Rabbit with teeth of a Lion

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Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



I woke up to see my usual peisage at my balcony , but saw a big rabbit runing between the houses . Rabbit was in the size of a big truck , the huge truck , the one which we usually don not see in the cities , the ones which are usually used in mining. 

Pure thing was running from side to side , even though it was very early morning and it was very quite and there was no people on the streets. I was surprised why the rabbit is running , and why he is so scared?

I got closer to the window of my balcony and opened the door as usual , without thinking , and one tiny baby rabbit with teeth like lions entered my room, I got scared , then another one tried to enter but I immediately closed the door , and second tiny baby rabit with teeth of a line got sqweezed between the wall and the door.

The rabbit which entered the room run under my white dining table, I tried to catch him while other rabbit was making noises of pain from being squeezed on my balcony door. 

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