The small town bully

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10 years ago today I met my best friend. We became friends because he was my school bully and we were going to fight but we ended up being the best of friends.  Now im going to tell you the story of me and my best friend Jake. Jake is kind of tall, brown hair, a greenish eyes and he is built. Jake is a bully. He likes to bully all the kids around him. I was the same height as Jake. I was the kid Jake likes to bully the most. We both lived in Jefferson, Texas. Jake and I have been enemies for a very long time, since kindergarten to be exact. We were in tenth grade now. Jake likes to pick on me and call me crude names. Jake doesn’t just call me names he beats me up on the daily. It bothers me very much that I can’t beat Jake.  I have been working out and trying to get bigger so Jake can’t bully him as easily.

One day at school Jake and I just got out of class and they were in the hall. Jake was calling me names and pushing him into lockers.

“STOP!, “I Said as he was thrown into a locker.

“Why you’re not going to do anything about it,” Exclaimed Jake.

 Both of us where pushing each other in the hallway. One of the teachers had noticed the disturbance and decided to investigate. When the teacher had a closer look she saw Jake bulling me. The teacher stormed over to us, grabbed Jake by the arm and walked him to the office. The principle gave Jake a detention for the disturbance in the hallway it was a two hour detention. Jake was so mad at Jon. He hated him even more now and wanted to fight me because of his detention.

Jake ran up to me after he got out of the principal’s office and he said, “You are done! We are going to fight and I’m going to beat you up!”

I replied with, “But I don’t want to fight you Jake.”

I said that even though he really wanted to fight him. The only reason I wouldn’t fight him is because he wasn’t sure if I could win or not.

I hit the gym more than ever to try to bulk up and gain some muscle mass.  He lifted every day for a month, he was getting stronger and stronger. Jake realized that Jon was getting better so he started to hit the gym also. Jake couldn’t really gain any muscle because he is already big and he would have to put in more work.  Jake still continued to bully M but I came up with some good comebacks.

Jake said, “You shouldn’t be allowed in a gym.”

 I replied with, “Your right but they let you in so I didn’t think they cared.” 

We argued back an fourth for hours. The gym was just about to close then we stopped.  We went home and came back the next day to keep working. We had a day full of lifting. We were working on our arms mostly. Some days we took a break but Sunday came around fast and they had to go to school the next day.  It was Monday, Jake and I where on our way to school.  Jake wasn’t bullying me as much in school. He would only say something sometimes. we were both going back and forth. The teachers have noticed that they were not as bad today.

“You are so worthless,” said Jake

I replied with, “Not as worthless as you.”

We had different classes and didn’t see each other very often. Jake tried hard to find me after each class to make a point. Jake didn’t see me but maybe two times in school that day.  Jake wasn’t happy that he didn’t get to see me all the time. After school that day the both of them went to the gym to work out. When we got there the gym was packed and there wasn’t much room so we didn’t get to get in as much as they wanted. As we worked out we started to help each other. We were actually working together.

I said, “Thanks for helping me lift.”

“Don’t get used to it,” replied Jake.

We both were lifting together spotting and we helped each other get better. We both went to gym and helped each other. We did the best we could not to fight and we got along pretty well. We were getting better together we were getting big and strong. Both of us where getting along pretty well we fought sometimes and teased each other. It was getting late so we headed home me and Jake where neighbors at the time. The next morning we went out to the bus stop and all the other kids there were asking when we were going to fight.

Jake said “I’m not sure if we are going to”

I said “we are not going to”

Jake was a boor poor person antithesis of a nice person but he was starting to change. I am a vehement person we are opposites but still manage to get along. I’m not Sure how we got along we are opposites but started to get along well. Jake started to act like me a nice person he became nice a very nice person. The kids and teachers noticed that he was becoming soft. The kids were starting to tease him and call him names and he wasn’t used to it. He was getting bullied he hated it and felt bad for doing it me because he knew how it felt. He started apologizing to all the kids he bullied including me he felt so bad. He learned to take his anger out on lifting not other people. Jake was starting to get really big he also hit a growth spurt and is now 6”2. Jake had his bench up to 400 pounds and his arms where the size of a watermelon. Jake had major chagrin and couldn’t stand it anymore that’s why he started lifting hardcore. I lost interest in lifting after a while. He was a facetious bully but most people didn’t get that about Jake. I was a dauntless person but Jake still scared me when he bullied me. I’m got picked on for wearing ignoble clothes. Jake had very opulent and luxurious clothes. He enervated me very much it hurt a lot but I think I can get over all that. We were coming to a amity it was working we hung out pretty much every day. We became good friends we spent the night at each other’s houses. The kids at school were surprised because we were such goof friends. They asked us what happened. I started to really become good friends with Jake. Our hatred was ephemeral we became friends fast. It happened so fast we just got to know each other then we became very good friends. We were friends school and out we really didn’t talk to anyone else. The only things we did was eat, sleep and lift. We went to the gym a lot to challenge ourselves. We did Lots of work out and stuff to help us get big Jake was thinking about becoming a professional lifter. He was looking into competition an such. He had his work cut out for him if he was going to go pro. If that is what he wanted to do I will help reach were he needs to be so he is a success. I can talk the whole way through it an make sure he continues and doesn’t give up on it.

Jake said “why do you want to help me so much”

I replied with “ Because its something you like an want to do”

We worked for month in the gym getting him ready for competition. We were doing a lot of work outs to try to get different parts of his body more defined. He wanted to do it so it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to do. The competition was come close and Jake was almost ready for it. He was big enough and strong enough to do it. The next day we went to the competition and there was some really big guys there. Jake was little worried that he wasn’t going to win. The first thing he had o do was bench. He went up to the stage after they called his name. He got under the bar and attempted to lift it he got it off and it was 500 pounds he did 10 reps of 5 with it. He won that part of the competition. Next was the legs he went up to it and lifted 1500 pounds with his legs he one that one also. The last one he had to do was dead lift. Jake walked up to the stage with confidence He put on his belt and was ready. He lifted the bar and there was 900 pounds on it he had done the most anyone ha ever done. He had one the competition and 10,000 dollars. Me and Jake are befriends now and hang out all the time.







Submitted: November 15, 2016

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