the dream that finally came true!

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



What would you do if one day someone you like started talking to you? Would you talk back or get embarrassed? What would be your reaction to the person? Would you stay there or walk away? These are all question I ask myself. Until the day it happened. The person I liked stared talking to me. I was worried I was going to mess it up and still am. The day we started talking I freaked out like why are you talking to me I thought you didn’t like me and so on. I was going with the flow and talking to him and it was great. It went like this…..

“Hello!” Leo said to Isabella.

“Hello” responded Isabella nervously. “How is you day going so far?”

“Quite okay how about yours?” he replied excitedly.

She said, “I’m having a really good day”…. She got interrupted by the bell and finished “so far I got to get to class now so talk to you later!” she said happily

Leo responded with “see you at lunch next period.” while walking away.

We go to Myrtle Beach high school in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We have only one period together and I hate it. I see him in the hall during lunch while I’m in gym but we can’t talk. So that sucks but I am so happy I got one class with him. I like him so much but I’m scared to tell him that. Every day I think to myself I should just tell him maybe he likes me to maybe this will work... But I am to scared it will ruin what we have so I don’t. We walk together in the halls and sometimes out to the busses but not all the time. I always talk to him after school on social media or FaceTime. We are always talking in and outside of school. I have a dream and one dream only and it is to start dating Leo. I am just too scared to ask him or even tell him I got feeling for him and I don’t know why. I always try to get myself to believe in my dreams but it don’t always happen like that. We started getting closer and closer the more we talked. The bell finally rang and I was so excited to go to gym class and see him. We talked a lot in school and walked to class together when we could. We texted all the time after school. We also face timed every day, we would sit on the phone for hours till one of us had to go. We both like each other and we told each other but I do not know if Leo wants to date. I want to ask Leo out like every day but I’m too scared to and never end up asking him. We wanted to hang out a couple times after school and plans always fell through and never worked. We started talking more and more every day in school. One day after gym I looked at my phone and I had a message from Leo and it turns out to be a picture of me standing by the door in gym. I yelled at him and told him not to take pictures of me in gym anymore. Then a couple days later we were in a study hall class getting ready to leave and he took pictures of me and posted them on social media but I thought that was funny. After that we kept texting after class we walked to 4 period together and talked about random things. The next day we had math together and Leo asked me to help him with his math so I did. While helping him with his math his friend was questioning me. I was just ignoring him and continuing with helping Leo. Later on that day we were texting. Leo told his friend we were talking so that’s why he was questioning me. Then he texted me and said...

“I would date you but I want to hang out first.”

I replied with “yea that’s how I feel to.”

Later the next day I seen him in the hall way and he gave me a hug. I was so happy because I like hugs and I’m in love with Leo. It’s like we have a special bond and it’s fabulous. I get this special felling when we talk weather it’s over the phone texting or face to face. The next day at school we had a conversation it went like this….

“We should hang out this weekend weather is at your house or mine.” Said Leo.

“Yeah that sound good!” I said “but where do you want to hang out at?”

Leo replied “I don’t care it’s up to you.”

That day I ran home and asked my parents if I could hangout and they said we have plans. After that I was so upset and annoyed and hated them because Leo and I couldn’t hang out over the weekend. I got over it and they said next weekend if nothing pops up that we had to do we can hang out. The next day was Friday and we had math together first period and I had to help him again and I told him what my parents said and he said alright. That weekend flew by and Tuesday we had math again and we did a study guide for a test on Thursday so we worked together. On Wednesday, my mom said we had nothing to do so far so Thursday I told him that we could probably hang out. That day flew by so fast it was nice. When I went home and I called Leo and we were on the phone for a couple hours then my parents get home and say we can hang out tomorrow. He heard them say that so I didn’t have to tell him. After that we started making plans. Friday Leo came home with me and we hung out all day. That day we had so much fun we were hanging out from 2:30 to 12:00 am it was so fun. At 12 Leo’s mom came and got him on her way home from work. His mom is so nice and polite. That night we were up texting each other all night and decided we were going to hang out the next day also. Our parents were fine with it so we hang out all day Saturday and even Sunday it was a lot of fun. Monday morning in math class Leo walked up to me and said…

“Isabella will you please be mine?”

I stuttered a lot but I replied “Yes I will go out with you Leo!!”

“That’s awesome I like you,” Leo replied “We should hang out again this weekend.”

“Sounds nice to me,” Isabella said “this weekend was so fun we should hang out more often.”

“I’ll talk to you later” Leo said to Isabella.

“I’ll talk to you later” I replied walking away.

Later, that day I got an early dismissal for a doctor’s appointment and I asked my mom about this weekend. She never answered me she just kind of ignored me. When I went to the doctors Leo and I were texting back and forth. Then the doctor came in so I told him to wait. After I was finished I texted him. We talked the rest of the day and all that night. We ended up walking to every class together even the ones we didn’t have together. Later, that day after school we got a picture together it was cute. We started talking everyday all day and every night all night. We hung out when we could weather it was during the week or not we had so much fun together. Sometimes we went places together like the mall skating and more. When we started dating my family got attached to Leo because he was so nice and polite. It got to the point that we did everything together. My parents were inviting Leo over like every day if we wanted to hang out when we had something to do Leo could come with us. School started getting better and better because we had something to look forward to. We got to see each other every day in school. We talked a lot in school and walked together every chance we got. We both liked being together. Our lives were happy together we never fought or anything. It seemed like we were always together and never apart. I always had thoughts in my head but that’s everyone. We only had one class together but I see him in gym also. I live with my step mom dad step sister and brother. We all got along and they like when Leo comes over. Leo also played with them so they wouldn’t be upset. And we all lived happily ever after!

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