The Fishing Trip

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This is about two mennames Joe and Frank going to Rio de Jjaneiro for a fishing trip. Then there was a storm and they had to survive in the water.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016




I was very vehement about my hobby to fish. So was my friend Frank. Frank and I are going on a fishing trip in 2 days.

“We need to go to the store to get some food for the cabin we are staying in,” I said.

“When we get up in Brazil we need to get some more fishing equipment because I don't know what lures to use,” explained Frank.

“I'm just going to take a couple of my fishing poles up to use .Then I’m going to take money up to get more lures,” I said.

When I get home I’m going to get some of my clothes together. We are staying in Brazil for a week. I also need to get a raft and survival things in case of a storm. I need things like a compass, raft, ropes, line, and hooks for fishing in the raft, a knife, and something to purify water.

We have one more day till we leave for Brazil and I need to pack my clothes today. I’m going to need some pants and shorts. I am also going to take some rain clothes in case it rains on the boat so I don’t get wet. Frank and I are going to take my boat because it is bigger and faster. Tonight we are going to get our things packed and going to get our rods and things in the boat to have more room in our car for things like food. Then I had to pack the food I wanted to take and then I put it all in the car. I drove to Frank’s house when he had all of his things packed up and then we put it all into the boat and car. We finished packing his things into the car at about 9 pm then I drove home and went to bed.

The next day came and we were all ready to go. I went to go pick up frank at his house and we were on our way to Brazil. It’s going to take an hour to drive to the airport then we are putting our boat and car into a cargo plane and it will take us 17 hours to fly to Rio de Janeiro. Then we will have to drive another hour to get to where we are staying for the week.

We finally got on the plane I feel like it will be fun because I have great amity with Frank. Then we put our carry on in the compartments, and then we took off. We were flying for 3 hours and it was very boring. But it was cool flying over the different places and the ocean. We saw many different cities and land form.  Then I went to sleep.

We landed in Rio de Janeiro at 12:45 pm. I got the car and the boat out of the cargo plan and we were on our way to the cabin. Frank drove me there it took us one hour to get there. Frank and I just went to sleep when we got there. We will just dock the boat and unpack our things in the morning because we are so tired. Frank and I woke up at 8 am. We ate breakfast and started to unpack our things. After we were done unpacking I docked the boat so it was ready for tomorrow. I went fishing for a little so I can find a good spot to start for tomorrow. But Frank stayed back at the cabin to get everything put away and to settle.

The next morning Frank and I went out at 6 am. We couldn’t fish all day because of a storm that is moving over to us. We brought our raft and other survival equipment in case something would happen. We were several miles away from shore. Frank and I were catching different types of fish that I have never seen before. I started to see the clouds from the storm.

“Hey Frank we have to get out of here the storm is coming,” I said.

“Ok let’s reel in our line and then leave,” commented Frank.

Then out of nowhere it started to pore down rain and the waves were getting bigger and bigger. Our boat nearly tipped over until 10 minutes later one big wave that tipped the whole raft over. At least we had the raft and other things ready for this to happen because of the big waves and the little boat the waves could easily tip us over. So we had to get into the raft so we didn’t get hurt. The boat sunk as fast as a rock. It evanescent into the waves. Since it was raining from the storm the first thing we tried to do was set up something to collect rain water. Then we got all of our things situated. It was a couple of hours until the storm passed by. In the meantime Frank and I just were doing nothing but collecting water and sitting in the rain. The day went really slow.

The next day we woke up and I needed to start fishing for food, but Frank was still asleep. It took a while but I caught 4 little fish and used one for bait. We needed to cut the fish up with the knife I got incase this happened. Frank and I only ate one fish a day so we could last longer with it and every day we caught more fish so we would not starve to death.

Three days went by and far away I was able to see land. Frank and I got so excited.  We were drifting right towards the island. It only took one day to get to the land by drifting but that was not the end. We were just on a big island but we knew were we were because we had a map with us too. I pulled the raft onto shore high enough so it didn’t get pulled back into the water by the waves. Then after that Frank and I started to work on a little shelter made of branches with a leaves on it so we didn’t get as cold at night. We had a knife so it was easy to get the branches for our shelter. At least Frank is very virtuoso with his building abilities. He is very erudite about building. Even though the shelter was very ignoble because it was built out of branches and leaves.

We found a carrion of an animal and it was making us sick so we had to put it somewhere else. Even though we are becoming very despondent we are never going to give up. We were working the hardest we ever worked before. I am in a quandary because I do not know what to do. Frank and I went to sleep. The next day we went to walk around to see what we could find. After 3 hours or so we found an old abandoned cabin. We went to go look around inside and there were some tools and a flair gun with one flare. We need to use this flare in case we see a boat, helicopter or a plane. There was also a mirror we broke so we could take a piece of it to reflect against the sun in the day for fires and to signal someone. We built our shelter near the shore so we can easily find it. Also we put the raft near it and since it is a neon color it will also be easy for other people to see it. All we had to do was find the shore line and follow it and we will eventually find our shelter.

We got back to our shelter and fished till we had food for a couple of days. Then we went to sleep for the rest of the night. The next day we got everything packed up into the raft then went back to that cabin. It had plenty of room for a helicopter to land and it had a big path to the ocean in case we heard a boat coming. The night came and we saw a plane flying over the ocean we shot the flare but the pilot did not see the flare. Frank and I lost all hope. We started to get sick because the lack of good food and water. We could not drink the ocean water because of all of the salt. We would only be able to last one more week if we did as good as we have been doing with food.

We started to get very weak, tired, and sore. It hurt me so bad to move. I had to try my best to stay alive though. Frank and I were just at the beach collecting berries and catching little fish and crabs. Then we heard a helicopter it started to get near. I had Frank run back to get the piece of glass to reflect the sun while I was waving the pilot down and yelling. He saw us we both felt relieved that we were saved and able to go home. We were lost out in the middle of the ocean for 4 weeks. Our families were happy to hear that we were ok. They were formidable for weeks. Surviving was the antithesis of easy. They were the ones that called for a search team because they did not hear from us for a couple of day and got worried. I got to finally go home and see my family again.


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