eye of the storm

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016




‘’Ouch it hurts so bad,’’ grace said holding her ear, ‘’I can’t take it anymore it’s gotten so bad since last month.’’

‘’I know we are on our way to the doctors grace don’t worry.,’’ mom replied.

I was just sick and tired of grace crying and wining about her ear all the time it’s been getting old we had finally got to the doctors and we was sitting in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to come in. he had looked inside her ear and thought she had a really bad ear infection and she needed toobs so the doctor brought in a little devise and insured the toobs into graces ear and off we went back home. the doctor said to let her rest and that she can’t go up in the air for a while. On the way home we saw 3 deer on the side of the rode that we had to look at so we stopped and looked until  the deer got spooked and ran away and after that we went back home.


Once we had gotten home we seen dad on the couch watching the television he was watching the news on the television. The television was ignoble but nobody in my family really cared.

Dad asked us, ‘’so how did the doctors go?’’

Grace replied, ‘good I got toobs in my ears the doctor said I have to rest and my ear can’t go up in the air or they will pop.’’

The news was on and we started to pay attention when the weather man said there could be a hurricane coming our way.

‘’A HURRICANE,’’ I said to my dad

‘’I wouldn’t worry about it those weathermen are always wrong,’’ dad replied

I was beginning to get a little bit nervous the weatherman sounded candor and thoughts started racing through my mind what if there was a hurricane I had never been threw a hurricane what would grace do she is only 8 and I wouldn’t know what to do I was only 15. The next day I woke up early and my dad was sitting on the couch watching the news it said there is a hurricane headed right for Honda lulu Hawaii that was right were we lived. that was making me nervous and my dad was beginning to think maybe the weatherman was right this time they said there was a category 3 hurricane headed for us we knew that we would have to get out of here. People were already starting to get out there on a plane but we couldn’t because of graces toobs in her ears.

‘’Are we going to get hit by the hurricane.’’ Grace said

‘’Hopefully not hunny.’’ mom replied

We went back to the house knowing there would be a hurricane tomorrow it was freighting my body started to enervate I was laying in my bed trying to sleep as thoughts were racing through my mind what if I never see my family again or what if I don’t even live threw it.

The next day it started to rain outside really hard it wasn’t very wind. As the hours went by and then suddenly it started to get very windy the bottom of our house started to start to fill up with water everything started to flood. We ran upstairs as fast as we could just standing there watching everything flout in front of us as the house filled up with water. It started to fill up to where we was.

My dad said, ‘’common we have to get out of here jump through the window onto the roof’’.

We was on the roof watching the water rise in front of us we didn’t know what to do the house that we was on to of started to tip.

Grace screamed ‘’ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’’

As we all fell off the roof into the water the maelstrom separated us we all started to drift away I was scared but I was also dauntless and afraid because different directions now I didn’t know if they was ok now I was by myself I didn’t know what to do I seen a house flouting in the water the water was an impediment to getting over there but I made it I grabbed on the house and hung on with all my might and got on top of it and tried to stay on with the wind blowing hard against my back. then all the sudden everything was calm and it brought back memories of my family I thought to myself are they still alive are they even ok I wanted everything to be alright. And then all the sudden the wind slowly started to blow again but this time it was the other way it started to blow really hard after that the waves from the ground were smashing into everything around me Hawaii was probably all under water I didn’t know if my parents were ok I really wanted to know I was thinking in my head wow they could be dead right now I wanted to get that thought out of my mind but it just kept coming back to me. The storm was starting to slow down everything started to get calmer and quiet by the second it felt nice to not be struggling to catch my breath there was no wind now just water everywhere I was sitting on the top of the house wondering was someone going to help  me or would I just be stuck here I was up there for about 6 hours waiting and then finally boats started to come and rescue people I had seen one go past me I yelled out ‘’hey over here’’ but the boat just kept going I had seen it go back across with what it looked like to be a pregnant lady. who knows how long I would be sitting here before someone came and recused me I am sure there was a lot of people to be recused some probably more important than me but finally a boat came to the side of the house and I had to climb down and get in I got in with a driver who had a black bushy beard and sun glasses and a hat.

He asked ‘’me what’s your name’’

‘’tommi’’ I had said

‘’Man that was a heck of a storm’’ the boat driver replied

‘’yeah it definetly wasn’t ephemeral that storm lasted a long time I hope my family is ok’’ I said

‘’Buddy everybody hopes there family is ok I hope your family is to’’ said the boat driver

‘’thanks,’’ I replied

I was looking around at the water that we was riding on people everywhere were yelling trying to get us to come pick them up but the boat driver just kept yelling ‘’I’ll come back.’’ I was wondering was he actually going to come back for them there was boats everywhere trying to get people too safety people all around me on top of houses yelling ‘’I have a baby’’ or ‘’my son is missing’’ but there was nothing the boat driver could do about it but keep  going were ever we was going we finally arrived at a place that still wasn’t covered by water and he dropped me off there was other people already  here looking for their family’s and for their loved ones. I was winding they could be anywhere around her should I move around and look for them or should I walk around and look for them was they still out the or were they already here I began to look around for them looking all over I couldn’t find them anywhere may they were dead I didn’t know I began to start to worry me so much and many thought were blazing threw my head I sat down by a half broken building sat down and stuck my head in my shirt and started to cry. I had started to give up and I believed they was all dead and nobody cared then suddenly someone came up to me and said ‘’everything is going to be ok’’ I looked up it was my sister I had never been happier I had  a state of amity with my sister I had never been happier to see my sister in my entire life I stood up and gave her a hug we hugged for a while then we started looking for my mom and dad I  also had altruism for the people that had lost someone I wanted to help them find them but I couldn’t.

Grace said to ‘’me lets go look at the place where they dropped us off at.’’

I said back to her that sounds like a good idea.’’

We stood there for about an hour waiting for them I thought maybe we should go there probably not here than suddenly mom and dad got off the boat and gave us hugs now we was all together my parents felt like an opulent to me. we was wondering how are we going to get out of here helicopters were coming in but we couldn’t ride on them because of graces ear but then a nice guy on a boat pulled up and said ‘’hey guys do you need a lift.’’

Dad said ‘’yeah we will take one my daughter can’t ride on a helicopter because of her ears.’’

The sailor said ‘’oh don’t worry I’ll get yah out of here.’’

He was driving is to hondapou it was a place in Hawaii that was safe we had gotten there and decided it was very nice there and he still had some of our money so we bought a trailer to live in until my dad could get a job before he was a welder and he got a good wielding job here and after a while we had a nice house to live in and we lived the rest of our lives happily without having to worry about a hurricane may that hurricane changed my life for a good reason and now we know to listen to what the weathermen have to say even if we think there wrong.

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