Mulberry House

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016




It was earlier today in lunch when Evelynn said, “We need to have a sleepover, and I have an idea.”

Evelynn wasn’t always the best with ideas because she would tend to do want to do crazy things,

and I would always fall for them. I am the kind of friend to follow what the others do. April not

so much she was a little spooked. So Evelynn went on to explain.

“You know since Halloween is coming up I figured we would do something awesome,” Evelynn said.

April replied, “Depends on what it is, you know how I am.”

“I know which is why you need to open up and have fun with Carlee and I,” said Evelynn.

“So what it is,” I say.

“Well I was thinking maybe we could all stay at Carlee’s tonight, and you know how she lives near Mulberry’s?” said Evelynn.

Mulberry’s is supposedly a “haunted house” which I don’t necessarily believe because I’ve been living near that house for years now.

“We could maybe sneak out and go there, it is supposed to be very spooky on Halloween night,” said Evelynn.

I’m completely fine with it because I know it cannot be that bad. Besides I do not believe in that

stuff anyway. We would just have to come up with a plan to tell my mom because she is not

going to let this happen.

“Are you sure we should do this? You guys know I do not like that kind of stuff,” replied April.

“Yes I am sure everything is going to be okay it will be a blast, we’ll be the coolest kids in

school,” says Evelynn. The end of the day comes and my mom still doesn’t know that I am having them over, yikes. We get home and she is completely fine with it, she even made us sandwiches. Then after I ask if we could have a sleepover.

She said, “As long as you keep quiet, and go to sleep on time.” Little did she know she would not hear a thing because we would be gone? After we were all done eating we went up to my room to figure this out so my mom would never know. My mom finds out everything so this would have to be good. She usually checks up on us at night so I’m not sure how we would do this.

“I have an idea,” said Evelynn.

“What is it?” I replied.

“We could tell her goodnight early and put pillows under the blankets, she’ll never know you guys,” says Evelynn I thought it was a brilliant idea. While we waited we painted our nails and watched movies. It’s probably not the best idea to watch spooky movies on Halloween night right before we go to the Mulberry house. Right then my mom came in the room and asked if we were going trick or treating. I thought our plan was ruined.

“We were thinking about it but we realized we are too old for that.” Said Evelynn

“Great! Then you guys can hand out candy tonight,” replies mom

Our whole plan was ruined there was no way we were going to have a chance to go to that house tonight.

“Well we can’t give up,” said Evelynn.

“What are we going to do then,” replied April We would have to come up with another plan and I’m not sure any of this is going to work. If my mom would find out about this she would never let me do anything.

“Maybe we should just stay home and pass out candy, it is not worth getting in trouble and I hate

lying to my mom.” I said.

“Well why would we just give up now I didn’t come here for nothing.” Said April.

“She is right Carlee, we need to come up with another plan,” replied Evelynn.

I said, “Well I do not know what to do you guys my mom finds out everything.”

“I know what to do, we pass out candy until treat or treating is over at eight, then we say we are

going to sleep but quietly sneak out and when your mom goes to lay down for bed she’ll never

know.” Evelynn replied.

“Great idea,” replied April.

Trick or treating is finally over, finally time for us to go out to this house. I was getting more

nervous every second it became closer. I was starting to think this was a bad idea only because

people aren’t out anymore they are getting ready for bed, so if something goes wrong we can’t

call for help. We ate some of the left over candy and then went up to my mother’s room. She

could tell something was odd right then and there because we never go in her room to tell her


“Are you girls alright?” mom asked.

“Yeah we are just tired from handing out candy tonight, I think we are going to go to bed early

tonight,” I replied.

“Are you sure? You girls never go to sleep this early,” says mom.

“Yes we are sure mother everything is okay, we just had a long day,” I said.

“Well I suppose if you are really that tired Carlee then go to bed,” mom replied.

“Thank you mother, goodnight I love you,” I say.

After that we went to my room to see how realistic we could make this look. I didn’t have many

pillows to make it look like all of us, so I had to go to the storage room to get more pillows and

blankets. Now that we are done with that I think it is time to go. We bundled up because it was a

little chilly when we were out giving candy, so I figured it would have gotten worse over the

time. I am starting to get more nervous and not want to go, but I can’t tell Evelynn that I might

lose her as a friend. We quietly walked downstairs, but I forgot my dog would go crazy if he

heard us and that would ruin everything. Our only option was to go out from the backdoor. The

house was about three blocks down so it could take a few minutes to get there and I can’t let my

neighbors see, me my mom knows everyone. The only way to get there was though the woods.

“You guys I do not want to go through those woods,” said April.

“Everything is going to be okay, just don’t think about it,” Evelynn replied.

So we ran as fast as we could, and there it was the Mulberry house. A big beat down old

abandoned house. It was worse than I thought, even Evelynn looked spooked and that surprised

me. Just walking up to the front door I could hear the creaking of the old house. Evelynn opens

the door, it suddenly gets dead silent. It is so dark we use our phones as flashlights.

“What exactly are we supposed to be doing here?,” Says April.

“Look around I guess, I just thought it would be fun since it is Halloween and this house is spooky,” Replied Evelynn. The house wasn’t even that bad once we got in there it was kind of boring actually. Nothing was happening it was just quiet, there was nothing you could do in there. I really wanted to go home and I did not want to get busted for something so lame. With everyone being over the house we decide to go home. Right when we tried to open the door the lock turned so fast and then vanished. We all started to panic there was no way out of the house we were stuck. I tried calming everyone down telling

them it was going to be okay, but I truly did not think it was going to be okay at all. We went

upstairs to see if there was anything to break the door down but all there was, was a tiny little

room. With this doll playing music. I looked behind me and April was in the corner rocking back

and forth sobbing. I tried asking her what’s wrong but she wouldn’t talk to me. I was really

worrying I had no clue what was going on and we had no way to get out. I tried calling my mom

because I didn’t have a choice anymore. The phone started ringing and then it completely shut

off out of nowhere. Now I don’t have a light anymore either. I had this tiny little flashlight on my

keychain that didn’t do much. All of a sudden I felt something brush against my back as I was

sitting on the floor, couldn’t have been the girls because Evelynn was right in front of me trying

to help April. I screamed and then there was this loud noise nothing I’ve ever heard before. All

of a sudden April says, “she’s coming get out”. I tried to ask her what that meant but she was a

mute after she said that. Then there’s a whisper of an old lady saying, “I’m coming for you

Carlee and Evelynn”. So finally I get a chance to run out thinking April and Evelynn were

behind me but April was nowhere to be found. After that night they tore down the house and

April was never seen again, and to this day I still her the old lady’s whisper and April’s scream.

“We should have never went into that house Carlee…” Said Evelynn. 

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