Head vs. Heart

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Amara is a 17-year-old girl in high school. Her parents are gone. She's learning how to live without them. When a new boy comes to school it changes things around town. When Amara finds out about his secret will she stay with him or will she leave? Read to find out!

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



“You want a love that consumes you, you want passion and adventure,” Elijah explained, “I want you to get everything you’re looking for.”

 Let me start from the beginning, I’m Amara.  I live in a small town called Covington, Virginia with a population of 346 people. All of this began a year ago when we entered upon a new school year.  Lexi and I were thrilled to start a new year because that meant new coaches for cheerleading and new boys at registration.  With my parents being gone everyone has been very helpful to my brother Trevor and me.  Although Trevor has been having a harder time coping that they are gone. My aunt Emily on the other hand has needed more help than we have.  I don’t blame her, having two teenagers thrown at you out of nowhere and you having to parent them would be vigorous. 

 My parents were Lily and Grayson Gilbert.  My dad was the town’s best doctor. He had his own clinic in the town’s square.  My mom was a full-time stay at home mom.  They died in a car accident the summer before school started last year. I was at a back to school party.  The same girl every year throws a party the weekend before school starts and my best friend Lexi made me go with her.  My boyfriend at the time, Tyler, was also there.  You know that one friend you grow up with and think it would work out to date, well that is what Tyler and I thought.  Anyway we got into a big fight that night and decided it would be best if we would just stay friends.  That night I called my parents to come pick me up.  About 10 minutes later they got to the girl’s house and picked me up.  We drove across Wickery Bridge as we always do when we are out in that area.  My dad was driving and we were all talking.  Until my dad turned his head back at me to say something.  Then my mom screamed!  There was something in the middle of the bridge and we didn’t know what. My dad swerved but couldn’t get the car under control and we went off the bridge into the river below. The police said the car got stuck in a maelstrom in the river.  When I woke up at the hospital my aunt Emily was there with my brother Trevor. No one could figure out how I got out of the car.  

 “Good morning, I tried to make you coffee,” Emily said moving in front of me to cover the mess by the coffee maker.

“Emily, it’s okay I know how to do it,” I said walking over to the coffee maker, “I’ll even show you how to use it when I get home from cheer practice.”

 “Thanks, Amara,” Emily said pausing, “I don’t know how your mom did it, she made parenting look so easy.”

After our conversation, Lexi was outside to pick me up for school.  We always drive to school.  When we got to the school everyone was out on the front lawn greeting each other.  We are a very small school so everyone knows everyone.

“Do you smell that?” Lexi said closing her eyes and raising her nose.

“Oh my god is my breath that bad, I forgot to brush my teeth, I was in a rush, Emily tried making coffee, and Trevor wouldn’t get out of the bathroom!” I said as the words rushed right out of my mouth.

“One that’s so gross Amara and two no,” Lexi explained, “I was talking about the new boys and they smell delicious,” Lexi said while smirking.

I laughed, “Um, Lexi I think that smell is the sweaty football players.” 

Lexi and I walked in and walked by the office to see the new guys at registration.  As we always do at the beginning of a new year.

“Quick Amara look at that one he’s cute,” Lexi exclaimed.

“How do you know I can only see his back,” I said confused.

 “Well it’s a cute back,” Lexi stated, “hey I got to get to first block you know how Mr. Trumbler is on the first day, see you at lunch.”

“Alright see you, Lex,” I said turning and waving bye to Lexi.

When I turned back around to my chagrin I ran straight into the new guy and knocked all of his papers out of his hands.  His back is not the only thing cute about him.  He was tall with brown hair, hazel eyes, and big muscles. 

“Oops my apologies miss,” he said with a strong British accent.

I stood there frozen. I didn’t know what to say. All I could do was stare.

The new guy stated, “My name is Enzo, short for Lorenzo.”

“No it’s my fault I’m such a klutz,” I said bending down to pick up his papers.

“Here let me help you,” Enzo said.

As I stood back up I stuck out my hand, “hi I’m Amara.”

As I figured he would, he reached for my hand to shake it.  His grip was strong, not a hurting strong but an in control kind of strong.  His hand was soft and warm like a fresh cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

“Sorry to cut this short love but I should probably go and find my class,” Enzo said letting go of his grip.

We said goodbye and headed to our first class.  After school is over Lexi and I always meet up at the Grill.  The Grill is a small bar with a dining area and a pool table.

“Did you see the new guy?” Lex told me, “I believe his name is Enzo and he moved here from New Orleans but he was born in Southern England and came to America when he was 8.”

“You got all that in one day?” I said widening my eyes.

Lexi laughed, “Darling I got all that in first block.”

Lexi and I almost every day after school go to the grill and talk about school and have a cup of coffee.  Sometimes some of our other friends will come with us.  Our other best friend is Katherine her mother is the sheriff.  Her mother is very protective of her and wants her to be the best she can.  Katherine is a pusher, she’ll push you to be your best and to help anyone in need.  Lexi and I continued talking about the first day of school and drinking our coffee.  Enzo walked in with another man I have never seen before.

“Hey Lex look over there,” I said nudging my head up in Enzo’s direction, “who is that guy with him?”

“I don’t know I have never seen him before,” Lexi replied.

When Enzo and the mystery guy walked in they looked around the room.  They walked over to the pool table and started up a game.  When Enzo noticed me he whispered something to the guy he came in with.  Then they started to walk towards Lexi and me.

“Hey Amara I thought that was you over here,” Enzo said.

I replied, “Yeah it’s me and this is my friend Lexi.”

“Hi nice to meet you Enzo,” Lexi said.

Enzo hesitated, “oh this here is my brother, Elijah.”

“Good to meet you,” Lexi and I both said.

After Enzo introduced Elijah to Lexi and me they went to finish their game of pool.  We finished our coffee and started to head home.

“See you tomorrow Amara,” Lexi said walking out the door.

After I waved bye to Lexi I started to get my things together and started walking out the door when Enzo walked over to me.

“Amara, hey wait a second,” Enzo said rushing over to me.

I said, “What’s up.”

“Would you like to go back to my house and hang out with my brother and me,” Enzo said looking over to Elijah.

I stood there hesitant on what to say.  I barely know him and he wants me to come over by myself. Why couldn’t he ask me when Lexi was with me?

“Umm… sure why not,” I said nervously.

Lexi would always drive me around because I don’t have a car.  So I ended up driving over there in Enzo’s car.  Enzo and Elijah live on the outskirts of town in an old boarding house.  Their uncle Mike was the owner but died of a heart attack a few months ago.  The house had no one living in it.  Mike had house keepers who would come in every week and clean the whole house.  I have never actually seen the house only heard of it.  So when I saw how opulent it really was, I was stunned.

“Seven rooms,” Enzo said opening the car door and helping me out.

“I’m sorry?” I said confused.

“There're seven-bed rooms, two…,” Enzo said before getting cut off by Elijah

“Two living rooms, six bathrooms, one tremendous kitchen, a full wine cellar, and one splendid, spacious garden in the back yard,” Elijah explained opening the front door.

When I first walked in I was amazed by the enormous opening to walk into the main parlor area.  The smell was different, something I have never smelt before.  When we got in the house fully and took our shoes off they wanted to show me around.  While walking through the house the smell would get stronger in some areas, coming from rooms with closed doors.  After they gave me a tour of the house we sat in the parlor and played some board games.

“So Elijah where do you go to school?” I asked.

“I don’t go to school, let me just say it wasn’t my strongest activity,” Elijah explained looking around with a confused smirk.

The night grew quiet.  We were slowly running out of topics to talk about.

“It’s getting late, my aunt is probably wondering where I am,” I explained while standing up.

Enzo said while sticking his hand out for me to sit back down, “come on just stay a little longer, it won’t hurt anyone.”

“I guess one more hour wouldn’t hurt,” I said while sitting back down.

The first thirty minutes passed and we started up a good conversation about their parents.  Enzo and Elijah would go back and forth talking about what happened to their parents.  The candor in which their dad was an enormous drunk and was just drinking his life away shocked me.  One night their dad was so drunk he was getting angry for no reason.  They said their mother would always see the best in his boorish behavior.

“Sometimes while trying to find it you get hurt,” Elijah said with a crackly voice.

They explained to me that on that night their parents got into a vehement argument.  Enzo told me that they were staying here in Covington with their uncle.

“The police told us that our dad was very intoxicated and got out of control,” Enzo explained.

They explained how dauntless their mother was when she was trying to calm their dad down.

“They said he got so out of hand and grabbed a knife and stabbed our mom 12 times,” Enzo said with tears starting to roll down his cheeks.

“The police said our dad told them that when he realized what he had done he called 911 himself,” Elijah added.

They said that their mother was dead when the police arrived and their father got charged with her death.  They told me how their uncle left his house in their mom’s name. So when she died it became theirs and they moved here to get a fresh start. Soon after that I looked at a clock and it read 11:48 p.m., realizing we had been talking for hours.

“Oh god,” I said shooting up from the floor, “it’s almost twelve, my aunt is going to kill me!”

“Like you said it’s almost twelve, you might as well just sleep over and go to school in the morning, I’ll even drive you,” Enzo said calmly.

I knew that my aunt Emily would still be waiting tomorrow after school to yell at me so I just stayed the night.

“You can pick any room like I said there’s seven of them,” Enzo said walking me up the stairs.

I went to bed in one of the smaller guest rooms.  After I got ready for bed the house was dead silent.  I quickly fell fast asleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night around 4 o’clock.  I was thirsty so I went down to the kitchen to get some water.  On my way back to my room I got lost.  So I started opening doors to find which one was mine.

“You need some help there?” Elijah asked while opening the door to his room.

I explain, “Yeah just trying to find my room.”

“Two doors down on the left,” Elijah said pointing down the corridor.

“Right,” I said with an awkward smile, “thank you.”

“Hey Amara wait a second,” Elijah whispered walking towards me.

I said, “Yeah what’s up?”

“I just wanted you to know that you should be careful about getting too close with Enzo,” Elijah explained then entering his room.

I couldn’t fall back asleep after Elijah said that.  I couldn’t think of a reason why not to get close to Enzo.  Hours went by and the sun was rising.  I was knocked out of my daydream to a knock on the bedroom door.  I got out of bed quickly and went to open it.  Enzo entered with a warming smile.

“Good morning love,” Enzo said holding a cup of coffee.

“Good morning,” I said smiling, “thank you for the coffee.”

Enzo replied, “You’re welcome, can you get ready in about thirty minutes for school.”

“Yes I’ll be down stairs in the parlor when I’m finished,” I explained.

Enzo closed the door behind him on his way out.  After he left I took a sip of my coffee and set it on the dresser.  I rummaged through the dresser drawers hoping to find some clothes.  When I was dressed and ready I walked downstairs to find Elijah in the front room.

“Enzo had to go do something before school and asked me if I could drive you if that’s okay,” Elijah explained.

“Oh okay yeah that’s fine,” I replied, “What did Enzo have to do?”

Elijah hesitated, “he um… he didn’t say.”

 Elijah and I got into the car and drove to school.  The car ride was longer than I am use to since they live on the outskirts of town.  The ride to the school was quiet almost no words were said.  The school day was slow and silent.  I didn’t see Enzo once during school.  When I got home my aunt Emily was there waiting to yell at me.

“Why didn’t you call?” Emily yelled.

“I’m sorry it got late and I didn’t want to bother you,” I explained calmly.

“You can’t just do that Amara, I expect better,” Emily said.

After our conversation Emily forgave me.  I went to my room to do homework and get ready for bed.  I woke up the next morning and got ready for school.  Again I did not see Enzo once at school.  After school Lexi and I went to the grill.  I was hoping to see Enzo there with Elijah but I only saw Elijah.  He was sitting at the bar by himself.

“Hey Elijah have you seen Enzo around, I haven’t been seeing him in school,” I asked concerned.

“Oh hey Amara, no Enzo hasn’t been home,” Elijah explained.

A couple of days went by until I heard from Enzo.  We started to hang out more after him being gone for almost a week.  Lexi was started to say that we were a thing.  One day during school Enzo was acting a bit strange.  He wasn’t too much like himself.  After school that day Enzo really wanted me to come over to his house. When we entered his house that smell I smelt when I first came over was really strong throughout the house.  When we walked into the front room it was a mess.  There was drugs everywhere and stacks of cash on the table. 

“Oh god, I’m so sorry I didn’t want you to see this,” Enzo said embarrassed and worried, “I understand if you want to walk out the door and have nothing to do with me.”

I stood there in full perspicacity in the entry way not knowing what to do or say.  I was still standing there frozen.  I was thinking of what to say.

“Enzo I’m so sorry,” I started, “I just… I can’t deal with this again.”

“No don’t apologize it’s not your problem, you didn’t cause it,” Enzo replied.

I didn’t know what to do.  He was the complete antithesis of what I thought.  I didn’t just want to storm out of there like I just saw a ghost.

“Look I can’t just leave,” I said.

“What do you mean,” Enzo asked.

“My brother went through the same thing when our parents died, he went to a good rehab center and got really good help,” I explained, “he talks with therapist about how he feels and what goes on in his head.” “I can’t be with you step by step but I’ll get you phone numbers for some help, but you have to be willing to receive help,” I said.

“Thank you so much, Amara, if you could do all that, that would be amazing, I don’t want to be like this, I don’t want to end up like my dad, and I understand that you don’t want to be with me,” Enzo explained.

“You’re welcome, but I have to go I’ll see you at school,” I said walking out the front door before Enzo had a chance to reply.

When I fervently ran out of the front door tears started streaming down my face. On my way out I ran into Elijah.

“Whoa there, where’s the fire?” Elijah asked.

When I looked up he realized that I was crying.

“Oh… you found out.” Elijah said.

“You knew?” I asked, “Why didn’t you tell me.”

“It wasn’t me secret to tell,” Elijah explained.

“I just feel like every time I get close to someone they show me why I shouldn’t,” I said.

“You want a love that consumes you, you want passion and adventure,” Elijah explained, “I want you to get everything you’re looking for.”

“Elijah I care about him and all its just I can’t go through all of this again,” I said.

“Amara I understand, thank you for being with him these past months he’s been really happy with you,” Elijah said.

After Elijah and I said goodbye I went straight home. I talked to my brother about who to contact. When Trevor gave me some phone numbers I sent them straight to Enzo, followed by “if you ever need anything else I’m a call away.” 

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