will it be worth it?

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alexis and lexi have been best friends for so long, as long has they could remember. would they let a boy come between them? or would the horrible incontinent bring them together?

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



We’ve been friends for so long.. it can’t be coming to an end now. Especially not over this, I thought as I sat along the warm beach with the waves crashing in front of her and the sun beaming against my back. What would I do if I lost my best friend over this?

“There you are, we been looking for you everywhere. You could of told us you were coming down here,” said Alex, my brother.

Shouldn’t you be with Lexi or something? I thought as I stood up. But instead I simply said, “I’m sorry. I will next time,” as I ran to the house as fast as I possibly could with Alex running behind her.

“There you are, we’ve been looking for you everywhere pal,” said my dad, Christopher.

“When’s Lexi gonna be coming over Lex (me)?” said Alex rudely interrupting me.

Of course he has to be asking me this, what else does he ever wanna talk to me about I once thought again, but still had no courage to say how I felt. Instead I simply said, “I don’t know, she said she was busy tonight.”

“Whatever that’s gay,” said Alex grabbing an apple and heading upstairs.

“Is she really busy tonight? Or do you not want her here because of the situation with her and your brother going on?” said my Dad.

“What? That doesn’t bother me at all. Not one bit,” I said with big teary eyes and a face as red has a tomato.

“Come here,” my Dad said as he pulled her into his big strong chest. “There is nothing wrong with the way you feel, but how will they know it bothers you when you won’t tell them?” 

“I get that, but I don’t want thing to change because of it. What if Lexi chooses Alex? Or what if Alex gets mad at me? Blames me for taking away his happiness? Or what if Lexi blames me too? I can live with this, she still talks to me when she comes here, just not as much. But that is okay. I can deal with it. And plus, I’m not dauntless like everyone else. It scares me trying to even think to tell them that,” I said still trying to fight the tears.

After a long time of fighting, I just let them out. It was like a maelstrom of tears were coming down my face. Not wanting my dad to know how bad it hurt me, I quickly hide my face in my pink shirt, running towards the big white steps leading to my room. When I reached the top, I stopped and looked in the mirror. My blonde hair in a very messy bun with curls falling out of it like a yoyo, my pink shirt now has a bunch of dots in the top corner from tears, my brown eyes blood were shot red. What has happened to me? Why can’t I just tell them? Moments after, my phone began to ring. It was Lexi and she wanted to FaceTime. Not knowing what to do, I quickly ran into my bathroom, pretending like I couldn’t hear the ringtone going off not once, but twice. Then suddenly, the ringing stopped, but all I could hear was Alex talking. Not knowing how to react, mad or upset or calm. I quickly threw water on my face and walked out of the bathroom, not making a noise.

“Well when are you coming over? I miss you,” Alex said talking to the phone.

“Hopefully right now, if Alexis answers the phone. I want to come see you,” said Lexi.

“She’d kill me if she knew I was on her phone right now, I better”- Alex began to say.

“You better what?” I said interrupting him.

“Oh heyy Lex,” Alex said trembling in fear I was going to kill him, “Your phone was ringing so I answered it for you. It was Lex, she wanted to come over or something. I’m not sure, didn’t really listen to her.”

“Whatever,” I said, taking my phone out of Alex’s hand

Now directing my attention to Lexi, I said happily, “You can come over, but bring your surfing stuff. I want to go ride some waves, let some steam off.”

“I should be over in like two minutes, already had my bag packed,” said Lexi hanging up the phone.

I quickly ran downstairs, “Dad! Lexi is coming ov-. I then ran full speed into my dad’s chest. “Over.”

“I’m assuming you didn’t talk to her?” Christopher said to me, quietly.

“No, but like I said, its fine, I’m fine. It doesn’t matter to me. But were going to go surfing so I’ll see you later old man, love you,” I said as I jumped to kiss his cheek. Then I quickly ran to the garage, for that was where my bathing suit and board was. Surfing was my favorite. Being in that big blue water, the rush of excitement of crashing down on the wave. It could make a person’s day so much better. It took about five minutes to find the bathing suit I wanted, but when I did, it took about zero point two seconds for me to put it on. It was neon orange and had black designs all over it. It was my favorite, it made me feel like a super model.

“Where could she be? It’s been over fifteen minutes already,” I murmured to myself. When I went to call again, I felt as if I heard a phone going off. I than quickly hung up the phone, the ringing stopped.  I then re-called, the ringing began. As I slowly walked towards my brothers’ room, it became much louder, and recognizable. It can’t be Lexi, she would have told me she was here.  But when I quickly opened the door, there Lexi was. Sitting on Alex’s big king sized bed with the plain black bed seat.

“Oh, there you are,” I said trying my best not to sound upset.

“Lex, hey. We were just about to come find you. Thought maybe I could come with you guys,” said Alex scared of the way his sister was going to react.

“You guys go, have fun. I’ll stay here or go later.  Don’t wanna interrupt anything,” I said with a smart attitude as I turned around and slammed the door.

“She’s going to tell your parents, I’ll never be allowed over again,” said Lexi.

Trying best to not let them know I could hear them, I quickly said, with even a smarter attitude, “Oh don’t either of you worry. They will never know.” I than quickly walked into my room, locking it and going straight to her bathroom. I was going to cry, it was gonna happen. Not only was I hurt but disappointed and angry. The both of them. Why would they want to do this, do that, to me.

About ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. A real loud knock. “Lex, I know you’re in there, so just come let me in,” Alex said sounding worried,

“I’m fine, just go surf with her. She wants to be with you right now. Go show her attention,” I said trying not to sound sad. After this, hoping not to hear my brother again, I turned on the shower and just let it run. Before I knew it, Alex was at the bathroom door.

“What are you doing!? I am about to get in the shower. I could be naked or something, you should have knocked at least,” I said screaming at Alex.

“What’s going on? Why are you being like this?” Alex said worriedly. Seconds later, Lexi appeared.

“What is happening?” Lexi said in a giggly way, hoping to avoid any awkwardness.

“Nothing, both of you get out. Now,” I said sounding very firm. I paused for a second, both of you wanted to leave me alone earlier, so why not do it now!” I screamed.

Alex and Lexi both looked at each other and giggled. “Calm down,” said Alex. “It’s not like we did anything bad. You honestly have no reason to get upset or mad at us.”

“I mean honestly.” Lexi said looking at Alex and laughing harder than before, having no altruism for my feelings.

I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t want to make a big deal, but that really got me mad. I tried my best, but before I knew it, there it came. “I have no reason to be mad?! Me? The past nine months now all you to do is completely ignore me. Besides the time when you want to talk about each other. See who the other one is dating or talking to. Like I know or care. I mean really! Lexi was supposed to be MY best friend Alex, mine. Now she comes here and you take her, literally just take her like she came to see you! But honestly, she probably did. Considering when she is here your room is her favorite spot, well her second favorite. On your lap has to be her first,” I said very loudly to the both of them. I couldn’t stop, it was just all coming out at once. It was nonstop, what was she supposed to do? “And wanna what? You were right, I don’t have a reason to be mad. Because I let both of you do this to me! Constantly. I wouldn’t have been hurt like this if I just said something. But I tried being a good sister, a good best friend and let you guys be happy!  This enervated me! And neither of you noticed. But I guess that just shows the difference of how much we all mean to each other,” I said, with eyes filled with tears running past them, grabbing her phone and slamming the door behind myself.

“There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Is Lexi here yet?” said Christopher to me.

Not knowing how to react I quickly said, “She isn’t here yet,” running towards the doors. I just gotta get there, nobody will know where I am. I’ll have time to think. As I ran, I grew more and more tired, hoping that I would reach her destination soon. Very soon actually. Thank god I grabbed my phone. It took about ten minutes to get there. As I started walking in, I heard her mom.

“Alexis! Alexis! What are you doing? Why are you going into the woods?” screamed my mom, Carrie, from the car.

“I’m fine mother, I’ll be home later!” I screamed back, running towards the woods. I was going to an old tree house me and my brother built, it was so far back in the woods that I had to save it in my phone under my favorites. Almost no one could find it without one. And if someone did find it, they didn’t know they found it.

“Mom! Have you seen Alexis?” Alex said worriedly questioning his mom as she came into the driveway.

“Yes, she was going into the woods are something. Is everything okay?” said Carrie kind of confused.

Before answering Alex and Lexi both ran. But not to the woods, to his room. Alex did remember the tree house. In fact, he even saved it in his phone. He went there more often than I thought. He immediately found his phone, grabbed his cord and portable charger and darted out of the door.

“Where are we going?” said Lexi gasping for air after all the running they were doing.

“Just shut up and let’s go! “ Alex said trying to be serious, while not having much erudite of where he was going. But he couldn’t be mean to Lexi. So he stopped and waited for her to catch up. It didn’t take too long, but he was in a rush. Can’t just leave her, can’t just leave her. When she finally caught up to him, he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder, and ran. Ran as fast has he ever had before. “Hey, this is gonna help me for football and surfing. Get my legs stronger. Something good is coming out of this.”

“Please just tell me where we are going Alex!” screamed Lexi confused and worried. What if something is happening to her? What if nothing is every the same because of this. I can’t lose my best friend over something so stupid. Lexi immediately started crying. Which made thing so much worse.

“What is wrong?” Alex said getting annoyed. I am doing everything I can possibly do.

Trying her hardest to just breathe and talk, Lexi cried out, “Is she okay? Why are we hurrying like this? What if she never forgives me? What then? She’s my best friend.”

Not knowing what to say, Alex set down Lexi and started running. “If you can keep calm enough, were she won’t know we are there. You can come. If not, stay there or go back to the house. Do whatever you feel is best.”

“I can handle myself, I’m coming!” Lexi quickly ran, while trying to gather herself to calm down. After about two minutes they began on their journey once again.  “Are we almost there? My legs hurt!” Lexi said in a whining voice.

“We’re like two minutes away. But then we got to climb up all those steps. If you don’t want to do it without complaining, leave now. Cause this is important,” said Alex angrily at the sound of Lexi complaining.

After what seemed the longest two minutes of their lives, they reached their destination. “What is this place?” said Lexi very confused and lost.

“We built this when we we’re younger. There’s cable and electric and everything in there. It’s like our own little get away. We both come here more than we realize,” said Alex in a gaze starring at the homages tree house.

“That’s not even a tree house, it can’t be. It is so opulent! It’s the complete antithesis of my house!” said Lexi taking out her phone to take a picture.

Immediately, Alex smacked the phone out of her hand, knowing if I seen the flash, I would lock the doors and shut them out even more. “We got to be silent going up these steps or later. Whatever you think it is,” said Alex toward Lexi.

“Okay,” Lexi said walking toward the steps, scared of what would happen when they reached the top.

After what seemed a long walk, they reached the top. “You ready?” said Alex toward Lexi, both not knowing what would happen.

As they walked into the tree house, there I was. Sitting on my favorite chair, the big white fluffy bean bag, in front of the television. I was watching Victoria Justice, which was strange considering the fact I haven’t watched that in years.

BANG. Lexi banged her foot off a table. Her face immediately turned red, she was very chagrin about herself now. I immediately turned around, at the surprise of seeing them standing there.

“Before you get mad or try to run, just stop. Listen to what we have to say,” You have very good perspicacity so we know you will understand,” said Alex directed towards me.

“I didn’t realize you guys were coming here. Just another place of mine that you guys will take over huh?” I rudely said getting up to shut off the television.

“Shut up! Literally just shut up! You can’t walk around here blaming this all on us! We did nothing to you. Well yes we did, but you didn’t tell us it bothered you. If you would have told us, we would have changed and stopped. I’m sorry it all had to come down like this, really am. But you didn’t stick up for yourself either! You make it seem like you made it obvious you didn’t like the situation. Neither of us can read minds Alexis, I mean really. Start to speak up for yourself!” said Lexi, in a strong firm voice.

Is she right?  Can I be blamed too? “Still, it was obvious how I felt. Even my dad noticed,” I responded.

“We aren’t mom and dad Lex, we don’t notice those kind of things. And if you knew us, you would know it would have been easier for you to just come to us,” said Alex.

“If you were to just tell us, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” said both Lexi and Alex.

“No, you can not sit here and blame me for this. If it was the other way around you guys would be furious! Both of you guys like ephemeral amount of friendships and relationships, so make it this one too!” I shouted at the both of them.

In the split second difference Alex yelled, “Both of you need to stop, it’s pathetic. And if this is all because of me, forget it!” He said this as he jumped head first to the ground out of the tree house, leaving blood everywhere.

What have I done? Not every thing that bothers me has to become a big deal.. You need to choose your battles.. The right battles

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will it be worth it?

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