan: Get up bro.

(Kevin wakes up.)

Kevin: What’s the matter on Sunday morning why are you waking me so early at 6 “O” Clock

Nathan: Did you forget that you had to come to see the set

Kevin: Oh yeah let’s get ready

( They change their clothes and exit)

( They come back at 10: 00 )

Kevin: The set and story was nice but don’t you think we have very little time in hand and you yet didn’t tell me my role.

Nathan: I did tell you your role, your role is the prince who dies.

Kevin: hmmmmm ok!

Kevin: but when will we start acting?

Nathan: hmm tomorrow.

Kevin: Fine, now let’s take rest.

(They both lay down, after 1 hour they get up)

Nathan: hey Kevin aren’t you feeling hungry

Kevin: I am surely

Nathan: Okay so what should I order for you I am having a chicken-tandoori

Kevin: Order me a pizza with onion and capsicum as toppings

Nathan: Okay

(Nathan is calling the restaurant)

Nathan: Hello multi-cuisine restaurant! Ya I would like to place a home delivery order, one chicken-tandoori (full) and one cheese-pizza (medium size) (with onions and capsicum as the toppings)

Kevin: Nathan I’m going for a bath

Nathan: Fine

(Kevin exits)

(the bell rings)

(Nathan opens the door)

Delivery boy: Hello sir here is your parcel

Nathan: How much is it

Delivery boy: Here is the bill sir

(Gives Nathan the bill)

Nathan: Here you go!!!

(Gives the delivery boy the money)

Delivery boy: Thank-you sir

(Delivery boy exits)

Nathan: Hey Kevin the food has arrived

(Kevin off-stage: Yeah I’m coming)

(Kevin enters)

Nathan: Let’s have food

Kevin: Surely

(They Both have food)

Kevin: Ah! I’m stuffed

Nathan: Let’s go to bed. Good-night

(They both go to sleep)

(The next day’s morning)

Nathan: We need to leave for our act

Kevin: Yeah let’s leave

(They both exit)

Nathan: I’m really happy

Kevin: But now they want us to make a movie

Nathan: Yeah and I have a solution for the problem,  my watch-boy has taken a video of the whole act. So we have nothing to worry about.

Kevin: So I’m leaving for my architect work as I have a new project

Nathan: fine even I am going for my cricket match

Kevin: Okay bye.

(Both exit)

(A stranger enters the house with the help of a master key)

(Hacks into Nathan’s I-pad, connects his laptop to the I-pad and takes the play recording and deletes it from Nathan’s I-pad)

(After 15 minutes Nathan enters)

(Nathan checks for the play recording in his I-pad and doesn’t find it)

(Nathan goes mad and starts crying)

(Nathan gets a call from the stranger)

Nathan: Hello whose it

Stranger (off-stage): I’m the one who has stolen your act recording

Nathan: You lousy rat come to my house face me you cheat, betrayer.

Stranger: Okay I’m coming be ready to die

(The stranger rings the bell)

(Nathan is ready with his cutter and opens the door)

Nathan: Oh so it’s you Jonny and that’s how you have my number

Stranger: Stop talking and start fighting

Nathan: But first show me the recording by opening the laptop

(The Stranger opens his laptop to show Nathan the video file)

Nathan: So here it is, so this fight decides who gets it

(They fight and the stranger dies)

Nathan: So here I get it

(Nathan copies the recording into his I-pad and buries the body in the backyard of the house)

(Kevin calls Nathan)  

Kevin (off-stage):- I’m not coming home today as it’s too late

Nathan: Fine

(Next morning)

Nathan (to himself):- I need to go for giving the recording to Michael.

(Nathan exits)

(After an hour Nathan enters)

Nathan (to himself): We have got a deal of 15 crores for the movie and she said that this was the best movie she had ever seen

(Nathan calls Kevin and tells him everything that had happened)

Kevin (off-stage):- I’m coming home in about 2 minutes

Nathan: Fine

(Kevin enters)

Kevin: Ok I’m going for my bath

Nathan: Okay go

(Kevin exits)

(Michael enters)

Michael (to Nathan): Here are your 15 crores

Nathan: Thanks a lot Michael bye

Nathan: Hey Kevin come quick

Kevin (off-stage): I’m coming

(Kevin enters)

Nathan: Here’s our money

Kevin: Lovely! Give me a five bro.

( Nathan gives Kevin a five ) 

“The End”

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