What is life

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A poem about life.

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



What is living
Do we even know if we're alive
What are we doing if we don't feel the drive
That inner need to understand giving

Is this a dream
Or something made by a computer screen
Is death real
All these questions and still I feel

Who am I and why me
Why are we trapped yet our minds free
We have the power to think for ourselves
Yet you think like society not yourself

Who are you to define normality
Or what is the real meaning of insanity
Were taught to be different
Yet our minds remain indifferent

We all think the same
Every day playing this societal game
To be honest it's a shame
As being different didn't bring you fame

So we follow the subconscious instructions
The same ones that will lead to destruction
The end of a line, the end of a race
In the end no one won, just like your subconscious instructions to pick up the gun.

© Copyright 2018 Jed Vaughan. All rights reserved.

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