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Innocent Beginnings

Spring has finally arrived. A clear, blue sky with the sun shining down and the trees in full bloom. The blossom is a mixture of a dark, ... Read Chapter

Souls Intertwined

Chapter 2 “Cass why don’t you just try calling him it would save us plenty of time” I calmly suggest. “Yes, okay you’re... Read Chapter

Small Things

Chapter 3 "Eddie, you should have seen her, she was amazing!" Squealed Cass. She was retelling what happened yesterday with the ... Read Chapter

From Here Madness Unfolds

Chapter 4 It is 6:30 in the morning. Normally we would have an extra hour and a half in bed but we have all been called into the Gran... Read Chapter

Crystal Blue Gaze

Chapter 5 Erik As I lean on a tree hidden from view I can see she still looks the same as the day we first met. Beautiful and awk... Read Chapter

Old Friends Reunited

Chapter 6 "Hey Erik, long time no see" Eddie says with a grin on his face as he stands up to shake Erik's hand. Apparently they are t... Read Chapter

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