it's just not fair

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this short story is about a girl that wants to play football but is nit allowed to because she is a girl until she goes to a new team and takes them to states

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



Beep…. Beep…. Beep…… the alarm clock goes off.

“Finally the big day is here!” I said jumping out of bed and rushing to get ready to run out the door.

“Abby time for breakfast, you can’t be late for your big day,” As My mom yells up stairs for me to get ready

“Finally the big day is here! Football tryouts I have been waiting forever to get on the team,” I said running down the stairs trying to pull my shirt over my head.

“I made you a big breakfast so eat up,” My mother said sounding very excited.

“Thank you so much mom for the big breakfast,” I said chowing down on her food.

“I will get all your stuff ready for football tryouts today,” My mother said as she is getting all of abbys stuff together for the day.

“After I’m done eating mom we are will have to leave I don’t want to be late,” I said sounding very excited

“Well when you’re done just come out to the car,” My mother said walking out the door.

“I’m done now, Now ready to start my day!” I said rushing out the door excited for the day to get started

“Are you all read to go?” My mother asked.

“Yes” I said

“Ok then let start heading to the fields “My mom said sounding very excited

“WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE!” I yells as I jumps out of my seat in excitement

“I will drop you off while I go find a place to park” My mom said

“OK I will start stretching and getting my gear on while you park the car” I tell my mom

“Ok” My mom said driving the car away to go find a place to park

“Stretch number one toe touches One Two Three and Reach and hold… let go  Stretch number two leg stretches One Two Three and stretch and hold let go  OK last stretch now number three arm stretchesOne Two Three reach… hold and let go” I said repeating over and over again 

“Abby are you ready?” My mom asked walking over to her

“Yep all ready” I said getting up to start walking with her mom

“Attention… Attention” Yelled Couch boom

“I am so excited for this” I was thinking about this for weeks

“Hey what do you think you are doing here?!” This boy from the back yelled

 “Oh great” I said under her breath turning around to see Zach standing there

“Don’t you know that this is football tryout not dance tryout” Zach said

“YES I know exactly what this is and I have been waiting all summer for tryouts” I said

“Well I am going to tell coach because a girl should not be playing football” Zach said

“That’s Not Fair! Why does it matter if I’m a girl I should be allowed to play football if I want to.” Said I walking to go talk to the coach

“Fine then go ahead and tell coach see what he has to say” Zach said

“Coach! Coach!” I Yelled

“Who are you?” Coach Boom asked

“My name Is Abby, and sir I would love to be on your team” I said in a very serious voice

“Well hello Abby I am Coach Boom, I love seeing new people trying out for my team” Coach Boom said

“Coach Boom I have been waiting to try out for your team for so long” I said

“Well I’m glad that you want to be a part of my team but you can’t play.” Coach Boom said

“What do you mean I can’t play? I am as good as the other guys that play on your team” I said

“Well you can’t play because you are a girl and girls don’t play football they Dance or play softball” Coach Boom said

 “That Is Not Fair At All!  Maybe I don’t want to Dace or play Softball.” I said Very angry and walking away

“Well Good bye” Coach Boom yelled

“They will see that I am good enough to play football if he won’t let me play for his team I will go and play for another team” I said to my mom

“Well you know Abby I have one other place you can play football and there team is the best in state” My mom said sounding very excited

“Well let’s go mom” I said getting into the car

“Just saying it’s going to be a little bit of a drive so it’s up to you” My mom said

“Yes! Let’s go” I yelled out of excitement

“Well we are almost here about 10 minutes away” My mom told me

“Yes! I’m so excited for this.” I said

“Now make sure you have everything ready to go” My mom said as she pulled up to this very nice school

“WOW! This place is super nice I can’t believe I could be playing football here”

“Aright go ahead and find the coach and go talk to him I will be over after I find a place to park the car” My mom said as I was getting out of the car

  “Good luck Abby!”

“As I started to walk over to the coach I realized that everyone was staring at me because I was the only girl but that was ok I was doing something I really loved” I thought to myself

“Hello there little lady” Said the coach

“Hi I am Abby,” I said sounding a little nervous

“Well I am Coach Cooper Nice to meet you Abby” Coach Cooper said sounding very nice

“Coach Cooper I would really like to try out for your team”

“That sounds great we could always use another player on this team” Coach Cooper said now sounding very excited

“OK Great! Let me stretch and get ready and they we can start tryouts” I said rushing to get ready

“All right is everyone ready for tryouts now” Yelled Coach Cooper

“I really hope I get picked for their team” I said to the boy beside me

 “Great news everyone has made tryouts Welcome to the team” Coach Cooper said

“YES IM SO EXCITED” I was telling my mom as I was jumping up and down

“Now 4 months has passed and we have won all but 2 games so that means we are going to the championships so that means that we will be playing The Pink Panthers so that means we are up for a fight that we are going to win”

“Oh know The Pink Panthers was the team that wouldn’t let me play because I was a girl and now I am going to have to play them in the championships” I said panicking as I tell another player from the team 

“This is it the big day! Team you better get ready!” Coach Cooper yelled right after giving us this quote before every game I went like this “Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a cause”

“This was something he did every game it was sort of like this luck quote the whole team knew it by heart” I said very proudly

“5Minutes before the game we practiced so much for this moment and all of that hard work is paying off” Coach Cooper yelled to everyone

“This is it right now I am going to be playing in the championship this is going to be so exciting but kind of scary because I am playing my school” I said

“Get out in the field the game is ready to start” Coach Cooper yelled to everyone

1 minute left on the clock and we are down 1 point all we need is one touchdown

“Go Abby Run Go…..Go….. And 5 second on the clock and Abby score the winning touchdown!!!!!!!!!” Coach Cooper yells as the whole team runs out on to the field

“We did it won the championships” I yelled

“Here comes Coach Boom” Said Coach Cooper

“Abby is that you?” Coach Boom

“Yes it is the one the score the winning Touchdown” I said

“Well Abby how about you come back and play for my team what do you say” Coach said

“I’m sorry sir but you turned me down the first time when you could have had me and now I have a team and they are my family so you should have thought about it before you deiced to not let me play because I was a girl, Great game by the way” I said walking away to go celebrate with my team

“Nice Job team I can’t wait to see you next year” Coach Cooper told all of us

“What a season I can’t wait to play with this team next year” I though going home to get some sleep

“We are home” my mom said getting out of the car

“Time for me to get some sleep

I guess I will see you next season Bye!

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it's just not fair

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