The Virus

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The Virus is a short story where the town in Twin Falls, Idaho is infected by a deadly disease. No one can escape the virus, except for children.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



During 2016, in the late fall, in Twin Falls, Idaho my three friends and I are hanging out where we usually do, in the woods inside of a great big hollowed out tree. This tree is probably the biggest one that my friends and I have ever encountered. The tree is where we hang out all of the time, especially when we have nothing else better to do. “You guys are going to get yourselves killed,” I said.

“Oh, shut up Taissa,” Jack screamed, “aren’t you supposed to be the dauntless one of the group?” Jack was your everyday average smarty pants that thinks he is erudite all of the time, and is better than everyone else. He might be smart, but he sure looks dumb all of the time, and let’s not forget how much of a boor he is. He was extremely tall, I think the last time I asked him his height he was six foot five inches tall, and he has white hair, who even has white hair at the age of twenty-two?

Just because I’ll take some risks, and do some crazy stuff does not mean I will climb a tree a million times bigger than me,” I shouted, “If you guys fall I’m not calling an ambulance, and then I will really be laughing at you.”

“Very funny Taissa, you couldn’t leave your best friend even if you tried, you will always come back for me,” Sally yelled. Sally is my best friend, we have been through everything together, and I could not imagine my life without her. She is short just like me, but she has red hair, mine is blonde. Sally has always been in love with Jack, and it kind of makes her all love sick and stupid. “Hey, guys I think I see someone,” Sally hollered, “I think they might be hurt, Taissa go see if they need help.”

“No, come down here I am not going all by myself,” I screeched.

“We’re coming give us a minute, we went too high,” Evan roared. Evan is my boyfriend, probably one of the best guys I knew. He is very tall, but not as tall as Jack, and he had blonde hair like me, and he is very facetious. He is very protective over me and his friends, but sometimes he can get a little crazy about it.

“Please hurry, and be careful!” I cried. Suddenly, I saw someone running towards me; the child was wearing an old, creepy Halloween costume, it gave me the chills. The child was holding her stomach, and she were kind of running sideways, like she was sick or something. As soon as she got closer to me I asked, “Are you okay? You don’t look so good.”

“I don’t feel very well,” said the tiny little child. When she looked up at me I saw something terrible, the worst thing that I have ever seen in my whole entire life.

“Your face...” I pointed out, “It’s peeling off.” I was so frightened I could barely move, I didn’t know what to say, or do. Finally my friends showed up, I was so relieved that they could help me with the situation. “Guys, over here!” I shouted, “There’s a little girl who needs help.” They all ran over as quick as they could, but by the time they got over to me, and I turned back around the little girl vanished. She was gone, and I had no clue where she would have went. We are literally lost in the middle of the forest, where would she go? When they got to me they all started questioning me.

“Where is she?” Sally asked, “Is she okay?”

“I… I… I don’t know,” I finally spit out. “She was right here, I swear. She just disappeared.” I tried to explain everything, but they didn’t believe me.

“She probably just ran back to her house,” Jack stated, “I mean stranger danger, right?”

Evan added, “It was most likely some kids pulling a prank, but when they saw us coming they took off, they are far away by now I bet.”

“You guys don’t understand it was so real,” I cried out, “Her poor face, that must have hurt so bad!” We started heading out of the woods to go home, when I realized something. “Hey guys, don’t you think that little girl would have gotten lost in here? I mean this is a giant forest, anyone could get lost, especially a child.”

“I told you, it was probably a prank, her and a couple of friends or something,” said Evan.

“She was just so little though, I don’t think a little kid and a few friends could pull that kind of sick prank,” I muttered. When we finally got out of the forest and back to civilization, I went home and threw myself directly on my bed, and fell fast asleep. Next thing I knew, I woke up screaming for help. Evan ran into the room to see what was happening, and he grabbed me and held me down so I would stop shaking and screaming. After I got calm, I told him about my dream, I dreamt about the little girl and her peeling face. It was horrible! “That was the worst dream that I have ever had,” I said in terror.

Evan replied, “Everything is okay now, I’m here, and you are safe, just calm down.” Soon after I didn’t realize it, but I passed out in Evan’s arms. The next time I woke up which was eleven o’clock the next day, I was woken up by the smell of eggs and bacon.

“Mm, what smells so delicious?” I wondered. I found myself walking into the kitchen, and seeing Evan cooking. “What’s all of this for Evan?” I questioned.

“I just thought you deserved a nice breakfast, and by the way everyone’s on their way with donuts and coffee,” Evan acknowledged. When everyone arrived we all ate eggs, bacon, donuts and drank coffee, and talked nonsense. We ended up watching the television, and I could not believe what I heard when we turned it on.

“BREAKING NEWS! A virus is spreading throughout the nation, and most people that have come in contact with the virus has noticed some insane side effects. These side effects include nausea, peeling of face, crying blood, skin rotting, bones snapping out of place, and breaking, plus more! There are a lot of side effects that are going around from this virus, so far we have only seen it kill adults, all of the children are alive, but they are now deranged. People have been calling in and saying that they have seen kids infected with the virus killing all of the parents and anyone over the age of twenty three.” the newscaster explained. “It seems like the children are just killing anyone that has power over them, or shows that they have power over them. We suggest you all stay inside and lock up tight, and STAY AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN,” the newscasters shrieked.

“I told you guys it was real, and you didn’t believe me!” I cried.

“But Taissa, that is a really hard thing to believe, how would we know a virus is going around making children insane, and killing adults?” Sally tried to explain.

“We better just stay here for the night, and see what the news says tomorrow,” Jack suggested.

“That’s a great idea!” Sally screamed, “Since there is only one other bed I guess Jack and I will have to sleep together.”

“Um, that’s okay,” Jack replied, “I’ll take the couch.” Everyone fell fast asleep soon after we started to watch scary movies, and we ordered pizza and they actually showed up! I am pretty sure I heard Jack climb into bed with Sally in the middle of the night. That is very surprising. In the middle of the night I woke up with a severe headache and pains through my body.

“OW, it hurts, it hurts so badly!” I shouted as loud as I could, “Please make it stop!” Evan woke up as soon as he heard me.

“What’s wrong? Taissa what’s happening?” Evan cried.

“Everything hurts,” I hollered, “Help me.” Evan wasn’t sure what to do, so he held me in his arms and rubbed my head, and I fell back asleep. When we woke up the next day, we all forgot about what we watched on the news yesterday, but when we turned on the television, once again, they were talking about the virus. Everyone in our whole town except a few people under the age of at least twenty three were infected. The virus that is going around is very deleterious, and if we didn’t figure out what to do fast, we would be infected too. “Evan, Sally, Jack!” I wailed, “What are we going to do?”

Evan stood up quickly and said in a calm voice, “We’re not going to panic, we will be calm and walk to the car, and then we will drive to my family cabin, it’s about six and a half hours from here. I know it may sound long, but at least we will get out of here.” Evan has a family cabin in Missoula, Montana, sometimes we take trips up to it, but it is such a far drive; and I get terrible car sickness when I am driving for a long period of time, or just sitting in the car. Even though it is so far away, we all decided to go with him on his plan, because Evan has the perspicacity to know when to get out.

“Okay,” I mumbled, “We’ll go.”

“Are you crazy Taissa, or did you just lose your mind?” Sally objected, “I am not going out there!”

“Calm down Sally,” Jack interrupted, “It’ll be fine, we’ll do what Evan said, and calmly go to the car, and drive up to his family cabin.”

“Fine, but if I die it is all of your guys fault,” Sally promised.

“Okay we should go,” Evan suggested, “I don’t see anyone outside.” When we walked down stairs into the lobby of the apartment building we saw something that would not let me sleep. We got downstairs and I was the first to go, I saw flies and maggots everywhere. There were dead and rotting corpses all throughout the room.

“We’ve only been inside of the house for one whole day, how did the bodies start rotting so quickly?” I wondered.

“Let’s keep moving,” Jack demanded, “I think I’m going to be sick.”

“This is disgusting,” Sally squealed. We finally got outside, and as soon as we were up to the car, a stampede of people ran at us. I couldn’t see anything, and we all got separated through the crowd. I saw one girl lean over really quickly and throw up, everything was blood red. When we all caught up to each other, and jumped into the car, the strangest thing happened. “YOU’RE EYES!” Sally panicked, “There… There… There bleeding, just like the newscaster said one of the side effects were.” I was terrified I immediately looked into the mirror in the car, and as soon as I saw the horrible sight, I covered my face as quickly as I could.

“Taissa, it’s okay,” Evan pleaded, “Please don’t cover your face, we’re here for you, no matter what you look like.” I slowly lifted my head, and when I looked at Evan all I saw was complete terror. He is scared of me, he doesn’t even want to look at me I can tell. I didn’t know what to do, everyone is scared of me, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I sank down into the seat, and put my hood on, so no one could see my face. I fell asleep, and the next thing I knew I was being carried into Evan’s family cabin.

“She’s not well,” Sally whispered, “She needs to go to the hospital.”

“I doubt the hospitals are open,” Jack told them, “There is so many people infected with the virus they probably have no room, or any clue to a cure. She’s better off just sleeping, and we’ll see what she’s like in the morning, Jack added.

“Okay well I’m going to lay down with her, and make sure she’s alright,” Evan yawned. When Evan came over to me I heard him keep saying the same thing over and over a few times. “Are you awake? Taissa are you okay?” Later on that night I was being moved again, but this time I wasn’t being carried by Evan. I heard voices, children voices, and when I looked down at them they were all dressed in terrifying costumes. They were kind of chanting.

All I heard was “She will save us, everything will be normal again, she will save us, we will all be fixed!” I wanted to scream, but nothing would come out, I kept trying to jump down, but I couldn’t move. They eventually dropped me, and I look around, and everything was black. I couldn’t see a thing.

A piece of tape was ripped off of my mouth, and the rope was cut off, and a quiet but loud person stood in the background looking very bestial in the shadows voice said, “Taissa you have been chosen to save us, you are the only twenty two year old that has lived through the virus so far.” “We are not really sure how you are still alive, but you are so you must help us.” “Were all dying,” they voice said with concern, “and I promised all of these kids that I would protect them, and help them.”

“I… I don’t know what you want me to do,” I mumbled, “I don’t even know why I have the virus, or why I would be the only one to survive it.” I was so confused, and not sure what was going on, but I needed to find out. “Why is this happening? Where did the virus come from?” I asked.

“No one knows, and we cannot figure it out, all we know is that we need your help to stop the virus,” the voice said creepily.

“How do you get rid of a virus, if you do not know why it is here, or how you can get rid of it,” I thought to myself. “Well I am willing to try, only if you can also help me figure out how to help you,” I stated.

“We know why the virus is here, and how to get rid of it!” someone else shouted, “It’s all because of YOU!”

“ME? How could I have anything to do with the virus?!” I exclaimed.

“It is not you,” the mysterious man said again.

“No it is not her!” people started screaming, “It’s her baby!”

“My what?” I cried, “But that’s impossible.” I was so shocked, and I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen with fear. “Please tell me you are joking,” I sort of laughed, “I don’t have a child, you are all mad!”

“You might not have a child now… but it will be here soon,” a child replied.

“You are crazy! I’m not pregnant if that is what you are trying to tell me,” I blurted out. “This is insane,” I thought, I would know if I were p… pre… pregnant!” “No, this is absolutely ridiculous,” I yelled. 

“Why don’t you take a look at your stomach if it is so ridiculous,” a little child chatted. When I looked down I saw the craziest thing.

“My stomach… what have you done to me?” I questioned. Whenever I looked down I saw my stomach grow. It looks like I am nine months pregnant, I couldn’t think straight I was extremely fervent.

“Your baby will be born soon, and there is no stopping it from what will happen after,” the man in the shadows confirmed.

“What do you mean? What will happen after my baby is born?” I asked.

“We shouldn’t tell her, she will be too frightened Carl,” a child whispered.

“We cannot just keep it from her,” replied Carl. 

“Wait, did you say Carl? Where have I heard that name before? I wondered.

“Uh, don’t think about it too hard, you’ll hurt you and the baby,” Carl howled. I was certain I have heard the name before, but I couldn’t remember where.

“PLEASE! You have to tell me what will happen when my baby is born!” I squeaked. 

“When your baby is born, you will die,” the man told me, “And there is no stopping it from happening; because when your baby is born… it will be on your twenty third birthday.

“Tell me you are truly joking! My birthday is at midnight tonight!” I wheezed.

“We already knew,” the man stated, “That is why we have brought you here, we will be delivering your baby.”

“Excuse me, now I definitely know you are mad,” I laughed, “You want a bunch of children to deliver a baby?”

“Don’t be silly dear, I will be delivering your baby,” a voice whined from the shadows.

“Who is that?” I questioned. When I thought this couldn’t get any worse, it did. “Evan? Is that you? Why would you of all people be doing this?” I screamed. I was so overwhelmed by everything that has happened, and when I found out it was Evan that was doing this to me, I felt so enervated.

“Don’t worry my love,” Evan smiled, “All will become clear when she is born.”

“Nothing will become clear Evan! When she is born, I will be dead!” I scolded. This was the most terrible night of my life, and the minutes were ticking away, soon I will be dead and my baby will be born. It’s eleven forty five, it’s almost time.

“We only have fifteen minutes!” Evan warned, “The baby must come out, NOW!” When I heard Evan yell out how much time was left I panicked, and then out of nowhere someone crept up out of the shadows.

“Taissa? What’s going on?” Sally yawned.

“Sally! What are you doing here? You must get as far away as possible,” I demanded.

“Jack and I woke up and decided to go for a walk in the woods since you and Evan weren’t at the cabin,” Sally slurred, “Why are you out here? And why is your belly so big?”

“I’m… pregnant, I spilled.

“That’s not possible, I saw you earlier this morning and you were your normal size,” Sally giggled, “Stop trying to mess with me.”

“Please get me out of here Sally, there trying to take my baby! Get me to a hospital please!” I begged. Jack appeared out of the shadows, and he picked me up and ran as fast as he could.

“COME ON SALLY!” Jack shouted, “LET’S GO!” Jack ran, and ran, and ran until we finally found the road. “We’ll be there soon, I swear Taissa,” Jack promised. We finally reached the hospital, and I got into a room, and a few minutes later, the birth was an ephemeral, I had the baby, and I had her before midnight.

“Would you like to hold her?” a lady asked me.

“Yes, I would, very much,” I replied. I held my baby in my arms for about two minutes, until…

“Ma’am your face… It’s peeling and your eyes there bleeding!” the lady cried out. After she told me what was happening, I knew there was only one ending for me… death.


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