Emotional War Terror

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A group of friends go into the Navy but only one guy comes out alive, and in the process his mind was becoming a madhouse.

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



The war has affected me in ways that some people just don’t understand but do I really care if they don’t know what I have seen and done in this war. My mind was a functioning insane house after being in the Navy. I wished I could have stayed longer, but if I did I might have became more of a insane man than I am now.  Many of my true close friends have died while serving in the war even people that weren’t my friends but I still knew in some way died. All of this was punishing my mind to where all I could think about is being in the Navy and becoming insane.

This all started when I decided to join the Navy in 1990. My friends and me had just graduated high school and we thought that since we are all athletic that we should join the military. We had no idea of which branch of the military that we are going to go into. We each had a different idea of what we wanted to do, but in the end we stuck with my idea of joining the Navy. I made the wrong choice I had no idea on what they were going to put me through. We all thought that boot camp was the hardest thing that we had to do but I had another opinion about that. I thought that the hardest part is deciding which branch of the military that you actually want to go into. That is what I had the most problem with but hey everyone’s opinion is different.

During our time in the Navy we had to go to Afghanistan, which was the worst part of it. We were stationed far from anything that could happen. We only had a few tents and enough food to survive about a month if conditions were to stay the same. We fought a few battles on the way to setup where we were supposed to be.

Fighting was the worst part because you never know what could happen, you could lose your own life or the life of your friend, you never knew what could happen at any moment. That is exactly what happened to us.

We had just finished setting up camp when we saw a helicopter fly over us. It was not one of ours since it didn’t have anything to represent America. We were chatting about the helicopter later that day. Almost all we could think about was it. I told them that the Afghans are probably looking for foreign soldiers to capture and torture until they get information. We all agreed that if they came back to get us that we would die fighting and not get captured. I was the unlucky one in the group because I broke that promise.

When the helicopter came back we fought against it. We fought for a good thirty minutes until I was the last was still fighting. I looked around as I surrendered; all I saw was my friends lying there dead. They came to me and got me up and pushed me around like I was there puppet. I felt so bad that I let them down, I mean I had to, I didn’t want to die, I had so much more to do with my life because I wanted to get married and have a family but none of that may have happened if I died in that battle.

On the helicopter ride they were talking about me, even though I didn’t know a single thing they said I knew that they were saying my name multiple times. Everyone was looking at me like I was some disgusting peasant that shouldn’t be alive right now. So many thoughts went through my mind on this ride, like how the government trained me for situations like this. All my mind was thinking about is how I let them down and surrendered. We had finally arrived to their base camp and I was tired because they made me stay up for the whole flight. My mind was breaking down slowly.

Months have passed by and I am still their dirty little peasant prisoner that doesn’t deserve to live. My mind told me that I need to find some way to escape, and that is exactly what I did. When they told me to brush my teeth I asked for a new toothbrush since my old one broke. They got me a new one so I use my perfectly fine old one to make a weapon out of. The old toothbrush had a pointed edge that would help me a lot in this situation. It was hard to keep the old toothbrush hidden since they are almost constantly watching every move I make. The only time they didn’t watch me is when it was time to get a shower or go to bed. Bedtime would be my number one priority to work on it because it would be dark and not even the guard would be able to see what I am doing.

Each night I worked on getting it to the sharpest point. It was hard since I had nothing else to sharpen it with, all I could use were my fingernails. A week and a half has passed and my toothbrush was nearing completion. One more night was all I had to spend in here because I will be breaking out.

Later that night I asked the guard if he could get me a cup of water because my mouth was dry. When he opened my cell door I stabbed him and killed him. He was slowly bleeding out, so I decided to take his uniform and pose as him to escape. I laid him down in my bed and put him in my outfit to make it seem like I am just sleeping. I went to the front gate to get out but it was sealed shut, so I had to figure another way out. I decided that I could take a helicopter out of here. I ran for the helicopter when another guard called me over to him. He asked me why I was running and I had to tell him that I saw something and got scared by it. He told me to go back to what I was doing and not to bother him. I went to the helicopter and got into it. I had to make sure everything was all right with it before I could take off. Once I was done checking I started it up. Mostly every guard came running towards me now that they knew I was a phony. They had guns but I had the helicopter with bigger guns. It lasted about 5 minutes before I killed all of them in sight, and I thought I was clear to leave but apparently I was not. Right when I was about to get out of sight of the place a sniper hit the fuel tank, which caused me to lose gas faster. I had to find an airport soon, and I mean it.

I was flying for about an hour before I came across a town with a small airport with a dirt runway. I told myself that this would do since they have a plane that could take me to a bigger airport to get out of this place. When I landed the helicopter I got out and asked the pilot if he would fly me to the closet biggest airport. I offered him $200 American if he flied me to one. He motioned for me to get in because we would be going soon. I waited patiently for him to take off since I knew I was safe for now.

About 2 days later I landed back in the States, and boy was I happy to be back. I told my commanding officer what had happened and that I am going to stay out once my 4 years are done. All I had to do was server another year and 3 months. This was fine for me because I never had to go across seas again.



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