The Not so Great Beginning

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



Why does this have to happen to me. I thought while I sat in my room for the last time. I don’t want to leave my friends behind. I do not understand why we have to move. I have an amazing life right now I do not want it to change. As I walk downstairs I see a moving truck, but I still wonder where we are moving because they never told me what town we are moving too.

“Hey mom my room is packed, but are you going to tell me where we are moving to,” I say. She kind of looks upset and it’s kind of scaring me. Is it bad? Why would she be upset if we are moving to a better town and a bigger house?

“Oh no sweetie not until we are almost there, but I am pretty sure you will love it,” mom says with a fake smile on her face. A couple hours later we get into the moving truck and start driving to I do not know where. I’m kind of nervous my new life is about to be flashing before my eyes. Before we get out of California I decide to pull up my long brown wavy hair because I did not feel like brushing it and take off my glasses, I slowly drift off into to sleep. It was freezing outside so I look down to see I have no clothes on, but my underwear and shirt. What happened? Why am I laying in the middle of nowhere? I see a black tall figure walk towards me. I try my hardest to move, but it is like my body is broken. The tall black figure comes up to me and grabs my hair and starts pulling me down the road. Then it went black. I open my eyes to see I am in a white room with no bed, but a blanket and a pillow. I start screaming for help. So the tall guy comes to the room and tells me to be quiet and slaps me across the face. I realize my phone is under the blanket and try to call someone, but it says no service so I start yelling for help out the window. The guy comes rushing in and throws me to the ground and then a hard metal thing hit my head.

“Nooo!” I scream on the top of my lungs.

“What’s wrong sweetie are you okay?” asked mom.

“I just had a horrible dream,” Olivia said, “do you remember the one really tall guy that always tried to get me in his car?”

“Yes sweetie I do,” mom says, “it is okay Liv your father and I will not let anything happen.”

“Thank you mom,” hugs her mom, “are we almost there?”

“Honey it has only been like 5 hours we are in Kanas right now so only a couple more hours,” mom said. Why are we driving through Kanas is our new house really that far from California? She is happy now why was she not happy before? Was is my fault? As I am listening the Niall Horan’s new song I slowly drift off into a deep sleep.

“Sweetie wake up we are here,” while shaking me, “you have been sleeping for 3 hours wake up you need to see the new house.” I stretch because the moving truck was not the most comfortable place to sleep. I get up grab my phone, Beats Studio headphones, Pepsi, charger, my pillow and blanket and slowly gets out of the truck. My jaw drops down to the floor, I cannot believe it. This house is amazing. It looks like a mansion. The beautiful yard full with roses, the grass perfectly cut, the three car garage, the huge in ground pool in the backyard sadly I can’t swim right now because it is not that warm. Just everything about this house is amazing already and we still did not go inside yet, if this house gets any better I may have to run into the truck and scream even though the moving people are trying to get all the boxes, dresses, and furniture out. I walked into the house and the living room was the first room to be in there, but I did not really care about the living room I just wanted to see my room.

“Mom which room is mine,” I screamed down the stairs.

“Liv your room is the second one on the right,” she yells back to me. I run to the second door on the right and swing the door open. I start catching flies when I see how big it is and the color was like the color of semen. The color of the sea as the curtains and the carpet was just a boring tan color, but I just love everything about my room. I picture what all my furniture will look like in my room and how to set it my room. I see that there was an extra door on the other side of the room so my smile on my face turns into a smirk. I slowly open the door and see my own bathroom which I never had before because I would have to share a bathroom with my older brother named Ty he annoys me a lot, but he is always there for me so I love him. I squeal when I see the design and the color making my room. I run down the stairs as fast as I can and out the door and jumped into my dad’s arms.

“Thank you Thank you my room is amazing dad I love you so much,” Olivia said, “I cannot believe this it is sooo crazy.”

“Hey sweetie calm down go hug and thank your mom cause she was the one who designed your room,” dad said. I run to my mom and say the exact same thing to her she said that all the effort she has put into the room was for me to be comfortable and love it.

“Liv do you want to go around the neighborhood and meet new people?” Ty asked.

“Yes sure let’s go Ty Ty,” Olivia said. We started walking down the sidewalk and knock on the door.

“Hello we just moved into the house next door and we just introduce ourselves,” Ty said to the about middle age lady.

“Hi young man is that your sister standing behind you,” said the lady, “if so she is a very beautiful young lady and I would like her to meet my son he is fourteen years old.” I just stand there thinking why she would want to me to meet her son.

“Dylan we have new neighbors come and meet them,” she screamed up to her son who was playing xbox, “they are very nice and there is a girl.” Dylan comes rushing down the stairs as soon as he sees me there is vehement in his eyes. Me being the stupid one I said something that was facetious. Dylan took it the wrong way and stormed off back into his house.

“It is okay sweetie he takes a lot of stuff serious,” said the lady, “which reminds me I never got your name.”

“My name is Olivia and I am sorry for making your son mad, I tend to speak my mind.” I said being candor. Ty pulls on my shirt telling me it is time to go to the next house to meet more people. I say goodbye to the lady and walk to the next house with my brother. We decide to stop after about two hours and head home. As soon as I get home I run up to my room and slowly fall asleep under my comfy blue blanket.

“Wake up it is breakfast and you guys have to get ready for school,” my mom screams up the stairs at my brother and me. I roll over and grab my phone to see it is five thirty in the morning so I text all my friends back and go on snapchat to answer more people. I finally roll out of bed when it is almost six. I pick out my outfit for the first day then run downstairs to eat breakfast. My mom decided to make my favorite breakfast which is sausage and pancakes, but a lot of syrup because I love dipping my sausage into it. I get finished eating and run upstairs to get dressed. I decide to do my makeup, curl my hair, and instead of wearing my glasses I find my contacts and put them in.

“Sweetie it is time to go, your brother is ready so hurry up and I want you to be amity to everyone even if you don’t like them,” screams my mom. I slide on my vans grab my book bag, phone, headphones and walk as slow as I can down the stairs since I do not want to go to school. I feel like I have to be obsequious. I do not want this year ending up like last school year. We finally leave when it is seven since we live twenty minutes from the school my mom wants us to be on time. Twenty minutes later we get to the school and I already feel chagrin because I am the new girl and everyone loves looking and picking on the new girl to make their first day the worst day ever. My mom walks in with my brother and I to go talk to the principal about our schedules and all that fun stuff. The conversation was ephemeral so we were sent to our classes right away, but I will not be able to see my brother because he is a grade higher than me. The school day went by pretty fast. I walk outside to catch the bus, but realize I do not know what bus I ride and I cannot find my brother anywhere. I just sit on the crib until I feel someone tap me on the shoulder I turn around and see Dylan.  

“Hey I never got you name, but you look lost we ride the same bus since we live right next to each other so just follow me,” Dylan nervously says.

“My name is Olivia and I am guessing you are Dylan because I hear a lot about you from girls,” I say.

“Oh wow I did not know people actually liked me,” he giggles and walks to our bus. He sits down in the back where all the jocks are. “Hey Olivia you can come back here and sit right next to me,” he says with a smirk on his face. All the guys back there are saying aw or get it dude. I get really nervous, but I decide to be dauntless and go back to sit next to him. He takes my phone makes me use my fingerprint and adds his number into my phone then texts him so he has my number. I just look at him confused, but I just shake it off and sit there until he is done. He gives my phone back to me and just stares at me for the rest of the bus ride when I am blasting my music. He looks at me when I realize we are the only ones on the bus, but then the bus stops and the driver tells us to get off.

“I will text you Olivia maybe we can hangout soon,” he giggles.

“You have an Xbox right?” I shyly ask.

“Yes I do here is my gamer tag it is dylanlovesfootball11,” he happily says. I type it on my phone and wave goodbye to him. I walk into the house to see no one there since my brother had a doctor’s appointment. I grab my dog Daisy and my brother’s dog Skit and let them outside. My cat Ariel comes rubbing up against my leg so I give her food and go to my room to play Xbox. The first thing I do is add Dylan on it and put in gta5 since he does not like black ops three since he texted me about it. He accepts it right away and we start playing gta5 together. I am not very good at the game so he helps me get money and teaches me how to drive. We played for about two hours and then we both decided to do our homework since we have the same classes except they put me in a couple honors classes, but our schedules are kind of the same. The day went by pretty fast as soon as I knew it. I was in the shower and heading to bed. I woke up the following morning at the sound of my mom screaming from downstairs. I did my daily routine and we head out the door. As soon as we get to the school I notice a tall blonde hair girl in all pink stuff. I look to my brother. He mumbles that our cousin Brittany has been going to this school and she does not like competition. I try my hardest to not get noticed by her, but the worst thing happens.

“Oh my god girls look it is my ugly cousins,” says Brittany,” Olivia stop trying to look cute because you are not.” I just ignore her, but she pushes me down to the ground. I try to get up, but I get knocked down to the ground again. I decide to just sit on the ground until someone notices. I wish that maybe Dylan would notice because he is always there before for me. I then see a tall brown curly hair, blue eyes and muscular body come towards me.

“Are you okay?” asks Dylan. I can only tell it is him because I admire his curly hair and his sparkly blue eyes.

“I’m fine I think,” I say not as confident. Dylan is the perspicacity type of person so he can tell right away that I am lying. He helps me up and asks what happened. I tell him everything then we decide to head to class because we do not want to be late. Our first block is English so we get there on time and I then notice that there is this guy talking to my cousin he has blonde spiky hair greenish blue eyes and is wearing a football varsity jacket.

“Jeff go to your seat now,” the teacher yells at someone and he moves. He sits right behind Dylan and I. Something was wrong with Dylan because his face got red when he saw that Jeff was staring at me when he went to sit down. The football coach comes into the room and asks who wants to play this season then passes around a paper so we can sign our names. I grab the paper from Jeff and go to sign my name on it.

“You do not think they will actually let you play?” Jeff says in an attitude.

The school day goes by fast and I get on the bus and sit next to Dylan. We just sit there and talk about random things. Dylan and I get off the bus, I go to my house and sit on the couch while eating Doritos. I did not want to tell my mom and dad what happened at school today because she will call the school about it and I do not want Brittany or her little boyfriend Jeff to just bully me more. After about two weeks of going to the new school I hate it. The bullying has gotten worse and has turned into cyber bullying. Brittany and her little boyfriend have been posting nude pictures of girls with my face on it. I just cannot take it anymore. I have been thinking about trying to kill myself no one knows about it. I am kind of happy because Dylan and my family would freak out about it. Dylan and I are very close friends now and I may or may not have a crush on him. I think he likes this other girl that he keeps talking about her name is Taylor.

“Hey mom is it okay if I do not eat dinner I am not very hungry,” I ask my mom.

“Yes it is okay sweetie, but I know there is something wrong so you better tell me soon,” she answers. I walk upstairs and get a shower. I have had this pills sitting in my bathroom since I found out my cousin goes to this school. I grab the bottle and take all of the pills inside and hide the bottle under my bed since my mom never checks there when she comes in my room to get my dirty clothes. I take a shower and feel like I am going to pass out, but I do not think of what the pills could of done. As soon as I got out the shower everything went black. All I could hear was people yelling in the background. I could hear Dylan’s voice I tried my hardest to talk, but I just could not talk. I could not see anything, but blankness for I do not even know how long. I open my eyes slowly..

“Where am I?” I asked with a confused look on my face.

“Oh my god go get a doctor she woke up,” screams Dylan. I just stare at him for a while and then see a doctor rushing in.

“Why am I here?” I ask again.

“Oh Mrs. George you are here because you took too many pills and almost died,” said the male doctor. I just look around, but I do not see my brother. I want him, I miss him.

“Where is my brother?” I start crying. Dylan rushes out the room and a few minutes later with Ty behind him. He runs over to me and we hug for about five minutes. The doctor let me go home, but I could not go to school for 2 weeks so I just decided to play Xbox and watch YouTube videos. The time flies by and I am going back to go today. I walk into the school and Brittany comes up to me and trips me. I call my mom and tell her what has been happening and why I tried to kill myself she did not believe me so I run into the bathroom and cry. Ty knows about everything so he texts me and tells me he is going to the principal about them and they finally do something about Brittany and Jeff. I walk out of the bathroom not really in a good mood and walk to first block by myself because Dylan is already in class. The whole time I was not at school Dylan would come to my house after school and hang out with me until like 7 and then go to his house to do homework. I seriously love him. Something really funny is Jeff likes me, but he is dating my cousin. He always flirts with me and texts me on Instagram. In school he picks on me. Jeff walks into class and tells the teacher this is his last time in class for the next week because he got suspended. As he walks past me he whispers that I am ugly. I see Dylan stand up and then.

“Can you just stop Jeff it is not funny leave her alone,” said Dylan.

“You really think I will listen to you,” he laughs then pushes Dylan. So Dylan gets really mad and starts punching him. The teacher breaks them up and sends both of them to the office. I did not see Dylan for the rest of the day. I walk into my house with my mom sitting down talking to my cousin and her mom.

“Brittany just stop bullying me I cannot take it anymore you are supposed to be my cousin not bully,” I say while rolling my eyes.

“I am so sorry Olivia it was just that my own boyfriend was checking you out the first day and he likes you so I am jealous of how pretty you are,” Brittany said.

“You could have told me that instead of making my life miserable,” I yell and run up the stairs. I am just sitting in my room until they leave. It has been like an hour since that happened and they still have not left. I finally hear the door close and then hear a knock on my door. I open it and see Dylan standing there.

“Hey Liv I need to tell you something,” he shyly says.

“What is it?’ I look at him concerned.

“I like you ,no I love you Olivia I have always liked you it is just the way you smile and laugh also how beautiful you are I was wondering if you um wanted to maybe be my girlfriend?” Dylan said kind of nervously. I think for a little and then finally answer his question.

“Of course I will I love you too Dylan I just never said anything because I thought you liked Taylor,” I say while smiling. He just stares at me for a second and then leans in for a kiss. I grab his face and pull him in for a kiss. We both pull away and smirk at each other. We decide to watch Netflix, but then he had to go. We hug and he walks out my house. The next day nothing went wrong and I am the happiest girl ever with my new boyfriend Dylan. I might be enervate, but I can always bring myself back up. I am honestly so happy for moving here even though it had some bad parts, but I just needed to always believe in myself even if I am depressed.  Life is great so live it the fullest. 

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