a questioning of the boy

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well, this is my first story and i have horrible grammer. sorry!

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



The Questioning Of the boy.



My eyes open Widly with shock, The cold shivers surroanded me. A shiver went down my spine, I knew this place wasent safe Creeping catiously i went into the house. Was it haunted? Or just spookly decorated or what? I dont know but i did it. 

Stepping inside, The door Shut Leaving a loud sound behind. This terrified me as the house was decorated with cobwebs and other materails like pumpking.Creeping cautouisly, I tiptoed around the house trying to be quite and to try not to wake up whats inside.

Glancing around, I drew my attention to a luminous light in a room with a door wide open. I questioned myself. Is this the way out? Is this another trap. My anxienty went up high and i ignored it and continuied upstairs. Although I let my doubts get the best of me. While walking up a felt a creak in the stairs. BANG! A peice of wood broke under me. Hanging   by a grip i eagerly tried to climb up. I started loosing my grip I knew i was in danger and suddenly, I started falling to my doom. I closed my eyes and... i was out.

I woke up in a huge crator I was suprised i wasent dead. I questiond my sanity. Am i dreaming? Is this real? I dident know. I had A Killing pain in the back of my neck Although i shook it off an continued into the abbys.I Saw a staircase coverd in cobwebs.I though i was going to die while falling. Is this my freedom? Another trap? I continued to question myself and the thoughts took over me. So, I did it anyway I saw a blinding light The sun. Was this my escape? 

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