four friends at a party

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It is about four friends at a party three friends go over to Skippy house for a party and to friends fight over a lot of stuff.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



 “If you don’t give me that scooter we are going to have problems,” Billy yelled at Steve give him the scooter I said. Steve did not listen to me I am going to have to take it from him. He finally gives it to Billy, are we happy now “Billy he said yes”. Steve why are you mad, because he was using the scooter first. Billy wanted it for a little bit. “That’s not fair though”, “yes it is I said quit whining like a baby”. “So what do you guys want to do now” said Billy, Trenton, Steve “I want this one I hear in my ear oh no I said”. I walk around to the bikes and Steve and Billy are arguing over the bikes what is going on here, I want this bike and he took it. Use that one over there Billy fine I’ll use it.

Let’s go to the gas station and buy chips we ride to the gas station on bike’s they had fun because we got to go really fast down a big hill. We got chips and brought them back to the house for us to eat later when the party starts. When we get back we will ride into the woods on the bikes because they are mountain bikes. Steve and Billy you guys are not going to fight right, No we will not said Billy and Steve. I go and put the chips inside and the next thing I know I walk out and they are on the ground fighting Billy and Steve. I break up the fight and say stop fighting over stupid stuff. We go inside and play Xbox for a while and then we go back out side and swim because its summer and it’s hot. We decide to ride the quad and take turns on it. When someone is done the next person goes for a ride.

When someone is waiting they go and do other stuff. After we are done we can swim more or go on the trampoline. We are going swimming because I want to. So we go swimming for an hour and then Billy wants to ride my hover skateboard. I tell him to be careful so you don’t break it. He doesn’t fall off it at all he does very well on it. Steve wants to ride it he falls off and hurts himself. Nobody else wants to ride it so we go back out side and ride bikes and scooters because we are board. We are hungry now so we order pizza and it comes in five minutes. Everyone eats pizza then we play on our phones for a bit then we will go back outside and do something. We decide to go on the trampoline for a while then it is almost dark out. We jump in the dark it was very fun. Then we go inside because it is 11:00 and we lay down. Billy and Steve fight over were they sleep. I tell them to sleep anywhere and stop arguing. We all fall asleep soon and the next day we eat breakfast and go in the living room. Billy and Steve fight because they are bored. Steve said Billy was a formidable opponent. Go outside and ride bikes the grass is still wet because of the due. So we can’t ride the quad yet because it will slide around. It started to rain so we went back inside until it was done raining. When it was done raining the grass was really wet and it started to rain again. It is going to rain all day so we play inside all day. The sky got really dark out and the power went out. We just looked at the dark thunder cloud. Steve got kind of scared and Billy laughed at him so they started arguing again and I said enough. The power came back on and we played on our phones sense it was pouring down rain outside. It stopes raining for a bit so we go outside to see how much rain we got it was really windy out and we almost blew away. It starts to rain again and the wind picks up and blows stuff over. The clouds get darker and we start to get worried. The power doesn’t go out so we play Xbox for a while then we are done playing Xbox. When we are done we look outside and it is still raining so we eat leftover pizza. Then we play Xbox longer when we are done this time it has finally stopped raining and the sun is out. We ride the quad taking turn’s two people on two people off. Trenton drives and he goes fast he gets yelled at. After the quad engine gets really hot we go inside and eat donuts and watch TV for an hour. After that Trenton wants to play Xbox again and it starts to rain again so we play Xbox because there is nothing to do. We played call of duty because all the other games are boring.

After that we go and throw a little football through the house to each other. It rained a lot my yard was flooded a bit it had massive puddles in it. We rode the quad through the puddles the water went everywhere when we hit the big puddle. In the woods there was so much mud in there we almost got stuck. The quad has four wheel drive so we didn’t get stuck in the mud. We got lucky we didn’t get stuck in the mud or we might have been in trouble if we could not get the quad out of the woods. Steve would have been the one to get it stuck. He was the one driving the quad at the time. Trenton and I ride the quad as Steve and Billy watch as we go around the yard. After that we all decide to play a game we all get closer to the person counting once they turn round if they see you, you are out. The person counting will count to five the other people will try to get closer they have to get closer if not they are cheating. Once the other people get out the last person still hiding is the winner and they count next round. We play this game for a while once we are done we go and eat some donuts. We make a pizza to eat because we are hungry. After the pizza is done we eat it and go outside and ride scooters and bikes. Once again Billy and Steve are fighting over scooters so I say there is enough for both of you. We go and let out my pet goose and he flies up into the front yard and eats food and stays there. He follows us around the yard as we ride bikes and scooters. He goes down to the pond and swims around for a bit then comes back up with us. Billy and Steve fight again because Steve Stole Billy’s scooter. They fight but Trenton breaks it up in time. They need to stop fighting over stuff I tell them because it’s getting annoying. Trenton and I do not want you two to fight its silly and stupid just share the scooters and bikes there’s enough for both of you. We go to the gas station and we see a corvette on the road and Steve says he must be Obsequious if they have that car. “Billy says yes they must be rich,” They just have a nice car we are on bikes. What do you want to get at the gas station I asked them we should get more donuts since its still morning ok donuts it is we go by donuts for later. “We come back to my house and eat some donuts because we are hungry” after that we play on our phones for a bit. Billy starts being facetious When Steve steals his scooter. When it was lunch time my mom made a pizza and Billy and Steve and Trenton had decorum at the table when we ate the pizza. Trenton is still Abate from the night. Billy tries a front flip on the trampoline but he is Diffident. “Billy said he could do a front flip on a tramp,” Steve laugh at him when he failed at it. Steve tried and didn’t do any better Trenton and I are the only two that can do it out of all of us. “I and Trenton say it is so easy to do a front flip”. I say it is abnegation because I did it a lot. Billy is feckless about it. Billy is voracious when he eats. Steve was Boor After he woke up this morning. When we are done all of their moms come to pick them up and take them home and the day is over and I go back inside and play xbox.

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