Say No to Smoking

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



“Hey Nick, Wanna have a cigarette?” asked Chris.  I thought about it for a minute with a scared look on my face.  Michael and Adam started chanting for me to take the cigarette from Chris.  I then took the cigarette from Chris  and started to smoke. I knew from that point on that i was addicted to it.  I have known Chris since the 4th grade. Chris was always the quiet one in school, but had a lot of friends. Adam and I have been friends since 7th grade. He was the one that always got in trouble during school, and he never payed any attention to what the teachers were saying or talking about.  He was basically the ignoble one.  Michael on the other hand was always the good kid in school, always did his homework, and most importantly got straight a’s in all of his classes.  Michael was really the antithesis of Chris and Adam. Michael was the erudite of the group.  Michael did all of that until he started to hang out with Chris and Adam, and then his life started to go downhill really fast, but me and Michael have been friends since we were 5 years old. We had a bunch of sleepovers, and get-togethers as we grew up. It was a lot of fun hanging out with him.  Me and Michael were in amity as our childhood grew. A few days have past and I have smoked at least once everyday, when my parents aren’t around or home.  I think it has gotten worse after every day has passed.  My smoking problem has gotten really bad that I might have a chance of getting cancer.  I think to myself about if I have cancer my life will be over.  It will take a long time and a lot of heart to stop smoking. I officially said to myself that I am done smoking and I will never go back to it, and the only way to do that is by going to a care center for my addiction. “I am going to be a changed man,” I said to myself. A week later, I start going to the care center for my smoking problem, but when I am not at the care center, Michael, Chris, and Adam still offer me to smoke with them.  Every time they ask me to smoke, I immediately say no to them and that I am a changed man, and that I do not smoke anymore.  I had made an impediment to myself to not smoke.  I tell them over and over that I do not do that anymore.  I am very happy with my decision that I am quitting smoking.  Now that means that I will be more healthy with myself.  Adam wanted me to listen to them, but I had already made my decision not to smoke anymore. I only have a couple more weeks of going to the care center,  after that I should be okay to not smoke anymore.  Michael and the gang still asked me to smoke, but still rejected them as they tried to convince me to smoke again.  A day after that, I went to the doctor to see if I was cancer free from smoking.  Luckily I was cancer free from smoking, I was so excited to hear that from my doctor.  After I had heard that I had become cancer free, I had to tell my friends and family that my life is safe and sound.  First I had to tell Michael, Adam, and Chris that since I had said no to them to smoke with them, I am cancer free.  They were shocked that I was not diagnosed of cancer.


Michael said, “Congrats Nick for not listen to us, and making the right decision,” then shook my hand.

Adam said, “Good job Nick for ruining our friendship.”

Lastly Chris said, “We're not friends anymore.”


Michael was the only one to congratulate me for not smoking anymore and becoming cancer free. I was not expecting that from a guy like Michael.  I was very happy that he said that about me. Well for Adam and Chris they were not too happy that I had stopped smoking,  but there opinions do not matter on what I chose and decided to not smoke anymore.  One day later, I absolutely had to tell my mom and dad that I have stopped smoking and have been cancer free.  My Mom and Dad were so proud of me that I have made a good decision to stop smoking.  Just having my Mom and Dad being so proud of me, made me start to cry after I had told them the good news that I had gotten from my doctor. I was very fervent, I was about to cry.  My mom had a genius idea to have a party congratulating me for not smoking anymore and being cancer free.  I had thought that it was a great idea that we would throw a party for me.  My mom and dad would invite their friends and family, and I would have my friends come to the party except Chris and Adam. I had totally forgot that Michael was the only one to congratulate me for not smoking anymore, even though he still smokes, I think he deserves to come and celebrate with my friends and family.  Michael has been one of my best friends since our early childhood.  Me, my mom, and dad planned it to be tomorrow around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  We all agreed that it would be a good time to start it.  The day of the party, I just invited Michael. My Mom and Dad invited their relatives and friends.  We had the party at my house, because we didn’t have any where else to have it at.  It ended up being a very fun party, even though it was just for me that had stopped smoking.  Michael congratulated me again after the party was over.  He had promised me that he will stop smoking, just for me.  I was very surprised that Michael had said that to me.  


“Well that is awesome to hear that Michael,” I said with excitement.

“I thought it was about time to try to stop smoking like you did,” said Michael.


I always wanted Michael to stop smoking, but I had never asked him about it since he was still hanging out with Adam and Chris.  I had said to him “Whatever makes you happy, or What your mind is telling you what to do”.  Michael was vehement about his choice to stop smoking. He wanted to make it a commitment to himself.  I hope it doesn’t last a ephemeral amount time.  It has been a while since the last time me and Michael have talked to each other.  So I had to call Michael to see what he was doing.  It took awhile for him to answer, but ended up picking up the phone.  The only thing I really wanted to ask him if he actually did keep that promise, and stopped smoking.  Michael ended up stop smoking, and stopped hanging out with Adam and Chris.


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Say No to Smoking

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