Ciel x Sebastian

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Hey guys! This is my first story so far, hope you like it!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - His Butler, Loyal as Ever

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



Chapter one- His Butler, as Loyal as Ever


(Ciel): enters and looks over my shoulder.

(Me):Oh hi Ciel.

(Ciel): Hello.

(Me): I am writing a FanFic about you.

(Ciel): What??

(Me): A fanfic. You know, a story.

(Ciel): Oh. Well. . I have a question. A request…

(Me): Go on.

(Ciel): Can it have. . *Blushes* you know. . yaoi?

(Sebastian): enters room*chuckles mischievously*

(Me): Whatever you say, Bocchan.

(Ciel): Okay. *Blushes a bit* Back to the story. I hope it will be fun.

(Sebastian): Oh it will be fun all right.

(Ciel): *Blushing* Quiet, Sebastian.

(Sebastian): *Bows* Yes, My Lord.






“Good morning, Bocchan.”  Ciel awoke to his butler calling his name, sunlight streaming in from the windows.

“It’s time to get up.”

Sebastian… a little bit more,” Ciel muttered, rolling over. “I want to sleep more. That is an order.”


“Absolutely, Bocchan. I will come back in ten minutes.”

“Thank you, Sebastian.”


Sebastian sighed. How lazy his Bocchan was becoming. As he shut his young master’s door, he pinched the bridge of is nose, exhaling. His young master had to wake up in at least ten minutes. The expensive tea he had prepared earlier would get cold. Then, as he left, Sebastian heard soft snores.


“Aah,” Sebastian sighed.


The young master did not seem to be waking up soon.



“Aaa! Oohhh, the plates are falling!”

Sebastian spun around to see Mey-Rin sprawled on the floor, plates flying high in the air. He figured that she must have been trying to carry all of them at once again. Sebastian sighed. More chores. Before the plates even hit the ground, Sebastian leaped high and expertly caught them out of the air and landed gracefully on his feet, plates neatly stacked.


“Oohhh! Sebastian is awesome, yes!” Mey-Rin marveled.


“Mey-Rin…” Sebastian began. He was about to lecture her about how she should not carry all the plates at one time, but a loud bang and a shout came from the kitchen. It must have been Bard trying to cook with a flamethrower again… He never seemed to learn… “Oh dear,” Sebastian sighed. So many times he had told Bard not to use weapons, but… “Your lecture is pushed for a period of time.” Mey-Rin nodded vigorously.

As Sebastian made his way towards the kitchen, the faint smell of smoke reached his nostrils. Bard must have screwed up bad. Sebastian entered the kitchen and saw black smoke billowing everywhere. He merely waved away the gas and proceeded forward.


“Bard! What is the meaning of this?”

“S-Sebastian! Sorry! I-“

Sebastian gave him a warning look, and Bard immediately shut up.

“ *Sigh* Bard. How many times have I told you, you don't cook with a flamethrower.”

"I'm sorry, I thought it would speed things along, you know.." he faltered at the demon's deathly glare.

"Clean this all up. And get rid of that smoke while you're at it."

"Yes, Sebastian..."

Just as Sebastian turned to leave, a bloodcurdling cry came from the direction of his young master's bedroom. 

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