Living Nightmare

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A girl who gets bullied, and is in for a loop. She faces lots of situations to become not scared anymore. The bully is in for a scary awakening when the victims fear vanishes.

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



“Why do you have to do this to me?” I yelled as I got pushed up against the lockers and all of my books fell.

The popular girls all laughed and threw my papers everywhere. I hate high school! Why are girls so mean? I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I honestly just want to get out of Fairview High School! I even want to get out of Boulder, Colorado! I just want to go far away! I thought to myself during the matter of how many seconds it took the popular girls to walk away with the crowd following them.

“Are you okay?” I hear someone ask, but I don’t answer. I gather up my stuff quickly and run out of school to my car. I didn’t even look at who asked me if I was okay. I felt too embarrassed to even speak, or as matter of fact, I was too embarrassed to even pick my head up. High school sucks, and I have one more year left after this one.

After about twenty minutes of sitting in my car alone, I grabbed my stuff and walked straight to lunch. I could feel the stares and the dirty looks. I felt alone just like I always do, but I wasn’t going to let anyone see that I was broken. I got my lunch, sat down at a table all by myself, threw my headphones in my ears and ate my lunch. I have been doing the same routine almost every day since freshman year.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I took out my headphones only to hear “My office, now.” I knew exactly who said it and why I was going.  It was the Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Drawson. She was calling me up to her office because of what happened today.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Mrs. Drawson asked.

I didn’t answer. I glared at her with a straight face. She knows I never want talk about this stuff, because even if I talk about it, it never goes away.

“How about now?  Do you want to talk now?” she asked again.

“NO, DON’T YOU GET IT!  I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, AND EVEN IF I DID IT’S NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE FACT THAT I HAVE BEEN GETTING BULLIED EVERYDAY SINCE MY FRESHMAN YEAR, AND IT’S NOT GOING TO CHANGE THAT I AM GOING TO CONTINUED TO GET BULLIED!” I yelled so loud I think the whole school heard me. Tears rolled down my face. “I’m leaving now, and by that I mean I’m leaving the school so you can sign me out,” I said as more tears rolled down my face. I grabbed my stuff and walked out, leaving Mrs. Drawson speechless.

I drove home in silence. I cried the whole way home. Why? Why? Why?  Is all I thought the whole way home.  I can’t take it anymore! I can’t do this!  Should I… my mind went blank. I sat in my car thinking of the worst. I kept my seatbelt buckled, and I took the keys locked the door and tossed them in the back. No nothing is that bad.  Maybe I could just go cyber. Maybe I don’t have to go to Fairview, or maybe just maybe I can be homeschooled. The bad thoughts left my mind.  I found my keys and walked inside.

“Why are you home?” My mother asked, but I didn’t answer. I sat on the couch and turned on the television.

“Mother, I am only going to say this once. I had once again a terrible day at school, and no I don’t want to talk about it,” I said to her with an attitude.

“You can lose that attitude real quick,” she snapped.

“And you can quit trying to be mother of the year, because you’re not. You came into my life just two months ago, so mom for your sake and my sanity just stop,” I said to her calmly but very annoyed.

“6:30am” my clock said. I laid in bed. I stared at the clock till it read “6:31am” then I rolled over and went back to sleep. I didn’t feel like getting bullied today so I’m not going to go to school.

I finally got up and out of bed. It was 1:10pm, and I got ready.  I wanted to go see my dad. My dad is in my life, but he is starting to travel a lot, so that’s why my mother is in my life. She left me and my dad when I was four years old. She didn’t really have a choice to stay, because my dad made her leave and go to rehab. She was addicted to cocaine, and my dad didn’t want that around me. I will never forget the words he said to her. “Sarah you need help. If you don’t leave Mackenzie alone, and go get clean, I promise you will never see or talk to her again!” I stood there as the flashback slipped my mind. My mother has been clean for 10 years now, but I’m not too thrilled she is back in my life.

The next day hit me like a truck. I couldn’t believe that it was Friday. I wanted to stay home again, but I made a deal with my dad. I could stay home one day a week if needed, because of the bullying. I got ready for school and I jumped in my car and started driving.

I pull up to the school, and everyone is staring at me. Then I see it.  Ava, Shantel and their gang all waiting for my arrival and reaction to their latest action.  They had my grades posted on every wall. I was failing almost every class, because of bullying. There was a big poster that said “Stupid loner doesn’t know how to pass high school.” I sat in my car for a second, and then I see Shantel of all people ripping down some of the signs. Why was she being kind to me? Why now, of all time in my life, she starts helping me out now!” I thought to myself as everyone was now staring at Shantel. She looked at me and I mouthed “Thank You.” I beeped my horn and scared the crap out the people in front of my car. Then I backed out driving home. 

I got home then ran inside, paced around the house for an hour. Life sucks. My life is so bad. I don’t want to go through this anymore. I am broken. I’m alone. I never had anyone who cared about me. Life just isn’t worth this bullying. Bullying sucks, but I guess they are going to get what they want. I paused from my thoughts. If what they want is me gone, I guess that’s the only way to for me to be free. These awful thoughts filled my head. More and more crazy thoughts ran through my head every second.

I grabbed my phone. I looked at all my social media, it was blown up with post about me, but I was going to put an end to my misery. I pulled up twitter, and began to tweet, “So for all of you guys who have been bullying me, and hoping that I will disappear, you are going to get your wish. I hope you guys are happy. Goodbye Fairview High School, goodbye Boulder, Colorado, goodbye world.” I finished my tweet, and didn’t even hesitate to press tweet. After that I took my phone and threw it across the room.  It shattering into millions of pieces.

I walked upstairs to my dad’s room. He has a gun safe, and I knew the password for the safe. I typed in the password. “Incorrect,” popped up on the screen. This can’t be happening, not to me I just want to be gone. I tried again, “Incorrect,” once again popped up on the screen. I look at the safe to see a key hole, I remembered my dad gave me a key for emergency’s only.  I ran and got the key. Tears were rolling down my face. I have never cried like this before, but I don’t care.  I thought, after I open this up, I never will cry again.

I grab a pistol from the gun cabinet. I walk into the bathroom, and then out. I am pacing around the whole house. The pistol is aimed at my head. I start crying harder. I stop dead in my tracks and I stood there. Gun facing the front of my head, I count down to myself three, two.

“Stop! It’s not worth it. Please no! I’m sorry,” Shantel yelled from ten steps away from me.

“Get any closer and I will shoot you and myself.” I yelled back at her.

I started the count down again “three, two, one,” I tried to pull the trigger but it wouldn’t budge.

Shantel ran over to me grabbed the gun out of my hands. She examined the gun. “The child safety lock was on, thank goodness!” She mumbled under her breath.

I started to cry more and more, “Please I just want to go, I don’t want to stay here in this world anymore,” I screamed as I reached for the gun again.

“No, you will not kill yourself,” Shantel screamed, as Mackenzie’s parents and police come barging in the door.

My mother and father come running and hug me as we sit on the ground together.

“Why Mackenzie?” my mother asked.

“Because, I’m tired of living, and I’m tired of getting bullied by Shantel Rose and Ava White.”

My parents both look up at Shantel. Shantel tries and runs but the police catch her and put her in the back of the cop car.

“Who was the other girl that bullied you?” my dad asked sounding so much more worried than he was before.

“Ava White,” I answered.

A couple days past since I tried to kill myself, and my parents thought it would be a good idea to go to counseling with my bullies in the room. I knew I was already going to feel chagrin. I was already embarrassed that I had to go, but when I get there that level of embarrassment is going to sky rocket.

“Hello, Mackenzie! How are you feeling?” The counselor asked in a light soft voice.

“I… I’m still broken” I say very hesitant, because the popular girls were staring at me. My parents and I are in the room, as well as, Shantel and Ava’s parents. Well, Shantel and I had both of our parents there, but Ava only had her mom. Her mother could not stop staring at my dad.

“Girls, is there anything you want to say to Mackenzie?’ The counselor tried to get them to apologize, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“I am truly sor,” Shantel got cut off by Ava whose hand was over Shantel’s mouth.

“Yes we do have something to say to her, and I will be happy to say that this is just from me not Shantel. I WISH YOU WOULD HAVE DIED SO MAYBE THEN I CAN HAVE MY FATHER BACK, YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT!” Ava Screamed right in my face.

The room became silent. You could hear a pin drop. I looked at my dad just like everyone else in the room was doing.

“Wait a second, what are you talking about Ava?  I asked breaking the silence.

“What I mean is that we are half-sisters, and your dad was my dad first. He left me and my mother about 9 months before you were born. I know this because we have the same last name.  I love doing research on people, and digging up dirt on them,” She explained, “so Mr. White or I mean dad would you like to explain?”

The room got silent again, but the silence was ephemeral.

“Dad is this true?” I looked him in the eyes and asked him.

“Yes, Mackenzie it is true.” He said very quietly.

“Wow, and I thought mom was the bigger disappointment in this family, but I guess you both suck,” I yelled as I got up and started to walk out the door but I paused, “I’m going home now, but don’t worry I won’t try and kill myself this time.”

I got in my car and drove home, I was playing the radio and I stopped at the red light. Why does Ava have to be boor? That’s not even the worst thing.  The worst thing is that she’s my stepsister. I wonder if she will get any punishment for bullying me. I need to get away from her. What if we have to live together? Thoughts left my head when the light turned green. I continued to drive home. A couple of minutes have passed by and I finally get home. I park the car, get out and start walking to the house. My phone started to ring, I look down to see that my father is calling.

“What do you want?” I say into the phone with an attitude.

“Clean out the spare bedroom,” He answered.

“Why? Please don’t tell me my bully stepsister will be coming to stay with us,” I say and all I hear on the other end is silence.

“I’m sorry, I’ll explain when we get home,” He says right before he hangs up on me.

Of course she is coming to live with us. Do you think if I divulge my situation she would get bullied?  Does my dad just think that she is going to come live with us and my life will now be jovial? Yeah, I don’t think I am going to be happy about this living situation. Ava does the opposite of altruism. I just can’t deal with her anymore.

I hear the door swing open, I look over to see my mother, father, and her. I roll my eyes back over to the television.

“Mackenzie, show Ava to her new room,” my mother stated.

“Here follow me,” I walk over to the trash can in the kitchen, “here this is your new home, because your trash.” I stop as I laugh and point to the trash can.

“Hey! That wasn’t very nice,” my mother yells at me.

I laughed, “Get used to it, because payback is a …” My mom covers my mouth and sent me to my room. Half way up the stairs, I turn around “Hey parents of mine! If you think my life is going to be jaunty, you have another thing coming. Also if you think Ava is going to have a wonderful life here, you must be dreaming,” I laughed and walk up the stairs.

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I stay put on my bed and reach for something in my night stand.

“Hey Mack, I wanted to apologize for everything I have…”

I grab the gun and pointed it right at her head.

“You have made my life a living nightmare!  I’m not scared of you anymore, but you should be scared of me. As long as I’m alive, we will be the antithesis of amity.” A split second after I finish I pull the trigger deciding to be dauntless, leaving blood everywhere.

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