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A girl's parents get divorced and she is upset and angry. She says she is okay but is she? Her dad starts to hit her and she is just angry at them both. Her best friend has annoyed her by telling her it is going to be alright. Does she go crazy? Does she stay sane? I guess you will have to read to find out.

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



Why? I asked myself as I stood in my mirror crying, and wondering what had happened.

Margarita, my best friend, stood there hopeless, and wondering how she could help. But,

she cannot help. No one can. This just changed my life forever.

“I just do not understand,” I said with tears streaming down my face and green, slimy snot coming out of my nose.

“Rosalina, I understand what is happening to you. It will get better. I swear,” replied Margarita with a smile to try and cheer me up.

“But why? Why do they have to split up?” I said while continuing to cry.

Margarita said, “Sometimes, things do not work out and it has to happen. They do not want to do this to hurt you but, they have to so they do not make their lives and yours miserable,” then she sat on the edge of my bed.

I replied, “Thank you Margarita, that helps a little bit but, I want to be alone for right now. I will call you later.”

“I understand, talk to you later Rosalina,” Margarita said as she stood up and grabbed her book bag and left.

I went back downstairs to see if my mom and dad were still arguing in the kitchen. They were. I looked at them and they looked back at me and stopped arguing for a second. They could tell that I was just upstairs crying. My mom, came over and hugged me. She asked me to go into her bedroom with her so we could talk.

“I cannot believe you guys would do this to our family,” I exclaimed.

“Rosalina, I cannot stay with your father, we argue way too much and it is not a healthy relationship,” my mom explained, “we do not want to make your life miserable and we do not want to make our lives any more miserable then what they are being together. Stuff like this happens all the time.”

“This is the worst day of my life,” I said while running out of the room crying.

My dad was in the living room and he saw me run into my room with tears falling a mile a minute. Ten minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. It was my father. He came in and I hurried and wiped my tears away.

“Rosalina, I understand that this is hard for you. It is going to be better. You will still see the both of us,” my father told me hoping it would make me feel better.

I just sat there and looked at him. I wanted to be left alone and not have to see either one of my parents at that moment. Yesterday, everything seemed perfect. We all laughed and had fun during dinner. What could have happened in twenty four hours? I started to blame myself for everything happening. I called Margarita and talked to her. This happened to her a few years ago and I never imagined it happening to me. After me and Margarita got off the phone, I called my second best friend, my Papa Juan. Papa Juan is my mom’s father. I talk to him about everything. I can always go to him when I need something. He explained the same stuff to me as my parents did. That made me mad because I did not want to hear the same stuff again.

It has been a week since I found out my parents were splitting. It has been hard but Margarita and my Papa Juan have helped me a lot. Today is the day my dad moves out. He bought a house in Pie Town, New Mexico. My mom lives in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. The towns are seven miles apart. I decided to stay with my mom. She is a lot nicer to me and I did not want to leave Margarita, my school, the rest of my friends, or the town and house I have grown up in. I am still very upset about my parents getting a divorce. I am starting to get real angry with the both of them. I will miss having them both around all the time. I cry almost every single day. My mom, Papa Juan, my father, and Margarita tell me all the time that it is going to get better, that it will be okay. But, I am not very sure about this.

I have started to act different in school and everywhere. The happy, joyful Rosalina is now depressed. I used to wake up, jump out of bed with a smile ear to ear, and get ready as quick as possible so I could run to school to see Margarita and my friends. I have started to turn everyone away. This has enervated me. I always feel a lot of chagrin in school because all of my friends except Margarita have their parents. When I go home, I do not even say hi to my mom and on the weekends when I go to my dad’s house, I just sit there and watch television without talking to him. I am starting to believe that nothing good will happen in my life.

It has now been two weeks since I found out that my parents are getting a divorce. I am starting to get a lot of perspicacity on why this all happened but, I am still angry. Margarita came over today to talk to me.

“I am going to be candor with you Rosalina,” Margarita explained with an erudite attitude, “I know what you are going through and I know it is going to get better. It obviously is one of the worst things to go through but it will get better.”

“Thank you Margarita,” I said with a smile, “I am starting to get better. I realized how unhealthy their relationship was and I am glad they split up. My dad could have been very deleterious to my mom.”

“I am glad you are realizing this and that you are getting better,” Margarita replied.

With a smile ear to ear, I replied, “me too.”

That was the first time in a week that I have smiled. Everything has been so hard and I am going to tell my mom what I have realized.

Margarita went home after we hung out for a couple hours. Right after she left, I went straight to my mom and I looked her in the dark face and saw her blonde hair shining in the light and I told her everything I told Margarita. She was so happy she started to tear up. She hated seeing me the way I was. She hugged me tight. She has fallen for it just like Margarita I thought. Immediately after telling my mom, I ran to my room to tell my dad. I called him but he did not answer. So I thought maybe he was busy and I went to shower then I went to bed.

My dad normally calls me after work but, today he did not so I tried calling him and he did not answer once again. I am starting to get worried and even more frustrated. I am supposed to go to his house today. My mom drove me to my dad’s house and he did not come outside to see me. I walked in and he was in the kitchen drinking a big bottle of vodka. Dauntlessly, I walked up to him and grabbed the bottle. As soon as I grabbed the bottle, I regretted my actions. He turned and hit me across the face. With a very bestial attitude, he grabbed the bottle and swore at me. I ran into my room he had for me and looked in the mirror. I had a giant welt on my cheek from where he had hit me. I knew I was in danger but, I did not want my mom to know because my dad will get even angrier and may harm her.

I went downstairs after an hour or two to find my dad passed out on the living room floor with an empty bottle of vodka. I ran over to see if he was breathing and he was so I let him lay there because I knew it was from the alcohol.

When he woke up, he was very boor. What has happened to my dad over two weeks? I thought. He was just fine last weekend. His chunky stomach has turned into fat, his face is round like a bowling ball, and underneath his eyes are nothing but bags. He came over to me and his words were not nice. I was terrified he was going to hit me again but he did not.

After the weekend, my mom came to pick me up. This weekend has made me hate the both of my parents. If they would not have been divorced this would not have happened. My eye turned black and blue from when he hit me. She asked me what happened so I lied and told her I ran into a door. That is what I told everyone at school too.

It has been three weeks since the divorce and my dad still has not called me. I am worried that there is something wrong since he has been drinking so much. I get to go over again this weekend. When I arrived at his house, I let myself in again. When I walked in, my dad was wearing the same outfit he was wearing the previous week. Except now, his jeans were ripped, dirty, and looked old. His shirt, had stains all over it and had holes everywhere. His stench was awful. He had another big bottle of vodka and all throughout the house, there was empty bottles of vodka.

“Dad, you need to take a shower,” I said with fear and anger.

He looked at me facetiously, let out a little giggle, smirked, and yelled, “DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!”

Then, he came over got in my face, repeated himself, and then he hit me again and again and again. I knew he needed help and I knew I was definitely in danger. I pulled my phone out to call my mom and he smacked it out of my hand and would not let me call my mom or the cops. He told me he was not letting me go home either. All weekend, he hit me and made me do everything for him and if I did not do it right, he would hit me. Anything I did, I got hit for. I was starting to get fed up with him hitting me. Also, I have been holding a lot of anger in. I still am not one hundred percent better but I had to act like it to make my parents happy. All this time I have had them fooled and I have had everyone fooled. I have had a devious plan cooking up.

My dad passed out from the vodka so I snuck into his room and broke into his gun safe. He had a hand pistol that was small and easy for me to hide. Time to put the plan to action I thought as I stared at the gun.

My mom was going to be coming to pick me up soon. She always comes at the same time. I texted her and told her she needed to come in because I had to talk to her and my dad. I told her to let herself in. It was 5:30 pm and she arrived like always. She let herself in. As she walked in she saw my dad laying on the ground with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a gun in the other with blood coming from his head. She quickly panicked and went to grab her phone. I told her not to worry that he did not do it himself. I staged it to make it look like he had done it.

“Wait… y-y-you did this?” my mom said panicking.

“Of course I did this. You guys made me unhappy and depressed and I hated both of you. I guess I should have done drama freshman year like I wanted to I am a pretty good actor. But anyways, there was so many moments I wanted to end my life because of you two but I thought, why end my life when I can end your life and his life? So you are up mommy,” I answered with a creepy voice and smile, “but, before you go, I would like a hug,” I exclaimed while slowly walking towards her. She was terrified and slowly backed away. She pulled her phone out but I hit it away and it shattered.

When I got close enough, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the largest kitchen knife I found in my dad’s silverware drawer and stabbed my mom in the stomach. She fell over and blood started pouring out like water out of a faucet. I got an odd feeling of happiness. A monster has taken over my body. This is not who I am, but wait, what if it is?

“ROSALINAAAAAA!!!!!! Why did you do this to me?” my mom exclaimed right after she realized what had happened.

I ignored her and stabbed her one more time, dropped the knife, and grabbed the keys to her car out of her pocket and went outside. I had blood on my shirt and hands but the rush was to amazing for me to care. I got back to my house and went inside and cleaned my hands off and then changed my shirt. After that, I called Margarita and told her to come over because I needed to talk to her and she could tell that it was an emergency.

It was about 7:00 pm now and when Margarita arrived around 7:30 pm, I had a made up story to tell her. I told her that my mom went to the store with my Papa Juan and that was why her car was here and she was not. She was convinced so around 8:30 pm, Margarita said she better go home so I told her to wait in my room because I had a surprise. I went to the kitchen and got a medium sized kitchen knife and called Margarita downstairs. I hid the knife in my back pocket.

She came around the corner and seemed worried. She saw the devilish smile I had on my face. She started to come closer to ask what the surprise was and I pulled the knife out and she immediately ran.

“Yay!!! You are going to be a fun one,” I yelled while chasing after her.

She tripped going upstairs and I stood over her and said “you were always there for me but, you always told me stupid crap I did not want to hear so I decided to kill you like I killed my parents a couple hours ago.”

“Rosalina, please do not do this,” Margarita said begging for her life.

I replied, “you already know about my parents, so you have to go now.”

Margarita started to cry and I started to lower the knife. Right as the knife broke skin, I woke up to the sound of my alarm and I was relieved to know that it was just a nightmare.

I got dressed and ready for school then I went downstairs and my parents were not making breakfast like they normally were. I started freaking out. I was hoping that that was all a nightmare and that I actually did not go crazy. But, there was an odd stain on the steps where Margarita tripped on the steps in my nightmare. I tried calling her and no answer.

I grabbed my mom’s car keys and found old, dried up blood on them. It was the same way on the steering wheel. There was an odd smell in the car. OH MY GOSH I AM A MURDERER I thought while speeding over to my dad’s house. I walked through the front door and went into the living room. I saw my dad with the gun in his hand and the hole in his head. I saw my mom with the two stab wounds in the stomach and I realized that my “alarm” was really me snapping into reality and that I was replaying everything in my head. I just lived an actual nightmare. I went over and sat on the couch. I called the cops and told them everything that happened. Where is Margarita’s body? I thought while sitting there. I realized that I threw her body in the back of my mom’s car and that is what the smell was in the car.

The cops showed up at my dad’s house and did the normal routine then they arrested me. I knew I did this to myself and there was no way to take it back. They asked me if I wanted to say anything to my Papa Juan or Margarita’s family before I went away for good.

“I am so sorry. I do not know what I was thinking. I should not have caused this much pain,” I said while getting escorted away. I will never forget the looks on their face when they found out.

Think before you do something. Do not just do it because you feel it is right. Once you say or do something, you cannot take it back. 

© Copyright 2018 Shane L. Peek. All rights reserved.

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