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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



I cannot wait to go to school with my brand new phone and show everybody it. I never had a phone and my first phone is the Iphone7. I was walking to school and it was raining so I didn’t even take it out of my pocket. I got to school and went to find my friends we usually meet in the cafeteria to eat breakfast. I got my breakfast and went to go sit down with them but they weren’t there. So I sat by the new kid Rob that just moved to Beverly Hills this year. I pulled out my phone and started to play a game. I seen Rob looking at my new phone I was one of the first people to get it. I know he was feeling irritated because he did not even have a phone. The first period bell rang so I went to class. In History we were learning about world war one. I did not like learning about that so I always asked to use the bathroom to get out of class. I went to the bathroom and heard somebody in the stall. So I pulled out my brand new phone and waited till they came out. The door opened and it was Rob.

“Nice phone there let me see it,” Said Rob.

“Okay but be careful with it,” I answered.

Rob was looking very close at my phone inspecting every detail about it. Suddenly he threw it against the wall. He grabbed me by the shirt and put me against the wall.

“If you ever snitch on me I will throw you at the wall like I just did that phone,” said Rob.

I didn’t even answer he let me go I went over to my phone picked it up. It was smashed, cracked, and broke. I didn’t know what to do if I told on him he would beat me up. But if my mom finds out that I broke my phone I just got yesterday she will kill me. I went back to class and I could not focus on anything. The only thing that I could think about is what I was going to do about my phone. I was so sick to the stomach I asked my teacher to go to the nurse. I told the nurse that my stomach hurt and I did not want to be at school. She called my mom and she came and got me and I got in the car.

“Mom in history today I was using my phone to research world war one facts and somebody bumped my chair and knocked it out of my hand and it broke”

“Let me see it John this is why I never buy you anything nice because you always break it”, answered mom.

My mom grabbed my phone and examined it. She had the blankest face I ever had seen. I was scared to see what she was going to say.

“John I’m going to give you another chance we have a warranty on your phone we will go get it and if we will go get it and if you break it you will not get another one,” said mom.

I did not say anything back I could tell that we were going to the mall because my house was the opposite way. We got out of the car and went into the mall, we walked through the mall and into the apple store. My mom handed the phone to the worker his face was astonished. They brought her back a new phone and said have a good day. We walked out of the mall and got into the car. The whole way home she didn’t give me the phone. We got into the house and she took the phone into her room so I just went upstairs to my room. I was wondering when she was going to give me my phone. I heard my front door open and slam shut I didn’t know who it was so I went downstairs to find out. I glanced around and didn’t see anybody I walked to my mom’s room and my dad was home. I didn’t want to talk to them to I just walked past the room and went into the bathroom. A minute later I heard my dad yelling my name. I came out of the bathroom and walked down the hall. I walked into my mom’s room and my dad and mom were standing there looking at me. I didn’t say anything it was just an awkward silence.

“Rob we got you this phone yesterday and look at it,” said Dad.

“It was an accident I promise that it will never happen again,” I replied.

“That’s not the point Rob you don’t take care of anything this phone wasn’t free,” Mom joined.

“Your mother is right you need to start taking care of stuff we will give you another chance but if it happens again you’re grounded,” Dad replied. 

He handed me the bag with the new phone in it. I went upstairs to my room and opened it up. I set up my phone and by then I was already ready to go to bed. I put my phone down beside me and shut off the light. The next morning I woke up at usual time to get ready for school. I went downstairs and got into the shower. I got dressed and went and ate my breakfast. After that I went back to my room and grabbed my phone and book bag and walked out the door to school. I lived fairly close to the school so I walked. I got to school and did my usual routine and went to the cafeteria to meet my friends. Thankfully they were already there so I didn’t have to sit by nobody else. I sat down because I already ate at my house I pulled out my phone and started to play a game. I could tell out of the corner of my eye that everybody was looking at me. Suddenly the bell rang so I got up and started to walk to class. Like always I had history first period I hate going there it’s so boring learning about dead people. After history I went to English, sitting in English I had to go to the bathroom. Squeezing my legs together I asked the teacher to use the bathroom. She said yes but first I had to sign out, after that I walked down the hall and into the bathroom. Suddenly there he was as soon as I walked around the corner Rob was standing in the mirror looking at himself. I pretended that I didn’t even see him I walked right past him and into the stall. After going to the bathroom I could tell that Rob was still in there. Pulling out my phone I stood there waiting for him to leave. Turning on my favorite game ever apple shooter I was scared. I forgot to turn down my volume and the apple shooter theme song started to play. Now Rob knew that I had some kind of device I was playing on. Not hearing Rob for a while I thought had he had left and I might be safe. I opened the stall door and walked up to the sink not seeing him anywhere I thought I was safe. I started to wash my hands looking up in the mirror I almost had to go to the bathroom again. Rob was standing right behind me looking down at me. I went on with washing my hands and acted like I didn’t even see him. I grabbed the paper towels and dried off my hands. I went to walk out of the bathroom and I felt somebody grab the back of my shirt. I suddenly felt my back slam against the wall.

“Where is it?” yelled Rob.

“Where is what?” I answered.

“Where is your phone?” Rob said.

“It’s in my pocket but don’t mess with it,” I said.

“Shut up you little jerk I’ll do what I want,” Rob said angrily.

He grabbed my phone out of my pocket and just looked at it.

“I forgot to wash my hands hold on I don’t want to get your phone dirty,” said Rob.

He walked over to the sink and set my phone on the edge and tuned the water on and put soap on his hands. Suddenly he grabbed the phone and threw it into the water. I was just straight shocked I had no words to come out of my mouth. He started to laugh and I just stood there with my back against the wall. He didn’t say anything he just walked out of the bathroom. I had no idea what to do all I knew was I was tired of being bullied like this. I walked over to the sink grabbed my phone and dried it off. It didn’t work at all it was completely broke once again two days in a row. I lasted the day in school and went home and laid in bed. Nobody was home my dad and mom were both at work. I needed to tell somebody about this but I didn’t know who. I suddenly thought of my grandma she lived right down the street from me. I got up and put on my shoes and walked down the street. Knocking on her door I knew she was home I smelt something really good that she was cooking. A second later the door opened and she was standing there looking at me.

“What’s up honey?” grandma said.

“Nothing I’m just bored,” I replied.

“Come on in,” She replied.

I went inside and sat down on the couch. She walked over to the oven and pulled out a big pan and said it on the counter. She walked back over and sat on the recliner across from the couch.

“So what’s wrong?” grandma questioned.

“Well I wanted to talk to you about something, the other day in school I went with my new phone and some kid broke it. I told mom and dad it was me and it was an accident. They got me a new one and today the kid threw it in water. He told me if I tell on him he was going to break me,” I exclaimed.

 “Well if somebody is breaking those phones that cost so much money you need to say something,” grandma replied.

“I want to tell but I don’t want to get beat up by this kid,” I replied.

“Well if you want me to I will talk to your mom and dad later and explain to them,” grandma said. 

“Yeah that would be good thank you,” I replied

“Your welcome honey I got to go to the store I will talk to you later,” she replied.

I walked out the door and back to my house. Nobody was home yet so I just went back to my room and turned on the television. About thirty minutes later I heard the front door open and close. I went down stairs and looked around nobody was there, I looked for a couple minutes and I could not find anybody. I went to walk to my room and I heard a loud slam. I turned around and it was Rob.

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