The Confessed Love story

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Teens meet online and they connect with each other. Kayleigha confesses her love and wonders how Jeffery feels about her

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



Five years ago I was a sixteen years old who had met a boy online that was one year older than me. It had seemed that I had a lot in common with him. We began to talk on some website. We than later moved to a different app we both had on our phones. We started out with a normal conversation. He started off the conversation, “Hi how are you doing?”

“Hey I am doing well how about you?” I replied.

“I am also doing well,” Jeffery texted back, “How was your day today?”

As we began to talk more I started to like him more and more. We started asking questions to get to know each other more. I asked him, “What is your favorite color?”

He answered with, “Um, probably pink.”

“Oh nice that is a cute color lol,” I replied.

Sometimes he would start the conversation and sometimes I would start the conversation, usually if a guy does not like you he will make you start the conversation every single day that you talk. We began to talk more and more each day.

“How is your day going Jeffery?” I asked him.

He replied, “It is going great.”

We continued to talk and we got on the topic about school. When does he start school? I wondered. Should I ask him? I ended up asking him.

“When do you start school?” I questioned.

“I start school in two weeks,” Jeffery texted back.

 I knew that I made a mistake by starting to like someone I had met on the internet. I started to want to tell Jeffery but I didn’t have the guts to tell him how I felt. As a week went by I started to get the guts to tell him how I feel about him. I wonder how he feels about me. Will he even talk to me after I tell him how I feel? The only thing holding me back from telling him is the thought of him not replying to me EVER again. I forgot all about my worries and just went with it. I finally told him how I felt about him, I did it.

I sent a paragraph to him saying, “Okay I don’t know if you’ll ever talk to me again but I’m to the point where idc I just need to get this out. I really like you yes ik we don’t really know each other but after talking to you for idk how long I’m starting to like you more and more as we talk. When you reply to me I start to blush, even when my phone lights up from a notification I start to blush thinking it’s you. Yes I understand that we will have to wait to see each other and that I will have to hide this from my mom but it is worth it in my opinion.” As it went from day to night I started to get worried that he had stopped talking to me forever. It turned out that he “forgot” to reply. When I woke up I sent him a message and he actually replied.

Jeffery said, “Good morning.”

“Good morning to you too,” I replied back.

Our conversation continued for quite a while until the conversation about my paragraph came up.

“So did you read the paragraph?” I questioned

Jeffery replied with, “Yea srry I forgot to reply last night.”

I replied back, “It’s okay, are you still gonna to talk to me or no?”

“Yes I will still talk to you,” Jeffery texted back.

“YAAAYYY,” I replied excitedly.

As we continued to talk he never told me how he felt about me. As the day was coming to an end we started to talk again. It got to the point where I was on my phone all of the time because we were talking a lot more than before. It was at the point where whoever woke up first would say good morning to the other person and then carry on the conversation until midday and then we would do our own thing. We would go back to talking after we both got done with whatever we both had to do. We mainly had to do chores which took about an hour for the both of us. Once we finished our chores and we went back to talking to each other. We would talk every once in a while throughout the day but once it reached night time we would talk nonstop because nobody would find out about us talking which we were happy about. With nobody knowing about us talking, nobody would bother us about it. Not even our parents knew about us talking even though we were on our phone a lot more than usual. My mom eventually starting to wonder why I was on my phone so much more than I normally am. She only started to wonder once Jeffery and I started to talk more.  She kept questioning me about me being on my phone all of the time and how I’m not hanging out with my friends as much as I used to. I came up with some lame excuse.

“My friends and I just have drifted apart. We don’t talk as much anymore” I told my mom.

My mother questioned even more, “Did something bad happen between you guys?”

No we just are not as close as we used to be. Everyone is getting new friends and we all just don’t get along. Some people get alone with everyone while some people dislike others very much. It’s mainly just a bulling issue,” I explained to my mom.

“Oh I’m so sorry hunny. Just let me know if I can do anything to help,” my mother told me.

After our talk I felt bad that I had lied to her but I felt that it was for the best of it. Would she ground me if I told her I was talking to a boy online? Would she hate me forever? Maybe it is best to just lie to her forever about it. I walked away from my mom and sat down in the living room. As I sat down I went on my phone. I see that I got a text from Jeffery.

“Hi, how’s your day going?” He asked.

“It is good other than some people annoying me throughout the day,” I responded “I kinda just lied to my mom… she was starting to wonder why I was on my phone so much so  much and why I don’t hang with my friends as much. I just came up with some excuse that me and my friends have drifted bc of them gettin other friends and that it’s not just our group any more, there are more people in it now.”

“Oh ok… I hope your day gets better tho,” he said. “It’s not good to lie to your mother but it kinda makes sense why you did it tho. My mom doesn’t care about what I do on my phone so I dont tell her anything that I do on my phone.”

I told him, “She probably does care she probably just doesn’t show it that much.”

“True she is busy a lot so that might be one reason, we also don’t talk as much as we used to,” he told me.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, “Is she busy because of work or something?”

“Yeah and then when she comes home she cooks dinner while I’m doing my homework so we don’t get time to talk,” He said sadly.

We began to talk more about how our parents work so much. We actually found out that we had a lot in common when it came to our parents. They both work a lot we both have a step dad and we both barely talk to our biological father. We also found out that we were once very close with our mothers but we both drifted from our moms as we grown over the years. No matter what happens over the more years that are to come we will still be close to our mother in some way. As we talked more each day he found that my family is not very opulent.

It got the point where I couldn’t take it any longer I wanted answers. How does he honestly feel about me? Should I actually ask him? Will this leave me heartbroken? Has he even thought about what I said to him? I kept thinking to myself. 

“If I asked you a question will you answer it honestly?” I asked

“I depends on the question but possibly,” he texted.

I asked him, “Okay here is my question. How do you honestly feel about me?”

“Honestly I do have feelings for you… nobody can find out about any of this tho.” He said, “You can’t even tell your friends about this.”

“Okay I can do that especially for you,” I said back.

“That’s good at least this is a test to see if I can trust you,” Jeffery said, “I still have your one friend in my phone that I can ask if you told anyone.”

I said, “Yes ik and I tell my friends everything but I can do this.  I just really have to keep this from my mom. Don’t tell your mom about it unless you feel comfortable telling her about it. I don’t feel comfortable telling my mom about any of this bc I feel like she will ground me or even disown me bc I like someone that is on the internet that I don’t even ‘know’.”

We both decided it would be a good idea to not tell anyone that we both like each other. One day I was stupid and went over to one of my friends and told my mom I was hanging out with them for the first in forever. I  did not realize I left my phone until I went to check it and I didn’t have it on me and it wasn’t at my friend’s house. I then realized I left it at home. My mom then later found it and went through it since I didn’t have a password on it. She ends up reading the messages between Jeffery and I. She found out that I then lied to her about why I was on my phone a lot. She wondered why I had lied to her about it. Why did she lie to me about all of this? She should be able to trust me though. She continued to read our conversation and found out why I then lied to her. Does she seriously think that I will disown her because of liking someone that is on the internet? My mom called my friends mom and asked her to tell me to get home. I got in the car and headed home. When I arrive at my house my mom is standing there with my phone. I start to freak out and kept thinking to myself, did she read my messages? I so hope she didn’t.

“Hi mom, I was told you wanted me home?” I questioned weirdly.

“Yes honey, I wanted to talk to you about what I seen on your phone,” She said to me

Oh no she went through my phone… what am I going to do now? I then thought my life was over until I actually had a talk with my mother.

“Why did you think I would disown you just because you are following your heart?” Asked my mom.

“Uh mom I honestly thought that because I don’t really talk to you that much because you’re always working. If you didn’t work as much and I actually got to talk to you and we were as close as we used to be then I probably would have told you,” I explained to my mom.

“I’m so sorry sweetie,” my mom sadly replied, “If you need anything just left me know. I am here for you sweetie.”

“Okay thank you mom I love you so much,” I said as I smiled.

After I had the talk with my mom I went and told Jeffery about it and so he decided to tell his mom too. It turned out that both of our moms wanted us to tell them something about what happened. After the talks with our moms we both became close to our moms again!

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