The Streets

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



“I’m sorry mom,” I cried. This is the most disappointed I’ve ever seen my mom I thought to myself.

“Sorry isn’t good enough anymore,” she said, “I hate to say this, but you’re never going to be anything but a gangster isn’t that right?”

“No mom,” I shouted.

“I can’t even look at you right now go to school Tyrone,” my mom said almost in tears now. I quickly walked out the front door with my little brother Matt.

“Why were you and mom fighting,” he asked.

I replied, “It’s nothing don’t worry about it man.” When I walked into school everyone started screaming and yelling my name. Everyone was excited because they heard that North Carolina sent me a scholarship. That was that only division one school that hadn’t sent me a scholarship yet. Every other school did. I walked over by my friend Andre. We had great amity and were always candor with each other. Even though we were antithesis from each other. I have been bestial on the basketball court since I was in fifth grade.

Andre said, “Did you see the thing on sport center about you?”

“Nah bro what did it say,” I asked.

Andre said excitedly “They were calling you the next LeBron James!”

I chuckled, “Next LeBron James, I’m the only Tyrone Biggums!”

“You’re the cockiest dude I’ve ever met,” Andre said while smiling. I thought to myself I deserve to be cocky I’m the best high school point guard in the country. Then I saw the leader of the twelves, it was T-bone. He was a very deleterious man. They didn’t even stop him from walking in the front door of the school.

“Yo, Biggums and Parker come here,” he whispered. He waved his hand for me and Andre to come over to him.

“After school you got a deal on the corner of Franklin Avenue,” he said. I’ve never done a deal I thought to myself. I really don’t want to either.

“I don’t know man,” I said.

“What you mean,” questioned T-bone, “you don’t know.” I was going to tell him that we weren’t doing it, but then Andre jumped in.

“We’ll do it,” Andre said. I looked over at him in anger.

“Alright good,” said T-bone, “this deal is really big.”

“Why,” I asked?

“Because it’s with the niners,” T-bone whispered. This is stupid, that’s a rival gang dude I thought to myself.

“Alright, we have to go T-bone,” I said. I started walking to my next class.

Then T-bone yelled “Don’t mess this up LeBron James.” I acted like I didn’t hear him. After seconds of walking away I looked back, and he was evanescent. He was gone. After I walked home from school I went to my bedroom, and put on all black. I grabbed my pistol out of my sock drawer and put it in my pants. Then my mom walked into my room.

“Why baby,” my mom cried out.

“Mom I have to,” I whispered.

“This is how your dad died and it’s how you’re going to die,” she yelled.

“Mom I’m sorry,” I said while crying. I bolted out of my house and I started walking to the meet up spot. When I got there I saw T-bone and Andre, and five other guys. They were the head guys from the niners.

“Where’s the stuff,” one guy asked impatiently.

“Chill out Leroy,” T-bone said calmly. Apparently this guy’s names Leroy. T-bone seemed like these guys made a lot of deals together by the way they talked to each other but in reality neither of them have ever done something this big before. I had no idea what drug we were selling but then Leroy pulled the bag out. It was cocaine. I couldn’t believe it, in the back of my mind I could tell something was going to go down. Nothing did though, the deal went really smooth. We were leaving when I heard a scream.

“You aren’t going to sell me bad drugs,” Leroy yelled. Gunshots started firing. We took cover behind a car.

“Bad drugs,” I yelled, “are you stupid T-bone?”

“Bro don’t worry we’ll figure this out dude,” he said. I could tell that he thought that we weren’t walking out of this alive. Then I heard a little kid scream. My heart dropped.

“Tyrone,” Matt yelled, “help me!” The gunshots stopped. I heard a car race down the road. I peeked over the top of the car. Matt was on the ground bloody. He must have followed me I thought. This is all my fault. He’s dead I thought to myself. I went to his body and started crying. It would never have happened if T-bone didn’t try to sell him ignoble drugs. I sat there for a few minutes before anyone said a word.

“Okay it was a drive by,” said T-bone.

“What,” Andre said.

T-bone said, “That’s our cover story.”

“I’m leaving, you guys can handle this,” I said wiping my tears. I got up and left. A week passed before I saw T-bone again. I called him and told him I need him to come to my house. I was going to tell him that I was leaving the gang. Andre and I were sitting on my couch when he got here. He knocked on the door and let himself in.

“Yo Tyrone where are you bro,” he yelled.

I shouted from my couch, “Were in here dude.” He walked into the living room and sat down in a chair.

“Why’d you ask me to come here man,” T-bone asked? 

“I’m out dude,” I said.

“What do you mean you’re out,” he questioned

“I’m accepting my scholarship to North Carolina,” I said.

“Why,” said T-bone, “because your stupid little brother followed us to a deal and got killed?”

“I’ll kill you if you talk about him again,” I said.

“I doubt it,” T-bone replied. I was so mad I wanted to kill him.

“Get out of my house T-bone,” I said.

“No one ever leaves us,” he said. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at me.

“Put the gun down,” I exclaimed.

“You only leave this gang after your six feet under,” T-bone said.

“Then kill me,” I said.

“No, I’m not going to let you leave,” T-bone said, “I’ll just kill the people that are close to you.” He hit me over the head with the pistol. I was going in and out of consciousness. When I finally could open my eyes for more than ten seconds I saw him point the gun at Andre and put five into his heart. He looked down at me on the floor.

“Come to the safe house tomorrow we can finish our talk there,” T-bone said. He ran out the door. My mom raced up from downstairs.

“Tyrone are you okay,” she said. I sat up holding my head.

“He killed Andre mom,” I said, “This is all my fault.”

My mom said, “Don’t think like that Tyrone.” When the police arrived on the scene I told them it was T-bone. After hours of searching the house they couldn’t find any finger prints or any evidence that it was T-bone. When the police were leaving I thought to myself that I needed to do something.

“What if I wore a wire,” I said.

“Are you sure about that son,” a police officer said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Okay we’ll set you up with an FBI team,” the officer said. After the officers left and the body was taken out of the house I went to my room to lie on my bed and think. Snitches get stiches I thought. T-bone took that very seriously. I heard stories about him torturing snitches for days. Nothing was accomplished by it he tortured them and then just killed them. What if that happens to me or my mom I thought. Our gang wasn’t very big maybe one hundred people. Only ten people actually took it completely serious though. Those were the real killers that people were scared of. I knew about 20 federal charges that each of them committed. If I can bust all of the really serious criminals no one else would torture or kill us. I remember them always bragging about stores they robbed and people they killed. I was going to go in as there friend and when we all walked out they’d all be in cuffs and I’d be on my way to North Carolina. I woke up the next morning and went to the kitchen. I went to the cabinet and got a bowl. I ate Frosted Flakes every morning. I wasn’t going to change it up. When the FBI team got to my house they started telling me to act normal, and a bunch of other stuff. I blocked most of it out though. I was trying to focus on my real task. I put an aegis on before I left. I left my house around noon to go there. The safe house just looked like a normal house. The neighborhood it’s in wasn’t dirt poor, but it wasn’t exactly opulent. When I got there I knocked on the door.

T-bone yelled, “Come in.” When I entered the house I went to the living room and I saw five guys sitting on a long couch, and five more leaning up against the walls.

“Where is T-bone,” I said. They shrugged their shoulders like they didn’t know. Then something hard hit me in the back. It was T-bone, he hit me with a baseball bat. He threw the bat on the floor and pulled out his pistol. He pointed it at my head. He was being very dauntless.

Some older man yelled from the couch, “T-bone what are you doing bro,”

“This guy wants to leave,” T-bone yelled

“Well I don’t think we should kill him,” he said. All of the guys of the guys in the room were agreeing with him. That surprised me, at that moment I knew they wouldn’t hurt me or my family. I was just going to get T-bone arrested. It was easier than I planned though.

“T-bone lower the gun dude, what the heck man just chill out,” another guy yelled.

“This is for not being with me,” T-bone said softly. He put three bullets in a guy’s chest. We wrestled him to the ground and got the gun from him.  The FBI busted in and took him away. None of the other guys even cared I ratted. The next week I accepted my scholarship to North Carolina. I plan on going to the NBA and getting my mom out of poverty for the rest of her life. 

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