I Will Never Forget

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A girl named Jade goes to a school name Stillwater. she has three best friends Steve,Jay, Elijah. She wants to help one of her friends that is struggling.

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



I never thought thisat would happen, I thought that it was all going to be okay but I guess I was wrong. I can’t explain why we did it I just... I am sorry…I am so sorry. You can call me crazy you can call me whatever you want but I know what I did was right even though people were killed. I am never going to live this down and I know it’s my fault that they were killed but I just need you to hear me out and understand please.


1 Year Ago

“Hello my name is Mr. Robinson, I am here to talk about Drugs and Alcohol,” He said as he smiled and looked at all of us.

“Blah, blah, blah nobody cares about this stuff,” Jay says, “Haven’t they got the message nobody listens about what they have to say.”

“Shut up Jay some of us like to listen about this stuff,” I said in a grumpy voice.

“Well I wouldn’t have to be mean if they would just stop,” He said as he evil eyed me.

“I have notice some of you rolled your eyes when I said Drugs and Alcohol,” Mr. Robison said, “But I really need you guys to hear me out, can you guys do that?”

Everyone nodded their heads as if they didn’t have a voice to say yes. I go to the Stillwater Academy it’s a school where kids go that get in a trouble with drugs, vandalism, stealing, underage drinking etc.

“Why do you guys think it is okay to do drugs,” He said is a calm voice.

Jay raises his hands so he can answer the question. Jay love to fight with the teachers because he thinks he is always right. Some of the things he say are literally the dumbest things in the world but at the same time he has a point when he says it.

“Why do people find it okay to shoot people,” Jay says, “You can’t really explain why people do it unless you are actually them, you can believe and say whatever you want but to understand why people things you should to be in the same position.”

“Good point,” Mr. Robinson say “But if you know right from wrong and you do what you know is right then –

“Well what if you weren’t taught right from wrong?” Jay says

“At the age you guys are at which is around 16 you all should have an idea what right from wrong is even if your parents never taught you, if someone looks at you and asked you if its oaky to kill someone most people are going to say no,” Mr. Robinson said, “Gosh our time went quick, I know I talked most of the time but I just really hope you guys learned something.”

So after we went to lunch, and I hate lunch so much. This is when all of the bad kids get their smuggled drugs out and do it. Everyone thinks this school is the best but it’s really not they could care less about us. The only good thing isBut they all know not to do it around me because I will ruin it all. Trust me everyone in this school is scared of me. Other than jay he doesn’t care at all of what I have to say so if he doesn’t care I don’t care. So when I saw him smoking I went over to him took it out of his hands and throw it away. He freaked out and started screaming at me, he got so mad he pushed on to the floor. Thank you to the people above because Elijah was there to safe me.

“Jay are you crazy,” Elijah said giving jay the nastiest look ever!

“She throw away my weed dude you’ve been fired up too,” Jays said looking at him.

“I wouldn’t have thrown her onto the floor you dumb-

“Okay chill guys sorry I don’t want you to get into trouble didn’t know that was terrible thing.” I said as I walked away kind of feeling a bit chagrin. 

Elijah followed me which I knew he was going to yell at me for doing what I did. Jay doesn’t care if you are a girl or a guy he will beat you up no matter what, he is altruism.  That is just how jay is and it sucks because he will hit me too. But I love jay no matter how terrible he is, I just can’t see to leave him.

“Jade you need to stop caring for him,” Elijah said.

“Why he needs someone to tell him no,” I said, “I just can’t give up on him yet people change you know that why are you being so boor.”

“You have said that 4 years ago you need to stop he is going to end up hurting you,” Elijah says as he tries to grab my hand.

“No he would never hurt me I cant believe you said that, I need to leave I am going home,” I said walking away.

I called Steve and told him everything that was going on. He picked me up I was so sad and I didn’t know I to say so I just sat there. I kept asking myself “why do I care so much” “what is so good about him” I had no answers. When we got back to the house I decided that was going I was going to seem into jays house and take all of his drugs. At that moment I thought that was the greatest idea in the world. So I told Steve, he thought it was crazy and he doesn’t want me doing it but I didn’t listen to him which I really should have. Later on that night I snuck out of the house and went to his. Elijah got jay out of the house for me so I could so this. But Elijah was not okay with this plan he really thought this was a bad idea but he knew I really wanted to help jay. I get to jay’s house and the first thing I had to figure out how I was getting into the house. For some reason jay left his door unlocked so I went into the house into his room. I looked everywhere but I just couldn’t find until I saw that his poster was falling so I went over to fix it that’s when I notice that there was a crack in the wall so I pulled the poster off the wall. There sitting in the wall were all of his drugs. I grabbed all of it, took it and ran to the car as fast as I could. I put everything back to normal so he wouldn’t think someone was in the house. I went straight home and didn’t look back.

I get home all I can think about is “I really hope this helps” I get out of the car and run to the back. I get the gasoline and matches from the shed so I can set all if it on fire. I get a call from Elijah he is freaking out because jay wants to come to my house so he can say sorry. I just told him keep in the store a little longer then you guys can come to my house he told me okay. Once I got off the phone, I got a little fire going and throw all of it in the fire, all of it burned. I called Elijah back and told him they can come to the house now. I run into the house jumped into the shower so they couldn’t smell the terrible smell of all of the drugs. I tried my best to act normal and make everything seem to be okay. But I just felt bad because I knew that the reason he used them was to forget about his dad. His dad killed someone and then killed himself and jay has suffered with depression, drugs was the only thing that made him happy but I knew it was hurting him slowing. I couldn’t want him and let him do that to himself  

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