comparing age to maturity and wisdom

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an article that seeks to compare and contrast age,wisdom and maturity

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



As a consequence, the age one attains should correlate with the level of his wisdom, because as the Akan adage goes “if adulthood is a prerogative all cannot boast of, childhood has been experienced by all and sundry” so the older you become, the higher the expectation that you might have been through the issues of life to have garnered requisite experience and knowledge to deal with such ups and downs in a manner that the younger generation can learn from. But is it not disappointingly ironic that the aforesaid is not always automatic due to reverse happenings?  We all see around? Well… Wisdom generally is the quality of having experience, discernment, common sense, knowledge and good judgment or the quality of being wise. In the bible, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (Prov 9:10)


Age however can be defined as the lifespan of living things including human beings in particular.

Life is always a learning process but if the general definition of wisdom is anything to go by, then it is unarguably clear that age ought to have some form of bearing on the level of ones wisdom, because if your lifespan is extended on earth, the opportunity to study different generations and understand the dictates of life is also extended.

Of course the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But that is just the beginning. So if you desire the full package, it requires continuous study, application of common sense, discernment, knowledge and good judgment amid many other words that will exhaust the entire pages of this article. That the bible teaches that “to him that knoweth to do good but doeth it not is a fool (James 4:17)” is an indication that you can begin the journey of wisdom and revert to folly. But that is also a topic for another day, so let me proceed with the main rational for this article.

The strongest line of twist in this subject I would like to introduce was deduced from an interview I watched featuring Mr. Emmanuel Olumide, a pastor, motivational speaker, business mogul among others. As the life coach noted in the interview that success can be achieved in four areas, you cannot become successful in things you have not been gifted, talented, anointed and/or trained for. On this line I would like to build my point.  

Wisdom is purely a gift from God, because there were some people born in penury, had no role model to emulate, with a seeming hopeless journey ahead, but right from infancy, before or after they got saved, were endowed with common sense, discernment, good judgment and a drive to cause changes not only in their lives, but the lives of many. Eventually, some of these people have ended up in prosperity as their souls are prospering. But most importantly, if what Mr. Olumide said is anything to go by, then you can also get trained under people with wisdom and/or anointed to acquire wisdom. As well, you can also pray for wisdom like what King Solomon did.

It must also be quickly pointed out, if prov 9:10, as quoted above is taken into account, that most children have taken and continue to take that wiser decision ahead of most adults, because not all adults fear the Lord.

In addition, many young people are now reading, seeking and acquiring wisdom from both men and God. Therefore they are living lives ahead of their age whilst, some old people are being controlled and directed by these young people, sometimes teenagers, either because of poverty or illiteracy and such old people can also be considered as people with ages ahead of their lives. Now with money, a teenager can easily marry with kids and play a fatherly role, something that was reserved to the aged alone in yesteryears, not the least of the fact that an old man with little resources can also accept to gladly learn from the experiences and expertise of that affluent teenager.

To be honest, every honest person will agree, that there have been series of strange decisions once taken by old people both close and distant, that has shocked many young people with just a modicum of knowledge and experience, who would have done better if they were faced with similar situations.

The proverbial “the age of methuselah has got nothing to do with the knowledge of King Solomon” also speaks volumes about the differences because symbolically, the name methuselah represents old age and the name king Solomon represents wisdom. But methuselah’s record age doesn’t stand to reason that his wisdom outweighed a relatively younger king Solomon in the course of their respective lives

In the advanced countries, the foregoing is fully understood and young people are given the chance to contribute in decision making and play their part at both home and national level. But in a third world country like Ghana, whatever the aged says is pathetically final.

We all fight against dictatorship and bigotry, but just the act of I am the oldest, therefore the wisest, is also the same. Your age does not define your level of maturity, what comes out of you does. I would rather prefer the talk about maturity and immaturity as compared to age and wisdom, and only wish that everybody can aspire to mature in consonance with their age, because “the age of methuselah has got nothing to do with the wisdom of King Solomon”.

In sum, we must learn to coexist, the aged has something to offer and the young has something to offer. At any level of experience, the people ahead may always have something extra you may not have. But the fact that you are ahead doesn’t mean you have amassed all the wisdom in this world, you can ask Kwaku Ananse about his experience. No man can live on his own Island. Maturity and immaturity is no respecter of persons. It is not about your level of education or your old age or your wealth, we all have something to contribute.


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