Its the end of the world

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about a girl getting unemployed and more things happen after that happens.

It’s the end of the world as we know it’s so I thought getting unemployed when the world is going down. ‘’OH! Hi I didn’t see you there! You didn’t hear me talking to my self-did you? Oh wait you could. HA.’’ Anyway I’m Bonqweeqwee its June 12th 1992 and  I just got fired. My life is over now. I told myself


 I told him come on get inside “You’re not bit are you?”

“NO!” Lukas said catching his breath. My names Lukas

I’m Bonqweeqwee.

“Let me catch you up on some things the world is ending there zombies all over right be for this all happened I got unemployed so far it’s just me and Lukas that I know are still alive.”

We can’t stay here. It’s not safe they could get in.

“I know a place if the things haven’t got in yet.” Lukas said nervously.

“Okay show me” I said

We leave then come by this little place it looks like a dinner we check to see if there’s anything around it. Then we find a place to go in it looks like it hasn’t been touched in a while.


We hear a noise turns out there another human alive still

“Who are you” I said bravely

I’m I’m Misty “what about you two?”

He’s Lukas and I’m Bonqweeqwee

How’d you get here? Missty said shaking

How are you still alive? Lukas asked “I barely made it out my house.”

“Well I was working here when it all went down and I bordered up the place and hid.” Misty calmly said

Well at least there’s another human alive now. We need to stick together so nothing can happen and figure out how this all happened and see if there’s a way to to turn them back to humans again and safe earth.

Maybe if I can stick with them I’ll be safe or I’m going to have to be the leader.

Hey we need to do something I think they’re getting in it sounds like they’re going to get to us. Lukas said quietly. “Do you have any wood or something hard that we can put up?” 


“Where are we going to go?” Misty said breathing heavily while running “we need a place to stay keep low.”

“We’re going to need food soon.” I said staring at them “but where would we find any the town must have took it all or its out dated or infected.”

“I think I saw a place somewhere down the road when I was running for my life.” Lukas said

“Maybe we can make a run for it at night they can’t see us then but you have to show us the way well make sure you don’t die tonight.” I said

“Hey guys I know this might be a little late but before this all went down I heard that Washington was making a medicine for something like this and since were only in Oregon I just don’t know were at in Washington.”  Lukas stumbled

“Let’s go now up there and find out see if we can stop this before more people die. The first place I think we should look would have to be the science lab they have and see if they were working on it there and if it’s not there were just going to find the government place and go from there.” I quietly said

“I wonder if we do find this medicine if we’re going to have to teach them everything again?” from misty

“We’ll find out if we find the stuff.”

-To Washington-

“We need a map we can’t get there without one I mean unless you guys know the way by heart then by all means show me the way.”

OH I think I saw one on the way in but it might be covered in human guts!

Go get it we might be able to salvage it.

: leaves dinner:

“It gets really dark in the woods at night I’m kind of scared I don’t like the dark. There’s so many around there starting to walk in groups. ”

Shhhhh we don’t want them to wear us

Umm I think they already did RUN!!!!


Over there I see a building. Let’s go



-In the building-

“Are we going to die I really don’t want to I’m too young to die now.”

“You’re not going to die yet ill make sure of it.”

We have to keep low again we’ll try again tomorrow rest now

-Move meant-

“You can’t sleep either” I said

“Nope I’m just too scared, I watched my family die in front of me and I did nothing to help them.” Lukas quietly said

“It’s not your fault there gone you couldn’t stop it even if you tried without dying with them.” I softy said

“But it is I was the one that made noise and they saw us I killed them, my stupid self-killed them.” Lukas cried


“Shh don’t cry don’t blame yourself you’ll see them again.” I told him while trying to hold him.

“But I just can’t get over them” I’m sorry

“Who’s crying” Misty said while waking up

“I was”

“Can I ask why?”

“Oh nothing my and banqweeqwee talked about it already I’m good now I’m going to try and sleep we need that rest so we can have energy for tomorrow.”

“Oh okay well goodnight.” Everyone said

-The next day-

“Time to get up we need to find food. “I quietly yelled

“But where are we going to find any? “Lukas replied

“We’ll find something on the way but we have to try and get out of here”

“Okay but how are we going to make it there if we don’t have any weapons?”

“I was up almost all night making some out of stuff around here, it’s not much but it could last a little.”


-Moving out again-

“Cost is clear let’s move. Witch way do we have to go? ” I asked

“North” misty said

All I could think about on this trip was Lukas I felt so sorry for his I didn’t know wat to d or say I’m trying to keep him afloat hopping he don go down.

“WTACH OUT BEHIND YOU!!!” Lukas and misty yelled

“AHHHH RUN” misty cried


“Hey over here you ugly looking pace of trash!” Lukas yelled at the dead person



“I got this” Lukas responded 

“Don’t mess up we need you please.” Misty and I said

“I won’t leave without you, here take the knife.”

-Blood everywhere-



“I see a building let’s see was it is we need to hurry.”

“Wow what is this place.”

“I’m not sure but let’s see if it’s clean and look around see if there better maps since we made it to Washington look for things that can help us find the navy, base science labs, the Whitehouse, and government places. I’ll go this way Lukas and misty go that way.” I told them

“Let’s go Lukas.” Mist said

“Wow I can’t believe a mall like this is still in good shape.” Lukas said “I haven’t really been to a lot of malls but this was is huge.”

“Oh look over there there’s some maps maybe they can help us.” Misty said

“Good lets go check it out.”

-Walks around mall-

Maybe I can find something to help him while were finding the medicine I think I heard that there’s a navy base about 15 miles west maybe a toy could help or locks that say his families names I just feel so sorry for him. Whoa I think I found something...

-Banqweeqwee goes and finds Lukas and misty-


“I think I can get us to the navy base I think they have it hidden there Okay let’s move if we start now we can make it by tomorrow morning” I said


-Heading west to the navy base-

“Whoa hold you guys I think I see I it the base but I see people moving maybe there’s people that are alive there.” I said

“I’m scared what if there not human what if there those thing I don’t like this.” Lukas said I can’t do it (starts to cry)

“Don’t be scared I’m here it’s going to be okay.” Don’t worry

Let’s go

-Moves closer to the base-

“There not human please tell me the medicine is still good I hope I can’t live in a life like this O my.” Lukas sacredly said

“We can do this we just have to hide from them maybe if we get a none living human and walk behind it they won’t notice us.” I said

OH NOOO WHERE WILL WE FIND A NONE LIVING HUMAN to do this with we need something to hold it.

-To be continued-

Submitted: November 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 sam12345. All rights reserved.

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