Jingle Tills

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'Tis the season to be spending.......'

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



Jingle Tills


Since the end of October Christmas has hit the stores,

it’s been there since much earlier but now there’s so much more;


on every shelf, down every aisle, you’ll soon spot Santa’s face,

with robins, snowmen, snowflakes that are joining him in place.


There’s Christmas cakes a plenty, and don’t forget the pud,

with boxes of those mince pies – I only wish I could.


So many rolls of wrapping paper, enough for the whole globe,

I could use it instead of wall-paper in my small abode.


Tins of biscuits piled so high – some savoury, some sweet,

they’re reaching way above your head and starting at your feet;


those chocolates in their boxes, those foil-wrapped reindeer,

the music that is playing to inspire some ‘Christmas Cheer.’


Box upon box of greetings cards for you to buy and post,

for a kind of ‘Beat the Jone’s’ on who receives the most;


and right there in the entrance there stands a Christmas tree,

it and the decorations are on sale for you and me.


But look at all the prices, to recreate that look

a total month’s expenditure is what it would have took.


It’s all a total over-kill from these sensory attackers,

steel yourself and write a list or it will drive you CRACKERS!

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