A Theist Mind

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follow a young teen named john as he evades his abusive parents

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



“John wake up your going to miss church,” said my mother from the bottom of the steps.

“I’m up,” I shouted from the safety of my bed.  

“Well then get ready we have to leave soon,” she nagged.  So I jumped out of bed and threw on a t-shirt then I proceeded to leave the house.  “Oh my you cannot leave like that it’s Christmas,” she said.

“What’s wrong with my shirt?” I said to my frantic mother.

Then she said, “It has a skull on it.”

I looked down and saw a huge skull on the front of my shirt usually I would just walk back up to my room and change but no not today I have reached my limit I am going to fight this one.

“I have had it,” I started to shout, “This is torture you believe I should go change because of a skull that is asinine”

Then my dad walked in the room and shouted, “What’s with the yelling?”

 “Well,” started my mother, “Your son thinks his shirt is appropriate to wear to church.”

Then my dad threw me a jacket and said, “Here put this on and get in the car.”

As I walked to the car I thought of the preacher’s long rambling of how Jesus died for us and how this day is his, and we must celebrate his birthday and blah blah blah.

“Hey get back here now,” said my dad angrily.

I didn’t realize I walked right past the car. Then I had a genius idea or it seemed smart at the time it was to run. I ran so fast I could barely hear them scream at me. It might not have been the best plan, but it worked. Then I thought, what am I going to do I can’t go home, that’s the first place they’ll look. I know, I’ll go to the cliff.

The cliff isn’t actually a cliff it’s what I call this abandoned factory that no one knows about it that’s why it’s a perfect hiding place. Then once at the cliff I can do whatever I want. Almost there. I thought I could see the big sign that read THE CLIFF although I knew it wasn’t named that I still called it that some letters were missing from the sign. It really read THE CLIFFHILL BREWARY. I entered the building it always reeked of alcohol and dead rats then I went to my spot their I kept the stuff my parents wouldn’t let me have like science books comic books video games movies anything that doesn’t have to do with Jesus was kept their until I heard a glass bottle shatter I grabbed the knife I kept their.

“Please don’t hurt me.” A strange voice said

“Anna?” I said lowdly.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“How did you find me?” I asked angrily. “This place was so post to be a secret.”

“I followed you,” she said quietly.

Anna seemed a little scared of the factory it was probably because of the rats. Then I noticed that the bottle broke. While Anna explored the factory I cleaned up the bottle.
“Ow” I said

“What happened oh no you cut yourself,” Anna said.

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” I said.

“What do you mean,” she said

“Why did you fallow me,” I asked

“I saw you didn’t go to church to day and I didn’t see you last night,” she said.

“Why should I have to go to a church,” I snarled

“Because it’s Jesus’s birthday,” she said with a smile.

“Poor, poor fatuous Anna, Christmas is a pagan holiday, Jesus was born in the summer, the farmers wouldn’t be out in their fields in December or even at night for that matter, and in December that ignoble barn they aberrantly gave birth to the son of God in would be too cold for a woman to give birth in, and how can a virgin give birth anyway,” I ranted.

Then she said, “Those are miracles of god.”

“No those are items in a book that is fiction,” I screamed

Anna just stood there with a shocked expression on her face. Just staring at me like I stomped on a puppy’s head.

“S-saying th-that is an s-sin,” she stuttered with the same expression.

I just looked at her then started to climb to the top of the factory the latter was corroded and nebulous from the years of weathering. I looked down to see that Anna just stared at ground not moving. What’s her deal? I thought. So I just shrugged of her existence and continued the climb up. As I climbed the latter then it started to snow. The small flakes fell over the cliff and it got colder as the snow fell. Then I heard footsteps Anna was fallowing me again she just won’t quit. I thought the carrion of rats and raccoons would have scared her of but she is determined.

“What do you want?” I asked hoping she would get the hint and go away.

“I’m cold,” she said.

“Can you catch?” I asked.

“Yes why?” she said.

So I took of my jacket and dropped it down she cot it.

“Thanks but won’t you be cold,” she said with a worried look on her face.

I just continued climbing the latter I reached the top and it got windy I just stared at the long drop down to the bottom of the factory the ignoble building was falling apart it looked as if it would crumble at any minute.

“See the snow the sky the trees all proof of the lord,” Anna preached

“Can you shut up about god I don’t want the last thing I ever heir to be about god how can believe in a man that loves you yet if you break one of his rules he will banish you to a realm of fire and torment yet he loves you he loves you so much because you’re his child and he sent his only son to die on a cross yet you are his child he loves you and everyone yet it is ok to stone prostitutes. And he created a woman from a guy’s ribcage and those to made the entire human race so then we are all inbreed and we  die because they ate an apple,” I ranted.

“I guess your right it does sound a little silly,” she said

“Silly it sounds completely asinine,” I said

“Yea it does huh,” she said

“Finally someone else that sees it my way hopefully your parents won’t beat you for your opinions like mine do hopefully you can spread the knowledge of thinking for yourself I know I couldn’t but maybe you can have a better chance at it than I did at teaching these racist cult members to be tolerant ” I said

“Well why do you want them to change you would be just as bad as them,” she said

“I don’t want them to change I want them to be tolerant,” I said

“I should get going my parents are going to be worried sick,” she said

She smiled then left as she walked away with a new view of the world I couldn’t think of a reason to stay nobody knows me or loves me. My parents are abusive and literally hit me over the head with a bible and never loved me I thought I could live here then I knew Anna could sell me out to the cops I thought I could run away but I would be all over the news the reports would just be filed for my parents self-image after all so maybe the search will be short but I have no money I could maybe make it out of London maybe all the way to Germany. Then as I thought I noticed that there were already people approaching me, I could see there torches. Bloody cops. I thought I tried to hide but to no avail I wouldn’t go back, never. Then I realized the final option the real rezone why I am up here the real rezone why I ran why I climbed the latter the real rezone for me coming to the cliff. I looked down the drop had to be at least two stories. Could I should I. there was no more waiting the cops were on the roof with me.

“Ok kiddo were not here to hurt you your family is worried,” the one officer said

“You’re wrong there going to beat me I won’t go back there ever again,” I screamed

I stepped closer to the ledge.

“Hey easy now,” the other officer said

“Don’t do it kid you have so much to live for,” said the first officer

“No I don’t,” I said softly with tears in my eyes as I looked down

I wanted to jump so badly, and let all my problems go away, let it all just evaporate like water. The wind was the only feeling there was, it was calm but it felt like an eternity on the way down. My whole life flashing before my eyes just like a movie I’ve seen a thousand times.

“Freedom,” was the only thing I said before landing.  

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