A High School Life

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Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



It is a rainy Friday night and it is the middle of November. That was unusual for California weather. It is the fourth quarter and the Mustangs are down by one field goal. This is the California State Championship Game. Jack Dawson comes to the huddle. Jack is the quarterback and he is a tall African American. He tells the whole team what we’re going to do. I am Matt Moore and I play halfback for the Mustangs. Jack and I have been best friends since middle school. The amity we have had led to our great success on the football field. Everybody loves us and we are pretty successful in school. Now back to the game. Jack tells us, “The games on the line and I need Matt to block and Bob to go deep.” Next thing I know Jack gets the ball and Bob goes running down the field. I hurry up and start blocking but one linebacker ten times my size trucks me over. Then Jack went down and we lost the game.

After that nightmare of a performance on my part we went back to the locker room. As we were walking back Jack came up to me and said, “Don’t worry about it.” I felt so bad that I didn’t even say anything I just hung my head and started to cry. I was so enervated that when I got into the locker room I just laid down.

Bob came in after everybody left and said, “You are useless to the team and never come and play with me again.”

I got up and I was candid when I told him, “I know I missed a block and that I lost us the game but you don’t have to be such a jerk. You lost us the playoff game a year ago so how is this any different?” Now I was furious.

Bob Wilson was one of the biggest boors on the football team and he was also Jack’s other best friend.  He was about six feet and five inches and had a bald head.  He was also one of the best wide receivers in the state. His whole family was Italian. Not to brag or anything but I was one of the best running backs in the state as well. I was only five feet and ten inches though. I was basically the antithesis of Bob.

“If you play football next year and even think about hanging out with Jack you will be sorry,” said Bob angrily.  He shoved me and walked out of the locker room. I was going to fight him but unlike him I care about school and don’t want to get suspended. So after he left I called my dad. His name was Kevin Moore and he used to be a famous high school running back and even set the record for the most rushing yards in school history. He had 3,645 rushing yards. I am a junior and have 2,990 rushing yards. My dream has always been to beat his record. He has trained me all the way since I was a toddler. He works at the post office and has a limp because of a bad injury he had when he played his first game in college.

Dad’s car turned around the bend of the high school and picked me up at the door. “Hey Dad,” I said kind of quietly.

Dad said, “Heard about the game.”  He said this kind of sympathetically. I guess he heard about my performance. 

“It was pretty bad on my part and some of the guys are giving me a hard time about it,” I said kind of sadly. He just looked at my face and knew who was messing with me.

“It’s Bob again isn’t it?” he said angrily.

“He just is so annoying and doesn’t leave me alone,” I said abruptly.

“I’ll settle it with Bob’s parents tomorrow,” said Dad in a dauntless manner.

“No. I will settle it on the football field,” I said.

My dad shook his head and drove his car to our house. We lived in a small apartment building after Mom and Dad got divorced. Dad cooked up some steak. I ate it and went to bed. When I got up the next morning I felt a lot better. It was a hot morning and I felt the sweat on my forehead as I went through my normal routine. Then he drove me to the school.

“Have a good day,” said Dad.

“I will,” I replied.

When I walked in the front doors I saw Jack. He was talking to his girlfriend Sarah. I thought about what Bob had said but I ignored it.

“Hey what’s up?” I said trying to sound happy.

“Nothing much,” said Jack, “you seem better.”

“It’s just a game any ways,” I said.

Bob came walking up and started talking to Jack like I wasn’t even there. I had gym first period so I went down to the locker room. Bob and I were in the same gym class. This is going to suck, I thought as I stood there changing in the locker room. The gym teacher walked in with Bob right next to him.

“I’m going to grab some basketballs,” said Mr. Walter.

“Ok,” replied Bob.

I tried to get dressed as fast as I could, but Bob walked up to me and pushed me. I was faster than him so I tried to run but he grabbed me by my shoulders and threw me down to the ground. When this happened I didn’t fight back because I didn’t want to get suspended. Bob got on top of me and started punching. I blocked a couple of them at first but then he hit me right in the nose. This caused it to bleed. I finally managed to get away and tell Mr. Walter. Bob had to get escorted to the office by Mr. Walter and when he got to the office he got suspended for one month. I was hanging out with Jack when my dad came and picked me up at the office.

“You should have told me about him and I would have fought him,” said Jack.

I sunk my head and thought, should I have fought him would it be worth getting expelled and losing my scholarship to the University of Maryland. The talk between the principal and my dad was ephemeral. Jack came home with my dad and me. The car ride to my house was very vehement between my dad and Jack. They talked about football like crazy. Arguing who is better the Tennessee Titans or the Oakland Raiders. Jack was from Tennessee so he always rooted for them and my dad was always from California so he rooted for the Oakland Raiders.

The whole car ride was also weird because nobody brought up what happened at school until we got to the house and received a phone call. Jack and I were playing football when my dad received the call. It was the school telling us that Bob lost his scholarship and will not be playing football at the school any longer.

Jack leaned over to me and whispered, “Looks like you are going to be getting more yards and scholarships.”

“I don’t care about any more scholarships,” I said. I thought, the only school I would ever want to go is the University of Maryland because that’s where my dad went. “It’s also nice that we will not have any more factious people on our football team and we might actually win a championship.” I said proudly.

One year later, we are in the same situation. It is November and the field is dryer than ever. The weather is a constant warm with a huge humidity amount in the air. Everybody was drenched in sweat. The moon was fuller than ever. It was the fourth quarter and one minute was left on the clock and we were on our twenty five yard line. It was the California State Championship game for the second year in a row. The game was the Mustangs vs. Lions. The Lions were the state champions last year. I didn’t want to even think of all of the scouts in the stands and of the last championship I played in. The thought of messing up was just terrifying. To make it worse I needed thirty more yards to beat my dad’s record. I was very fervent in the huddle. This was surprising because I was usually very silent.

“Ok. We are going to do a slant pass to one of our wide receivers,” said Jack.

“No. I want the ball,” I said confidently.

“Ok. We are going to do a pitch to Matt,” said Jack.

The play clock was about to run out when Jack got the ball. My mind was so focused that I didn’t even hear anything. I just reacted and got the ball. When I first got the ball the blocking looked good but in a matter of seconds two linemen broke through and tried to tackle me. I was way faster than them so I cut back the other way and ran down the sideline. When I reached about the fifty yard line I saw the safety coming at me. He dove for my legs and I quickly hurdled him. That moment caused me to think about the record because I knew I was close to beating it. There was one guy on my mine. Number twenty on the lions was the only kid in the league that was faster than me. Soon as I thought of him I heard his footsteps behind me. I knew I had to run faster so I turned on the jets and ran as fast as I could. When I reached the five yard line the clock hit zero and I dove into the end zone. I landed and I knew we were state champions. The kid who almost got me was chagrin after the play. The whole team jumped on top of me.

After we were done celebrating I ran over to my dad and gave him a big hug. “What did you think about that run?” I said happily.

“It was like watching myself,” said Dad.

“Except I have more yards,” I said braggingly.

“You’re going to never let this go are you?” said Dad laughing now.

I just smiled and hug him tight. Jack came home with us and we all celebrated being champions when I got a call. The University of Alabama wanted me to play for them next year. I was surprised but I only had one school on my mind and it was Maryland.

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