The Man In The Black Hoodie

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This short story is about Two friends that have know each other since the eight grade and when they grew up they decide to open up a theater. After a while they figure out that Jared is being stalked by some weird guy in a black hoodie

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



I never thought that I could be so successful from owning this little movie theater, every day we seemed to get tons of people to come and buy the snacks and watch the movie without leaving. All of this glory couldn’t last forever though I knew that it would have to stop at some point, and it did when I least expected it.

It was a regular afternoon both movies that we had showing were just about sold out. After about ten minutes into one of the movies some guy came up and said that he wanted his drink refilled so while I was refilling it he said “ is it just me or does it seem slightly warm in here.” I replied saying that it is the usual 68 degrees. On the way back to the movie I saw him quickly run into the bathroom, so I decided to stand outside ad listen in if I could hear anything. After a few seconds I heard a deep voice of some man telling the one dude that he had the stuff if he had the money for that stuff. While they were talking I went into one of the stalls and started to record them talking, once they were done I went back to the counter to tell Jared about it, and he said no way. He suggested for me to call the cops since they were dealing some kind of illegal drug in my building.

The next morning I was in the middle of opening the place when I smelled a distinct odor coming from the men’s bathroom. I walked in and saw nothing, so I thought that Jared must have gotten done doing a number two since we both own the place and he can be in at whatever time he wants. When I came out of the bathroom Jared greeted me with saying hey have you opened up yet. I told him that I smelled a distinct odor, and that I thought that he just got done taking a number two but he told me that he has just literally arrived.

After 20 minutes I smelled it again and I asked Jared if he smelt it, and he said that all he smelt was the popcorn popping. He asked if everything was alright for me today. I said yea I’m fine I just need a few minutes of fresh air to help my mind recover. While outside I noticed a man in a black hoodie just staring at me not caring that I saw what he was doing. Once I decided my breake was over I told Jared that I am going home today, because some weird things are happening and I don’t want anything bad to happen here. I suggested that he should go home also to be on the safe side and just let the manager run the place today. He agreed with me since we have been best friends for a while now.

While I was about to leave Jared came up and asked me if he could come over and hang out for a bit since he would have nothing to do for the rest of the day, so of course I told him that he could. When we got into our cars we noticed that there was a strange gray ford across the street faced towards our cars. As we pulled out so did the gray car and it seemed to follow us for a bit until we lost it in the heart of the city. When we pulled into the garage of my apartment complex I noticed a gray ford that looked very similar to the one that we saw earlier. Jared asked me if it was the same dude that followed us, and all I could reply with was an I don’t know, but one thing that I do know is that if it is the same person they are very creepy. Coming out of the elevator on the 12th floor I noticed the man in the black hoodie was going into the apartment next to mine, I wondered why since old lady Shana lived there for about 25 years now.

We walked into my apartment to see it trashed and Jared asked me what has happened to it. I told him that someone must have broken in while I was gone, because when I left this morning it was clean. I told him that I would clean it up while he can sit down and watch some television.

Soon as I started to vacum the floor someone was knocking really loud on my door, I turned off the vacuum and ran towards the door and when I looked through the peephole I saw the landlord. I immediately opened the door and he told me that people have been complaining that I have been making tons of noise. When he left Jared asked who that was and I told him that it was the landlord saying that people are complaining about me being to loud, even though I rarely do anything loud.

I started the vacuum back up and while I was vacuuming I thought who would tell the landlord that I make tons of noise, everyone in this building knows that I am a really nice person and that I would never bother anyone, unless these loud sounds would have to be made. This really had me stumped, then my mind came to it. The guy in the black hoodie must have used old lady Shana’s house phone to call the landlord and tell him that we were being to loud. I turned off the vacuum to tell Jared what I thought has happened and he seemed to agree with me since that one dude went into her room even though that he did not live there.

Around lunch time later that day while Jared and me were in the elevator it seemed to go up instead for down we wondered since we pressed the button that would take us to the first floor. We pressed the button for help but it seemed not to go off and tell the people that this elevator was not working properly. We got scared until it opened on the top floor where barley few people live, and when we stepped out of the elevator an old man came towards us yelling  “ GO BACK, GO BACK NOW” we decided to heave the answer and get back in the elevator. The elevator started to work properly so we were so happy when it went down to the first floor.

Everything seemed to be going wrong today, and this was making me really frantic because I did not know what could happen next anything could happen at any moment. Jared and I were scared about this whole situation, because we did not want to lose our business that we invested so much money into. If nothing happened to our theater we both wouldn’t care because we could always go to my parents house and stay there.

Its been about a week since this whole situation has happened, and we have thought that everything went back to usual until a man in a black hoodie came in. As he walked towards the food station I yelled for Jared to come look to see if this was the same dude as before. When Jared saw what I was looking at he asked me if that is who we think it is. I told him that I do not know because even though he is wearing a black hoodie he didn’t look the same as that one dude.

We went up to ask him if he was the dude that we have been seeing so much of him, but he said that he wasn’t, but me and Jared still had a haunch that he was the dude since he had the same exact hoodie as the other dude did. We started to feel like the man was following us everywhere that we go. When that dude went into the theater I decided to have one of my employees go undercover and watch him to wee what he would do. When we started the movie we saw that the employee had sat right behind the dude with the black hoodie, he was doing a good job at this.

About halfway through out the movie the one guy got up and walked to the front desk to get drink refill. Jared and me ran to the front desk before he got there so it would seem like we were there the whole time. When he asked for the drink refill we gave it to him then watched him go back to the theater room. Right before he was about to walk back into the movie I saw him take a sharp turn into the bathroom. I ran into the movie and got our undercover employee and told him to go into the bathroom and listen in on him to see if he has anything to say.

The employee went in and sat in a stall to record him talking. I couldn’t tell what was going on it seemed really quite. Then we saw the man leave the bathroom and go back into the movie. Out came our employee with a weird looking face, like something happened that he never wanted to mention. He came up to us and told Jared and me that the guy was the same dude as before, because he was talking about us with some dude on the phone. The employee gave me his phone so I can listen in on it. All three of us went into the break room so no one could hear us play it. I turned the volume all the way up before I played it. When I clicked play it read this.

“ You know those two guys that own the small movie theater, they are catching onto me, and I don’t know what to do. All I can think to do is just keep following them to see what they do”.

This whole situation was totally freaking out Jared because he put the most money into this theater. I was staying calm on the outside, but my thoughts were all a train wreck. My brain kept saying that this can’t be happening, this can’t be happening, but I knew it was happening.  We both started to feel like this would be the end of our business. We had no clue on what this guy could do to our business.

After our shift was over we decided to go over to his place to hang out. We made sure that the dude wouldn’t follow us. We took the back roads to Jared’s house, and only a very few people knew were those roads would take you. Thirty minutes have passed and we are just about to Jared’s house, then all of the sudden we saw this big dust cloud coming up behind us. We started to get scared that it was the one dude, and that he was following us everywhere we go. I told Jared if he could step on the gas a little because I did not want to take a chance of it being the same dude.

We finally arrived at Jared’s house and that dust cloud seemed to be gone or at least I thought that it was gone. We had reached his doorstep when we heard a car door slam, we both looked around but we saw not a single car in sight. Jared opened the door and looked around to make sure that no one has gotten into his house. We were both frantic because we didn’t know if that dude followed us or was inside of Jared’s house. We sat down on the couch to watch television for a bit, but for some weird reason it would not turn on.

Jared asked me to go check and see what the problem was while he cooked something for us to eat. I went around the house to see if there were any power lines were cut, but I couldn’t see anything out of the usual. I continued to look around till I head something rustling around in the bushes. I went over and looked and didn’t see anything at first glance. I decided to give it a second look, and when I opened the bushes I saw it, it was a black hoodie jut lying there all torn apart. I ran inside to tell Jared what I had found but I could not seem to find him anywhere. I knew that he was still here because his car wasn’t gone.

I went around his house calling for him but I just didn’t seem to get a response, which is very unusual for him to do. I went back outside then I heard a car door slam and I looked around to see if it was like the one from earlier. I knew that it was since I knew that I couldn’t be Jared since he hasn’t gone outside at all today. I turned my head towards the road and saw the gray Ford speeding away, and through the back windshield I saw Jared looking at me. I was wondering how that one dude had kidnapped him. I ran inside to get Jared’s keys. When I got inside saw that he had taken his phone with him so I knew that this would be one positive thing for me.

When I found Jared’s keys I ran to his car and tried to start it up but it wouldn’t start. I saw that the fuel light was flashing, so I knew that if it took me this long to get his car going I would never see him again. I had to rush around his house to find some sort of fuel that would work on the car. I finally found that he had a gas canister filled with gas for his lawnmower. I hurried back to his car and put the gas in and that was enough for about one fourth of the tank to be filled. I got in and sped off after that dude.

I finally got to a gas station where I could fill up his fill up his car. When I was done filling up I went inside to get an energy drink whens saw the gray ford pull up. I went over to it but it was not the same one that took Jared. I got my energy drink and went back to the car to continue to look for Jared. I just hope that I could find Jared in enough time before they do something horrible to him.

I went to our theater to see if the dude took him there since Jared has a key to the back of the building. I around back of the theater but when I called his name I could not hear him if he was trying to respond. I was staring to get sick to my stomach since he wasn’t responding to anything that I have been texting him, and I didn’t wasn’t to lose him because we have been friends since the eighth grade, and we have so much in common. We told each other that if anything happened to both of us that we would try the hardest to help the other person, but at this time I knew that this might not be able to happen since I can’t seem to find him anywhere.

I went home for the rest of the day to think about what has happened. The only thing that is going to happen to me is that I am going to be up all night worrying about what could be happening to Jared. The next day has come and I went to open the theater for the day and for some weird reason it was already open. I went around asking who was here and I heard Jared reply saying that he was here I was so relieved that he was okay and I asked him what he was doing here, and he said that he couldn’t say. I asked him if that dude has forced him, to come here.

We talked for a bit about what happened last night. Jared told me that he told the one dude was forcing him to do whatever he wanted and that he couldn’t let him do one thing. I saw that the dude was coming back so I had to find a spot to hide and quickly. I chose to hide behind a cardboard cutout for one of the movies that we are showing. I listened in on the conversation, and I heard Jared trying to get free from him, but he didn’t want to listen to Jared. When I heard them stop talking I knew that it was my chance to try and set Jared free. The one dude started to run and I did too because I wanted to rescue Jared. I was catching up to them until they knocked over some boxes, which slowed me down and caused them to escape. I became worried again that I would never see Jared again, if this keeps happening. The only good thing that was happening is that it is starting to feel like I am getting one step closer to catching him every time I see him.

I moved the boxes out of my way and got back up to continue chasing them, when I got out the door there car had just started and they were trying to back out of the parking lot but Jared’s car was blocking it. I went up to the car and let Jared out so we could try to beat this dude up, but he seemed to escape as soon as I got Jared out of the car.

I told Jared that I am not going to rest until I found out who this dude is and what he wants with us. I told Jared that we should take some sort of vacation and devote it to catching this dude, and he agreed with me about this. We went back to his house since he had better Internet, than were I live at. We were searching the web hours trying to out about this dude until we came across this one website that will give you all sorts of information on certain people that you want to look up. When I first saw this website I could not believe that something like this could exist. 

We had no clue on what his name was, all that we know is that he constantly wears a black hoodie and has a morning shave. It was going to be really hard to figure out who he is with what little things we know about him. Jared asked me if I noticed anything about him but all I said was that I never really got a good look at what he looked like.

Hours upon hours of searching to find this dude. We thought that multiple times that we found him but it said that he didn’t live near us. I’m starting to get worried that we may never find him; all I want to do is get answers from this one dude. Then we found it, a 37-year-old man that was wearing a black hoodie and lives near us. Now the only hard part that we have to face is finding him. Jared and me knew that finding him would be the hard part. We wrote down all the information that it gave us, but it was so little bit of information.

It was right before bed that night, when I heard a weird noise come from outside. I went around the house making sure everything was okay, but then I heard that one noise again. I ran around looking to see what made the sound. I was getting paranoid not knowing what the sound was. I was in the kitchen when I saw that the window was open just a little bit. I knew that this was closed before I went to lie down for bed. Once I closed it I went to bed, but I was having a hard time trying to go to bed.

The next day came and I was feeling like crap, if I felt this bad I might not be able to come to work today. I called Jared up and said that I might be late to work today, because I’m not feeling so good. While lying in bed I was on my laptop trying to find about this dude. I searched him up on Google images trying to find some good pictures of him. I was on 29th page of images when I found this one shady looking dude in the same black hoodie as our dude. This one guy was different though; the only thing similar about them is that they live in the same county. I called up Jared and told him that I will be there in about thirty minutes and I have some news for him. He told me that it better be about the dude or else he is not going to listen to me talk about it.

I walked out the door and got into my car and drove off really fast wanting to tell Jared that there are two people with the same jacket. I was very paranoid about there being two guys. I was driving over the speed limit because I wanted to tell Jared about this really bad.

About 20 minutes later I was just about there when I saw a taxi come out of nowhere and ram the car behind. I was speeding up to get to work so I don’t get involved in the wreck. I was about there when I saw the taxi speeding behind me in my rearview mirror. I made a sharp right to take the other road to get to work. I knew that the taxi driver must want me dead or something like that. When I got to the theater I ran in and told Jared that some person driving a taxi was trying to run me off the road. At first he didn’t believe me until I told him to come outside and see that there was an accident were the taxi wrecked the car behind me. He was in shock because of how bad the car was damaged.

We went back inside to discuss about this taxi and the one thing that I had to tell him. I was really worried about this taxi driver. I told Jared that the taxi driver might have been hired to try and kill me. He told me not to worry it could have just been a drunk driver, not knowing what he was doing. Jared was getting impatient; because he wanted to know about the thing I was about to tell him over the phone. I was trying to stall about the second dude with the same exact black hoodie.

I was sweating about this whole situation that was going on with us, we didn’t know what could happen. Jared was telling me to come out and speak about the one situation already but my mind was telling me not to. Jared knew that I was trying my best not to tell him. I knew that sooner or later he would find out. I lied and told him that I thought it was something important but it wasn’t really anymore. We both went back to doing what we usually do.

Around lunch time that day Jared came up to me and asked me if I wanted to tell him what I was suppose to tell him earlier. I was telling him that it wasn’t really important anymore and all he thought was that I had something to hide from him. He was getting really suspicious so I knew that I had to do something quick before the truth came out in an awkward fashion. I told him to go back inside because I just got a text from an employee saying that the toilet in the men’s bathroom was clogged and that if we don’t get in there soon the bathroom might flood. He was walking inside to go check, and while he was walking back I knew that he was thinking about what I had to hide from him.

Closing time was coming and I knew that Jared would come up and ask me some sort of question that I would have to lie about. I was surprised though because he asked me if he could come over to my house and hang out for a bit. I told him sire why not, I knew that noting could really happen if we are hanging out. We finished closing up when we heard a toilet flush in the men’s bathroom. We both walked towards it and we heard another toilet flush. Jared asked me if it was an employee who hasn’t left yet, and all I could reply with is an I really don’t know at this point anymore. Right before we got into the bathroom we heard multiple toilets flush at once, we knew that someone that wasn’t an employee was trying to mess with us. As we opened the door we heard another toilet flush. I was really becoming confused with this whole situation. We said “ whoever is in here show your self, or we will call the cops and tell them that your are trespassing on a private property”. We had no response, and I was becoming confused if someone was actually in here.

At the time we were confused if someone was actually here or not. I told Jared that I’m about to call the cops if no one responds in the next thirty seconds. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind opening each stall to check if someone was here. Jared said sure, if it gets us out of here quicker because I am becoming sick of being here for basically all damn day. He walked over to the first stall an opened it, I was right behind him looking in each stall to see if someone is in there. We continued this until we got to the fourth stall where we found some old dude on the floor. I asked him if he was fine and he said that he was. I had one more question to ask him and that was, are you a homeless man in here flushing the toilets. He told me that he was but just to get some attention for a minute. I told Jared that we should let him sleep in the break room for tonight, but when we open up tomorrow that he would have to leave.

Jared was thinking that it was about time that e can finally leave this god forsaken place. We got in our cars and drove back to my place to hang out for the rest of the afternoon. When we got in there I said that I would be right out after I go to the bathroom. He sat down on the couch and turned on the television. I was listening in on the news, when I heard a story about a crazed taxi driver on the news. Then all of the sudden I heard Jared say come out here there is something on the news that you will want to see. I yelled back to him saying that I was listening to the news so I know about the story already.

When I came out Jared was telling me about the taxi driver situation. I was getting tired of him just going on and on about the taxi situation. All that was on my mind was not telling Jared about the other dude that I found. Sometimes I wish that Jared would shut up and not continue the conversation about one thing.  I told Jared that I had something to show him on my laptop. I went into my room to grab my laptop when I noticed that my window was open. This is becoming weird that my windows are being opened slightly when I don’t even open them. I just ignored it for now, and grabbed my laptop.

I came back out an Jared was on his phone play flappy bird, since he has had it installed since day one of its release. That game is such a rage inducing game. I told him that what I’m about to show him will change him for a while. I told him that I have found another dude that lives in this county and wears a black hoodie all the time. Jared jaw basically dropped when he heard me say those words. I knew that he would be nervous because we would never be able to find this dude. We had so little bit of information about these people.

Jared was asking me so many questions. I told him that this might be a bit easier since we can eliminate the one dude who isn’t the one following us. All we could do now is find out more information about them. I told Jared to go home and get some rest, because tomorrow we are going to be taking a vacation to find out whom these people are. I looked up the cheapest way to get a rental car for when we do all this traveling. We wouldn’t be able to use our cars since we both have sports cars.

I called the rental company and they said that I will be getting a Ford Explorer to use while I can’t use my car. The next day came and Jared and me took and uber to go pick up the car. Jared was surprised about how I got us a rental car to use. I told him that starting now we are on a vacation to find out who these people are and what they want with us.

I told Jared that one of the guys lives in the same apartment building as me. Jared’s mind must have been thinking a thousand thoughts when I told him that. He told me that we need to find out which floor he lives on. On the way to my apartment building a driver honked at me for going the speed limit. I was wondering why this person was in such a rush to get past me. I decided to follow them for a bit because they seemed really nervous when thy passed me. He was taking all sorts of turns because he knew that was following him. Jared asked me why I was following him, I had to tell him that he was very nervous when he passed me and he looked like he committed some sort of crime. At a stop light l looked through the rear window of his car and saw a hoodie, I couldn’t make out what color it was.

I told Jared that I saw a black or gray hoodie in his car. I was very curious about this dude and why he was in such a rush. I kept following him until he stopped at a warehouse. We waited for him to get out of his car. Jared asked me if he was the one that was bothering us, I told him that it might be a great possibility it could be him. After about a few minutes of waiting he got out of his car with the black hoodie in one hand and his smartphone in his other. I was thinking that it was him, and that we have to do something before we leaves, because we may never be able to get this close again if it is him.

Jared was telling me something when we saw him come back to his car. At first I thought that he was getting ready to leave, but he only opened his backdoor to get a large black garbage bag out. I was trying to figure out what was in the bag. I thought I was going crazy though because I swear to god that it moved. I told Jared that I thought the garbage bag moved. He didn’t believe me at first until he saw it move, we wondered if it could be the other guy with a black hoodie. I told Jared what if they could be working together, but he didn’t think so.

We got out of the car to go look at his car to see if anything was in there. We were looking through one of the front windows when we heard a voice come from the trunk of his car. I went back there and knocked on the car in hope to get a response and I did. The person in the trunk knocked back to me. I asked Jared to go get something that might be able to open the trunk. He was not having any luck finding anything, and the dude in the trunk kept knocking to see if we were still there. I told Jared to hurry up because I don’t know when the one dude is going to be back. Jared text me to come here because he didn’t want anyone to hear what he told me. I walked over to him and saw that there was a whole container filled with blood stained black hoodies. My mouth dropped to the floor, while I was staring at this awful scene. Jared was just as shocked at me, because we knew that people who have black hoodies have been hurt or killed for wearing them, and we both knew that the guy in the trunk might be the next victim.

We started to work as hard as we could to get him out but it felt like it was no use to try any of this. The guy was knocking more often like he was suffocating or something. Hid knocks became louder and more repetitive that one guy in the warehouse yelled cut it out to him. One last knock was let out from him and Jared said that we have to get him out because I do not want him to die on my watch. I was looking around trying to find something a quick. I found a piece of bent scrap metal that might be able to work, but I was not for sure on it. I yelled for Jared to come over to me and help me pry the trunk open. We were using all of our force to try and get it open but it felt like it was glued shut. I told Jared that we are going to try one more time before I just give up.

We gave it one last attempt, we pushed down with all of our force onto the piece of scrap metal and we heard a pop. I looked around for a handle to open the trunk. When I opened the trunk, all I saw was a old white guy in a black hoodie lying there afraid of the light. This was a very bad situation since this one guy was afraid when he saw the light, he must have thought that we were here to hurt him but we actually weren’t. I told him that we are here to get him out and let him escape. Anytime I reached towards him to offer a hand to get out of the trunk he would scoot a little further back into the trunk, so at this point I knew that it would be a real hassle to get him out. I told Jared to try and get him out and all Jared could get him to do is come a little bit closer towards the end of the trunk. I was whispering to Jared to keep doing this and we might eventually get him out.

We had him just about out when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. I told Jared that someone had came out of the warehouse. We told the man to get out and run because some guy had shown up and he did not look in the friendliest of moods. He yelled at us “WHY ARE YOU GUYS HERE, YOU HAVE NOP BUISNESS HERE, NOW GET OUT BEFORE I PERSONALLY ESCORT YOU OUT, THE PAINFUL WAY”. Jared was asking me if we should go ahead and leave, but I told him that we are here to get answers and that we are not leaving until we get them. I told the one guy that came out that we are here to see one guy that has been following us even though we don’t even know him. He seemed like he knew whom we are talking about, but couldn’t say who it is because he might get into some serious trouble if he did. I asked him one more time if we could but the only response I got was NO. I went up to him and said why cant we see him and he just stood there with a weird smirk on his face. That face really made me tense up to the point of where I want to punch him.

Jared told me to calm down and not do it because it wasn’t worth it. I just said to Jared, that all I want is some answers from these people. I would not move until I got even on answer. I repeated in a stern voice “Tell me who the person is that is following us and we will quit bothering you. He stated to speak until another guy came out and asked what all of this commotion was about. I was telling myself that this is really just becoming stupid, because all I want are some simple answers that these people are going to make me work for.

The second guy that came out asked us why we are here and I made Jared tell him why this time. Jared told the guy that we are here to get some answers on why a guy that came here has been following us, even though we had no clue on who he is. The one guy said that they are not allowed to say, and I told him that if they give us just one simple answer I would leave them alone. Hey both started to whisper to each other on weather they should or shouldn’t give us an answer.

They told Jared and me that they would take us to the one in charge of their group if we would leave them alone after they answered our question. I was following them when I saw a bunch of men in black hoodies just everywhere. In my mind I was thinking about why they needed all of these people. We came to this one room where we meet someone who would show us where our room is. Jared asked me why we need a room and I told him that we probably have to wait awhile before we can talk to him. The first thing that I noticed as we walked into the room is that there was a bunch of pictures of the dude with Jared’s family. When Jared came in I saw that his pupil widened, when he saw that his mother and aunt and the leader of this place were all in the same photo.

After about an hour of being sent to these rooms Jared was still thinking about this whole thing really hard. I tried to tell him to relax, but he didn’t listen it felt like he was in some other world.  I looked around the room and saw another picture of the dude with Jared’s aunt and I was starting to become confused also. Maybe the one dude is related to Jared and he just doesn’t know it so that is why he sent someone to stalk us.

Right before bed last night Jared asked me on what I thought about all of these pictures of his family members. I told him that I have put some thought into this and that I could probably give him a reasonable answer for these pictures.  I started off by telling him that they may be related and Jared just doesn’t know about it. I then told him that he must have sent the o9ne guy to talk us to learn more about you. Jared looked frightened on how he could be related to such a creepy dude. I told him to forget about this and get some res, and we will see where tomorrow takes us.

It was just about dawn when some of the workers woke us up and told us that we need to get ready for when we are going to see him. When Jared heard all of this he started to get nervous again, and I knew that he stayed up late last night thinking about this. I told him not to worry that we will just get ready as they tell us to, then we will meet up with the leader and ask him the question that we came here to get an answer for. The guys that came in and woke us up told us that we have a long day ahead of us until we can meet him. At this rate it felt like we may never get to meet him if they keep putting us through all of this stuff.

 We had to try on different clothes that Jared and me disliked a whole bunch, and then we had to learn on how to properly greet someone. All of this for just one simple question to be asked is way too much in my opinion. Later that day we got to have dinner with the leader himself, but we couldn’t ask any questions yet. This was really bugging me because I wanted to get out of here I had other things top do with my life.

The next day came and it was the day that we could finally get to talk to him if we are ready. I was telling Jared to be very calm when we go p to ask him the question. I don’t think Jared heard me because he zoned out on every other noise that was happening, his brain must be having some sort of overload at this rate. We had to wait a while before the guys came to get us and take us to him. Within that time period I told Jared to think of all the stuff that has happened and why we are here now, and to focus on that. He told me that he will trey his best but he really just might fail at this.

The clock was ticking so loud that I think it was driving both Jared and me insane. Another thirty minutes passed until they came to get us. They told us not to mess up or we may not be able to leave, and when they said that it must have put a ton more stress ion Jared. I was completely fine since my brain was just focusing on the reason of why we came here in the first place.

We walked down this long dimly lit hallway until we reached a big room that seemed like it was filled with nothing, until we walked into it. When I took my first step in I got a chill down my back because I had no clue on what could happen. Jared walked in and his face literally went into a deeper frown than before, his mind was just saying to much to him. I went up to the leader and asked him the question.

I told him “ why is there some dude stalking us, we don’t even know who he is”. He told me that he told that dude to follow us, because He wanted to know more about Jared. I asked him why he wanted to know more about Jared, and all he could say is that it is going to be a long story.

 I listened in as he told me something about his life as a kid. He told me that him and Jared were cousins that really never got to see each other because his parents and Jared’s parent were ashamed of how he acted most of the time as a kid. I started to feel bad as he continued on with his story. He continued to tell me about how much that his parents were ashamed of him. I looked over at Jared and I saw a very sad expression on his face. He had no clue that they were cousins. Jared asked him why they were ashamed of him so much. He replied to Jared with a “they were ashamed of me because all I did was act very creepy and did awful things that would get me into serious trouble, and that they did not want me around Jared because they thought I might teach him my ways on how to be bad”. I said that I was so sorry about all of this.

The leader gave me a deep apology of all of this that is happening. He asked Jared and me if he could join us at working at our theater and get to know Jared better than he does now. Jared and me had to talk about this before we could make a decision. I was telling Jared that he should, so that way he could get to know him better. Jared was a bit on the iffy side of this, because if they kept him secret from him for this long he knew that something might go wrong. I just told Jared to give him a chance and if you do not want to get to know him more than we could just tell him to leave.

We told him that we will give him a chance to get to know Jared better, but if Jared decides not to get to know him better then he would have to leave. The next day came an all three of us showed up for a long day of work.

It has been about four weeks now and they seem to be liking getting to know each other, so all of this has paid off in my book.









© Copyright 2018 Michael Abbott. All rights reserved.

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