Road of Revenge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

the summary of the story is a crime that gets resolved

“James, wake up, now, we have to go!” exclaimed Dean

“Hold on, I can’t get the wire untied, the whole entire thing is wrapped around this damn tree,” I heated.

“Jesus Mary and Joseph, there’s Evans and Samuels… dead,” Dean explained quite disgusted and faint.

“Listen we’re almost to Camp Evans, we just need to keep running,” I explained.

Better run through the jungle,” Dean yelled.

“Now is not the time to be singing CCR right now,” I murmured.

He’s stranded in the jungle flat as he can be,” Dean yelled

“You know The Cadets aren’t a bad group, but stop screaming, you’re gonna get both of us killed,”. I viciously exclaimed,

The camp was so close I can see a light coming from it. It was almost like a moon shining down on tin roofing. When we got to the base, it was such an amazing feeling knowing that we were safe. A month or so later I was discharged and brought back to New Orleans. In my opinion, I’d rather be in California right now. They say California in the 50’s was breathtaking, especially the San Diego Waters. There is a bus bench we stop at and I guess that was my stop. As I wait on the bench for my brother I think about all of the stuff I saw over in Vietnam. I really didn’t feel any regret killing all of them Vietnamese soldiers. My black charger still looked good, I guess Louie took care of her. “Well look who decided to show up” I murmured.

“Hey James, glad you’re back, how was the “trip,”? Louie exclaimed.

“Finally I get away from someone telling me to do things that I don’t feel like doing,” I said.

“Well the way things are today, it’s not much of a difference James,” Louie explained.

“Anyway let’s get going, Pop wants to see ya,” Louie said.

“Did he say that,”?

“Yeah, in his way of speaking,” Louie replied

My head couldn’t get around the fact that nothing changed, Louie was the same as he was before I left. As I drive, I look around and see that Canal Street wasn’t as good as it used to be. It was never really good, but I never had a problem with it.

“Man, this place went to hell,” I explained.

“What do you mean, this place was always a dump James,” Louie cascaded

“The bar looks the same as it was when I left,”.

“Yeah pops kept it the same way it was 24 years ago, the only thing he changed was the back room, it’s a storage room now” Louie replied.

“Hey everybody, look what I brought home,” Louie yelled.

“James, it’s so nice to see you my boy,” Joe said

“I missed you pop,” I replied

“Let’s celebrate my boys return,” Joe exclaimed.


“Man, I am tired, I shouldn’t have drank all that bourbon,” I slurred

“Why is the phone ringing it’s like 3 in the morning,” I whispered

“No you listen, I will come up with the money somehow, just give me time George,” Joe ranted.

“What was that about,”?

“That was George Scossi on the phone,” Joe explained.

“So you owe money, why didn’t you tell me this?,”

“I didn’t want you to interfere, the last thing I want to see is you and Louie dead,” Joe said.

“What is he going to do?,”

“He’s on his way now,” Joe explained

“Are you serious, we need to do something,”

“We can’t let him just come here,”

“It’s George Scossi, he basically runs this damn city,” Joe replied.

The door swings open and then slams, my mind is racing. I hear a slight cock of a gun, almost like a 1911 semi.

“Joe its George, where’s my money, come on,”? George scattered

All of us go into the front of the bar and stare at him.

“So you didn’t kickback to me for 3 months Joe, well now you’re gonna pay a different way,” George whispered.

He pulled the gun out of his suit and shot me point blank in the stomach. Then right afterwards his son shot Joe 2 times in the back and 2 in the head. Louie was stabbed in the head. As I’m basically the only one alive, I crawl to the phone and I call the only person that lives close… Father Andrew.

“James, oh my lord, Joe, Louie, what the hell happened James,”

“Just get me out of here, they’re all dead, we have to go,” I replied.


“So, your father didn’t pay George for 3 months,” Father Andrew questioned.

“Not a single penny, I’m gonna kill him and his scumbag son,”

I left the church that day to go see Dean, I contacted him as soon as possible.

“I should have done something to protect them, Dean,”

“None of this is your fault, you kill him and anyone who has ever talked to that turd,” Dean explained.

“So how do you plan on killing George?”

“By taking over his rackets throughout the city and isolate him, that’s when I break every bone in his body,” I explained.

“That’s a good plan, but you’re gonna need some help,” Dean explained.

“Who can we get to help us?,”

“Each district is run by different Lieutenants and their rackets, you take over those districts and the bosses come running out, pouring info about George”. Dean crammed

“Ha-ha, I sure as hell see the bad moon risin’ “. I said

“CCR, nice” Dean exclaimed

August, 1968

“Tell me if George is bringing in coke, or I’ll make you wish you were dead!” I furiated.

“Please, I don’t know anything, just let me go, please,” Ron Calgi pleaded

“Live or die, it’s your choice,” I convincingly said

“He’s smuggling it in from Puerto Rico, real good stuff, about 50 kilos,” he scattered

“That’s all I wanted to know, you work for me now,” I said.

“Whatever you want, just don’t kill me,” he pleaded

As I drove down 4th street in the Bywater Area, I see a man sitting at a bench, it was Dean.

“Dean what are you doing down here, you never come down to the Bywater Area,” I said.

“I figured I’d come down and visit you down here,” Dean said

“How’d you know I was down here,” I questioned

“Please, I am the eyes and ears of the city, there is nothing I can’t hear, I guess you can call me eclectic,” Dean explained

“Well do you have anything on where George’s hotel is being built?” I questioned

“Yeah, it’s being built in the middle of Downtown, when you kill, be careful, you might become quandary,” Dean said flustered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll figure something out when a bad situation arises,” I explained

My mind can’t wrap around the fact that I was just minutes away from murdering George and Ken Scossi. To think I fought and negotiated my way through New Orleans to get to George and Ken. Joe always said that a man should never forget about his family. Looks like I really never did. The radio comes on and says “a horrific event took place in the French Quarter earlier this evening, a man has been stabbed multiple times and was pronounced dead”. “Looks like I’m makin’ a name for myself” I chuckled.

“The only thing I gotta do before I kill George, is find the contractors that are building the hotel,” I explained to Dean

“You do that, and you’ll have access anywhere in the building,” Dean claimed

“Where do you reckon, the construction trucks will be delivering lumber to,”.

“Speaking of that, I got the leaving times and delivery times of all of the trucks in the area,” Dean said

“That’s gonna come in handy, the first truck that I see reach the actual hotel is the one I’ll investigate, all I need is the parking garage and elevator key,”.

“Be careful, I’m sure he has all of the guys he has left defending him,” Dean concernedly explained.

September 27th

I got pushed around a lot, especially because of the color of my skin. In the end, you didn’t change anything, you just made it a whole lot worse.

As I come closer to the hotel, my heart hurts and my head starts pounding, and I’m getting angrier by the minute. I storm through the door and there are guys surrounding me, I jump behind a pillar and that’s when they started shooting, I kill every single one of them until George and Ken are left. I walk upstairs and there’s Ken with a magnum in his hands, he fires, but completely misses me. When he reloads, that’s when I make my move, I slide over the table and kick him in the head, he’s on the ground, I say “this one is for my brother” I then shoot him in the forehead. Now is the time to get George, and finally get my revenge. He is standing there drinking what looks like a glass of whiskey with only 2 ice cubes in it.

“Go ahead take a seat, I sure as hell ain’t goin’ anywhere,” George said

“Looks that way doesn’t it,”

“You know I’ve seen many men die and the only person I never wanted to see dead was my own damn son,” George explained

“I had to do what I had to do, you murdered my family, I can’t just forget about that, now I’m gonna do something, I will never forget,”

I pull out my .44 magnum and load two rounds into it, he looks quite sad, rather than angry.

“Oh and George, here’s your money,”

I pull the trigger, he crashes to the floor with 2 bullet holes in his forehead

“Dean, it’s done,”

“Good” Dean said




Submitted: November 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 max amiliion. All rights reserved.

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