Our Perfect Family: Is it Going to Fall Apart

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A perfect family who goes through a traumatic experience two years after their parents died. The Anderson's family have been through a lot but they are still as close as ever. Chris, Falyn's boyfriend going on two and a half years, he starts getting drunk and doing stuff she never thought would happen. Will he tear apart this family who have managed to stay together through everything else?

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



“That hole that has been empty since Mom and Dad died, has finally been filled because of him and he has helped me get through the hard time,” I explained to Ava, my older sister. Ava was dainty, she don’t look like much, but that’s where you’re wrong. She looks weak and calm but you do not want to be on her bad side especially when it comes to her family. We are a very close family Ava, Lucas, and I. Our parents died two years ago in a car crash. So it is just me and my siblings living together or until I moved in with Chris. Chris is my boyfriend for about two and a half years. Mom and Dad really liked him. He is a very nice guy and he treats me right. We both have been through a lot though. He’s tall, strong, and he used to play football in college before we graduated last summer.

“He seems like the guy to bail or change when something bad happens. I do not want you to get hurt again, you have been hurt enough, but I am just trying to help because this is what family is for,” Ava said trying to convince me that Chris is changing.

“So has he,” I yelled back.

“All of us here are holding on by a string since they died, we do not have room to take a chance of someone knocking us down,” she yelled on the verge of crying.

“He’s not going to knock us down, I believe in him,” I said softly, “I love him.”

“That is good, you found someone you think you love but he is not that, you deserve better, everyone deserves better. Please do not make me tell Lucas what happened you know this will only escalate from there,” Lucas was the oldest of the siblings. He has always been over-protective of us but since they died he has been more protective. He says he is just trying to take care of us. He is very tall, muscular, broad shoulders, and confidence radiates off of him. Everyone is scared of him since he is a little hot tempered, but only the people close to him really knows he is just lovable, protective, and a loyal kind of person. He is just a big teddy bear.

“Don’t tell me what?” Lucas said walking in. Ava and I just looked at each other.

“Nothing,” we both said in unison. He just looks at us suspiciously.

“Please tell me, I promise not to tell anyone,” Lucas whined.

I jumped in before Ava could say anything, “Oh it is not important.” Ava just looked at me like she wanted to tell him because she hates lying to him but she would keep my secret as long as it does not happen again. I mouthed thank you to her and looked back at Lucas who looks like a lost puppy that’s been abused too many times. 

“Falyn, please tell me, you said you would never lie to me and that you would always tell me everything,” he said looking hurt at me.

“I was five stop holding that against me,” I yelled trying not to laugh but Ava didn’t hold back.

“I believed you and it meant something to me,” he said trying to look hurt but not laugh. We all just busted out laughing, until Chris walked in and Ava glared at him. Lucas noticed and stopped laughing and said, “What’s going on? What did you do to her?” Lucas stepped in between Chris and me.

“Nothing,” he said trying to look confident to show that he was stronger but he knew what Lucas was capable of when he got like this.

“Ava what did he do,” he growled in Chris’s face but Chris didn’t back down.

“Lucas,” I yelled and stepped in between them. Lucas looked down at me and his eyes immediately softened, “nothing, he did nothing.”

“Ok I am sorry, man,” he sighed and did the weird hug, hand shake thing that guys do.

“Falyn come to the kitchen and get drinks for all of us,” Ava said still upset that Chris is here. I nodded and followed while Chris and Lucas sat down to start playing video games. “I swear to god if he abuses you one more time I will tell Lucas and we will kill him together,” she whispered yelled at me.

I nodded and said, “It was only one time that he hit me.” Then I grabbed a few cans of Pepsi and brought them into the living room and sat them next to the guys.

“What were you guys talking about before I got here and just now in the kitchen,” Lucas said keeping his focus on the television. Ava gave me a look trying to get me to tell him especially because Chris was here right now.

“Yes what’s going on,” Chris said glancing at me then turning back to focus on their game and I just shook my head knowing, that was going to make Ava more mad.

“Shut up Chris no one is talking to you,” Ava said very close to snapping on him. Lucas noticed and looked around at us. He has always been the peacekeeper in this family.

So he spoke up, “Okay let’s just forget about it. How about we go out for dinner?” Ava looked really annoyed at the idea of spending an entire night with Chris.

I spoke up before she could and replied, “That sounds great, where do you want to go?”

Ava just gave me a nasty look then smirked like she had just thought of something that would make me just as miserable for not dumping Chris right after he hit me. They started spitting out places to go. We finally settled on Naples the Pizza place down the road. The guys finished their game then we headed out. Chris and I rode on his motorcycle while Ava and Lucas went in his car. Once we arrived we got seated then we had small talk while we ate. Ava hinted at the idea of Chris has done something to me and even brought up something that was on the news about a boyfriend abusing his girlfriend. Luckily, he did not pick up on that. Chris doesn’t remember what he did because he was completely drunk when it happened. After that we left the reasurant. Ava and Lucas left for home while we went to his apartment.

“What was Ava’s problem tonight,” Chris asked once we were inside the house. Thank god he didn’t ask that in front of her because she would have flipped out.

“Nothing she was just having a bad day,” I ended that topic while I started doing the dishes. He just stood there confused. We both know that Ava has always been very fervent. While I finished the dishes he went and got a shower. Once I was done I got a shower while he finished getting ready for bed. When I got out I saw him sitting on the couch with a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels watching Big Brother. At first I didn’t think of anything of it but after a moment I remembered that the bottle he has was full when I got into the shower. So I walked up to him and took the bottle from his hands because he had more than enough, when I realized that he was completely wasted. I knew he had a little bit to drink at dinner, but not very much. That means while I was in the shower he drank way too much very quickly.

Once he had realized that I took the bottle away from him he stood up and yelled, “Give it to me!”

“No you’re done you had too much already, drinking this much is deleterious,” I replied calmly. His anger boiled while he looked at me. He reached out his hand and tried to take it but I pulled away.

“Give it to me right now,” he yelled as loud as he could.

“No, you wait for me to leave so you can drink because you know you shouldn’t,” I said getting progressively louder.

“You’re not my mother you cannot control what I do if I want to drink I will and you of all people can’t stop me,” He continued to get louder.

“You should be chagrin about how bestial you are acting right now,” I said trying my hardest to be dauntless but every time this happens it gets so much harder. I told Ava last time was the first time but it wasn’t it has been happening for a long time. Since about the time when mom and dad died.

“You’re talking to me about being bestial. You are literally being a boor right now by not knowing where you stand. You are just a woman you stay in the kitchen, you’re not worth any more than that” he said looking straight into my eyes in a dead serious tone.

“You want your bottle back,” I asked and he nodded, “fine then take it!” I throw the bottle at him and it shattered on the floor below him.

He started at it for a moment in shock then he took a few steps to me and shoved me across the room into the door. “You’re so ignoble, why the heck would you do that!”

“You need to stop,” I said calmly. At this time I knew I had made a huge mistake.

“I NEED TO STOP, YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO SPEAK! I DON’T KNOW WHY I KEEP YOU AROUND, YOU’RE JUST AN IMPEDIMENT,” he yelled as he stomped to me. That was the last thing I remember from that night other than the pain I was in. I sat up and looked around and the apartment was destroyed. I must have passed out on the floor. I looked around for a second then I got really light headed and fell back down to the floor. I tried to check myself out to see what was wrong. I was very light headed, there is a lot of bruises all over my body, a big cut on the top of my head, a cut in the shape of his ring on my shoulder, a black eye, and a few cuts on different places on my body.

I slowly got up and went to the bathroom carefully and cleaned up a little. I cleaned my head and it was already done bleeding which is great. Covered my black eye with makeup. Then I got dressed because I have to go home for a family dinner with Ava and Lucas. Which is just fantastic because it is the middle of summer and I had to cover all of the bruises and cuts so they don’t notice. I got a quick shower. I heard Chris leave while I was in the bathroom getting dressed. While he was walking through the living room he cussed because of the mess. I knew he remembered what happened because he cussed at me for causing it and I knew I had to get out for a while so he can calm down. So I put on a long sleeve light shirt, a big-light scarf, leggings, and long leather boots. Ava might notice what I’m doing but I sure hope not. I put my hair into one loose fishtail braid, so it would cover up the spot on my head and it didn’t pull on it. While I was brushing my teeth I got really light headed and tumbled back into the wall. While I was balancing myself against the wall to regain balance I realized just how hard hiding this was going to be. I finished brushing my teeth and put my make up on. Then I headed to the kitchen and grabbed a muffin for breakfast before I leave. I took it back to our room and packed up what clothes I have here so I can stay at home until he is completely calmed down. Once I was down packing I took my first bite of the muffin and ran to the bathroom. Once I got there I threw up. This was the biggest impediment so far that I have to hide. Now I cannot eat during family dinner. I finally felt good enough I went out to the living room. I started to pick up everything. Every so often I have to sit down because I felt dizzy, but I kept getting back up.

After I had the entire house put back together and clean I went to the bathroom to clean any cuts that broke open. Which only three had and thank god that the one on my head didn’t. I grabbed my purse, car keys and left for home. On the way there I thought of how hard this is going to be to keep this from them but I could not tell them. They would kill Chris and I’m not going to let that happen. I am not ready to say goodbye to him he has been there with me since my parents died.

I finally pulled in and sat there to build up the courage to go in there and have to lie to the only family I have left. I caught my breath and looked up to see our cat Milo staring at me through the window. I guess that means it’s time for me to go in. I took a deep breath and got out of the car, very carefully so I didn’t get light headed. I walked in and said, “Hey I’m in the living room with Milo.” I was hoping with that they wouldn’t come in so I had a moment with him to get my nerves down, but that did not work. As soon as I sat down and had already picked Milo up Lucas walked in and sat down next to me.

“What’s up? How is your day going?” he said like we haven’t seen each other in months. He has always been like that. He cares about everyone else more than himself. Also he actually care how someone is or how their days going. He doesn’t just ask it to be polite he asks because he cares.

I put on a half fake smile and lied, “It is going great, how about you?”

He smiled, “Great I just love when the family is back together.” I nodded in agreement.

“Lucas get in here now,” Ava yelled from the kitchen, “or I could just make dinner!”

“NOOOOOOO don’t touch it!” he yelled as he ran into the kitchen. I laughed to myself and turned my full attention to Milo.

Nothing really happened until after dinner. After dinner I said, “Let me clean up since you guys made I.”

“Here I’ll help you I didn’t cook anything I just bugged him while he did it,” Ava laughed and got up. Then I went to get up and got really light headed and fell backwards. Lucas hopped up and caught me right before I fell to the ground.

Lucas asked, “Are you ok?” I nodded. I got up and they made me sit down for a bit. I started to rub my face trying to think of a way to explain it to them when Lucas questioned, “What’s up with your eye?” Ava looked up at me and realized what was going on.

“Why are you wearing such heavy clothes it’s the middle of summer?” she said trying to make sure she was right before jumping to a conclusion. I shook my head looking down. “I knew it!” Ava exclaimed, “He did it again!” I looked up at her then to Lucas. He just looked very confused.

“What is going on?” Lucas asked looking between us.

“Nothing-Chris,” we said at the same time.

“What do you mean Chris? What did he do?” Lucas said getting ready to flip out.

“Chris has been abusing Falyn,” Ava said looking very sad that it came to having to take it in their own hands.

“What do you mean? Is this true? Why didn’t you tell me?” I just looked at him very disappointed in myself because now I’ve hurt him. He storms out of the house and Ava yelled, “Don’t be dumb Lucas!”

“He’s going to kill him! This is so bad!” I exclaimed all worked up about to cry.

“It’s ok, everything will be fine,” Ava said pulling me into a hug, “why do you care so much, all he has done for a while is hurt you, both emotionally and physically?”

“Mom and Dad approved of him and that the last thing I have of them,” I cried to her.

“No it’s not and even if it was you don’t need him. They sure don’t approve of him right now if anything they are disappointed in him.”

“I’m sorry I have put you guys through this, you don’t deserve it. All you guys have ever down to me is help me and I’m just over here putting myself first. I’m destroying this family!” I cried and let it all out.

“No you’re not we are just trying to help and you’re going through a hard time. This is what family is for to be there when others need it and this is when you need it the most,” Ava let go of me, “let’s go find out what’s going on.” We walked out to see Lucas walking back in.

“What is going on? What did you do? I did the same thing he did to you but a little more,” Lucas heaved a little out of breath, “call him for me.” I nodded and grabbed my phone. Once I grabbed my phone I stepped outside. It took him a moment before he answered but when he did he was breathing hard and choking a little. 

“I’m sorry I was wrong and I should of never of done that. I know it’s a little late but you still needed to know, but why would you tell Lucas you knew he was going to do this?” Chris said.

“I cannot believe your trying to turn this on me like it was my fault,” I said into the phone not knowing what to say to him after that.

“I know I’m sorry I am just out of it. So when are you coming home,” he said sounding tired.

“I am home. Don’t ever talk to me again, we are done,” I said very clearly then hung up the phone before he could speak. I walked in starting to tear up. Lucas opened his arms up and took a step to me.

“Thank you,” I said softly.

Lucas pulled me into a hug and said against my hair, “This is what family’s for.”

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