On The Bus

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The prologue of Will Stanton's short story 'Barney'; what happened before the story, and how he became who and where he is...

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



It was a foggy and gloomy afternoon. A little boy around the age of 10 was sitting at a bus stop alone, sad and on the verge of tears. A bus slowly pulled up, gas billowing in front of the boy’s face, making him cough and gag. Stepping into the empty bus, the boy trudged slowly to the very back before sitting down and pulling out a textbook—for grade 12’s.

The whole bus silently moved forward, with an occasional squeaking noise from the wheels, but other than that, the bus seemed to be carried by something… Looking out the window, the boy sighed and shook his head at the polluted streets and riots breaking out in his city. One day,he vowed, one day I will leave this city and destroy all humans.

As a ten year old boy, many people  hearing this would shrug it off, thinking it was just some kid making up something that would never be true. But, this boy was different. The boy had long since completed high school, and Harvard, Yale and Princeton all wanted him. He was cited “The most successful child in history,” except for one tiny problem. This little boy despised of all human beings, and from a very young age he learned that most humans were everything but kind and caring. His goal, which would later be accomplished like most of his goals, was to run away and kill a human with his own two hands. Of course, it would be somebody mean, evil, ignorant of what was happening to the earth, their only home, which they shared with billions of other organisms. Lost deep in his own flurry of thoughts, the boy closed his eyes, thinking only of what may have happened if humans never had taken control over this world, that maybe the world wouldn't become so corrupted, the way it is now...

A sudden jolt woke him up from his very short nap, and looking to the front of the bus where groaning sounds were coming from the front of the bus, the bot saw the bus driver kneeling down on the floor, clutching his heart. The boy recognized it immediately as a mild heart attack. But the little boy, as the only passenger on the bus, was frightened, and did not know how to save the man or do CPR. Horrified, the boy backed against a corner of the bus, clutching his books tight, as the man went unconscious.

Suddenly, the bus doors swung open, and the cold, foggy night air was let in, along with many long and thin silhouettes. The group of what looked like little critters piled around the man, blew air into him and compressed his body just like professionals. The boy's feared parted him, and amazed, he crept slowly towards the front of the bus.As he got closer, the fog dissipated, and the little boy saw dozens of little rats crawling around, vigorously trying to save a life. Fascinated, the boy stared as the rats pushed life into the man. Slowly, the man stirred, and at this moment, the rats started pilling out of the bus, disappearing into the evening fog. From then on, the boy decided that with his smarts and the rats’ cunning abilities, they would make a great team. The boy would input his brainpower into a rat.

Years later, on a desolate island in the middle of the sea, the boy had created a machine that would copy his smarts and input them into a rat. Stepping into his machine, the boy got ready for what he knew would happen. A bright light blindfolded him, dizzy, faint, he felt as is he were drifting down…

As the boy woke up, he noticed something bizarre. Everything was much larger than before, he couldn’t distinguish some colours, and the young boy had a sudden itch to eat rotten food. Looking down at his body, he noticed that he was quite a little bit furrier than he remembered. The boy tried to clear his throat, but instead, what came out was a pathetic little squeak. Walking in front of a mirror, the boy glanced at his reflection. Instead of a 14 year old teen, the boy saw a furry, grey little rat.

A few months later, a man by the name of Noboru came onto the island with an accomplice named Tayloe, and they decided to do experiments on the rat, whom they were not aware of was actually a boy. The boy promised himself to take care of this situation and dispose of the two scientists. He did just so.

The boy’s name? It was Barney.  

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