The Synthenic Syndicate

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This story is about someone who appears human but is not, she is more than that and takes over.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



“You do know it didn’t have to be like this,” Angie said “but the times have changed and I’m now in control.” Angie has a very soft and somewhat soothing voice. All I can see is the glow of her bright red eyes and I can barely make her out with the moonlight of the jail cell I am in. She then proceeds to step closer, against the bars. “This seems all too familiar.” She is slightly light skinned, and really long, shiny, black hair in twirling curls down both sides. She even has a soft tone to her face and a warming smile. But don’t let that fool you. She is pure evil. “And now… we arise into this new world… we don’t even have to look human anymore… and you’ll be stuck to watch the change happen…”

“No,” I shout back, “you can’t just take over everything, what the heck would be left!?”

She retorts back with, “I wish I knew Zika… now… goodbye.”


Hi, my name is Zika, and no, I am not a mosquito disease from Florida and I am rather facetious and candor type of personality. Things weren’t always this dark. It was always a setting of amity until about five years ago, with the disappearance of one of my best friends, Lilian, it all started. Me, my girlfriend, Rose, and my best friend, Leon, were walking around the woods one day on a hunting trip.

“I bet I’ll get me the biggest deer out here,” Leon stated. He seemed to be strong and was rather tall, reaching about six feet. He had short dark brown hair and had a serious look about him. His eyes were a steel shade of Blue.

“You wish,” Rose replied, “I’m the top shot here.” She was a pretty woman with a good body, beautiful alluring face and with long ginger hair. Her eyes were eccentric with them both being half blue, half red, split evenly horizontally across. She was about average size for a girl, about five feet, nine inches.

I come back with, “Sure, but you don’t exactly know my skill… I’m the true marksman out of us.”

My looks are plain and simple. About five feet, ten inches, short dirty-blonde hair. Green eyes. Not too particularly muscular, yet strong, with an easy-going type of look.

“Sure,” Rose said sarcastically,” Like you can drop one before us.”

Leon said, “Look! There’s one now!”

We all raise our rifles to shoot. I take first shot. Then I hear Rose shout out “look out!” But it was too late. A girl, about my height stepped in front of the deer and took the bullet. But what was astonishing was, there was no blood and she was clearly hit in the head, and the deer was not hit, yet she got back up like nothing happened. I frantically run over and ask if she is okay.

“I’m fine,” She states with no bullet wound at all, picking herself off the ground, “just a minor headache.”

“Who are you,” I and Rose ask in unison.

The girl replies, “I am Angie,” She says with a look of chagrin.

And that is how we met her. She seemed so nice but hid a lot. About two years later she was able to change everything. She assassinated the president easily. She just walked in, took multiple shots, and still stood like it was nothing. She simply walked up to him with a hidden curved blade, and gutted his innards out like a pumpkin. She killed everyone there and congress soon fell after that, leaving complete anarchy.  The government was somehow able to take her down and lock her up in a top secret government facility, leaving her trapped. About a year later, the government rebuilt itself, arresting and killing billions due to the anarchy of no government, and had new elections. However, another year, she broke out and is pissed. She took an army of synthetic humans like her that was being tested on by the government and rather than killing congress, she took over, making it antithesis of what we have now and making it her monarchy. She forced them to work as her personal slaves, and empowering her with everything. Knowing the secrets of the government, law enforcement, and everything that’s going on. She held a grudge against me, and accused me for attempting to kill her. She did not forgive in four years. That day, we hear the reporter on the news saying, “An attempted attack on our queen! If you see anyone by the name of Zika, Rose, or Leon, your reward will be bountiful and they will be sentenced to death. Bring them alive for a bonus award. Help our queen get rid of these assailants,” and he posted pictures, personal information, etc. We knew we had to start running. A year after this new earth, we keep finding ourselves farther away, yet closer to death. We are devastated and enervated from running, and we are able to find a good place to hide. It was a basement like area, hidden in a house that seems familiar. Little did we know the basement was a big room, yet a lot was hidden in darkness.

“H-hey,” We hear a familiar shy voice say.

“Whose there,” I ask with slight fear.

Rose chimes in with, “Hey, I know that voice!”

Leon exclaims, “Are you sure? Although you do have a point, it does sound familiar.”

Just then, a girl about Roses size steps into view. She was the same height and had short-ish black hair, with white eyes and a black outline to them.

I say with shock, “Lilian!? We thought you died! How are you still here?”

“Hiding… like you guys… trying to make a way to stop her… I don’t know why she wants me dead, but I’ve been working for five years to try and create something to stop her… and I think I’ve done it,” she says.

“Who is Angie, why does she want to kill everything,” I ask.

Lilian replies with, “She is designed as a robotic human looking person, with helpful traits… normally designed to help, but it all got out of hand, when people started to use her, and abuse her… trying to keep her captive as a slave… I was able to track her.”

“So, she’s a synthetic,” Rose asks.

“Yes,” Lilian says,” And I’ve figured out where she is, and how to stop this! We just need to restore power and there is one in here… so watch out.” She seems to be rather factious.

We do not split up and stay strong in numbers, finding various weapons, gadgets, and eccentric items along the way. An old gun, yet highly effective semi-automatic bayonetted carbine rifle, the Selbstlader m1916 for me, Rose equipped now with an AUG a3, a modern fully automatic short scoped rifle, Leon armed with a Remington 800, a modern 12 gage shotgun, built for close range, and Lilian with a .44 Python revolver that is heavy, but deals massive damage. We are well equipped. I test fire my gun to see it is loaded and a loud bang erupted from the weapon and echoes the halls. After a couple minutes of our ears ringing in the small room, Lilian speaks out, “Are you crazy!? It’ll hear us! Unlike you, I don’t want to die!”

“And your shouting isn’t helping the cause,” I say as I pick up two clips for the gun, “and I wanted to test if the weapons are loaded.”

Rose breaks the argument with, “enough fighting and let’s move on.”

“Agreed,” Leon said slyly as he loads shells into his weapon.

We move on, needing the use of a flashlight to see. We let Lilian lead because she knows the place. “How do you know this place so well,” Leon asked.

“It’s mine,” Lilian replied, “I had it made to work on projects of anything I desired… it worked amazingly… before…” she went silent. “Never mind, let’s keep going.” We all keep on moving for a short amount of time before we happen to find the power room. It was simple and small with extremely dim lighting. We flip the switch on a panel and hear a loud banging and the hum of electricity. But just then the door to the room slammed shut. We all look around dauntlessly. What we saw terrified us. It was a human like being standing by the door, with one right hand and a hammer for another. There were few pieces of human looking skin, peeling off and instead of finding blood and guts, we see a metal endoskeleton, with a rather ignoble build. It’s one of them. “What in the heck is this,” I exclaim, “whatever this freakish thing is, it’s about to die. Tell this terminator that Sarah Conner isn’t here!”

“Don’t,” Lilian said, “It may think were hostile.”

Rose sarcastically chimes in, “Us? Hostile? No, it must confuse us with robotic zombies like itself.”

Leon casually walks up to it, “This thing is the hostile one h-,” he was interrupted from it driving the hammer into his stomach at super-fast speeds and knocked him back a few feet. It looks over to where Lilian is standing. She does not hesitate and unloads 4 rounds into its head, but that did nothing. It rushes to her and before anyone can do anything, she is knocked out cold on the ground from a blow to the head, slightly bleeding from her nose and mouth. It looks at me and charges. Rose shoots a clip of about thirty five rounds into its back. It stops and seems to be in agony. It turns and charges at her, however she dodges it and it runs into the wall. There is a flashing red spot on its back. “Aim for its back,” I shout, “It’s a weak point!” It quickly turns in a blur and hits Rose in the stomach and she falls to the ground, winded. It charges at me and pins be to the ground, raising its hammer for a finishing blow. This is it, I thought, this is where it all ends. The end of everything… “Bring it,” I shout, “Kill me already, god dang it!” It hesitates to do so, hammer still raised. Just then, I hear a loud bang behind it, and it falls to pieces. I then see, pointed at where its back was, the smoking barrel of a Remington 800, and Leon wielding it. He helps me up and I see Rose holding Lilian over her shoulder. “She’s out cold,” She said, “Took one hell of a hit.” We then proceed to find the exit to the main room, waiting for Lilian to wake. About an hour of boredom and waiting she wakes up and asks, “What happened?” I explain everything that happened in full detail. She seems horrified yet impressed that we were able to kill it. She brings up a map in a room that is now well lit, rather than dark and we see that it is some sort of control room. There are several boxes of mechanical wiring and everything that all seems too complicated to comprehend. The screen says, St. Louis, Missouri, 2022, Nov. 11, somewhere underground, and shows a very detailed map, almost as from satellite imaging, showing a red dot of her location in real time. We all wonder how it is somehow underground. We go to the surface, following a map on Lilian’s tablet, letting her lead, hiding from the occasional patrolling Synth and police officers, and a few drones outside the Hollywood Casino and Hotel. “There,” I say, pointing at the place, “I bet it’s there… look at all the security.” We are in a backstreet alley, hidden from the streets. We see a synth walking in the streets far away that stops and looks at us. We all freeze in fear. It does not seem to notice and continues to walk along. “That was close… thank god… Thank god we didn’t have to mess that one up, am I right,” I say with a hesitant voice.

“You don’t need to hide that you’re nervous…” Leon says, “I’m a bit on edge and I’m sure Rose and Lilian are too.” We all stood there for a second, almost positive we were hidden. However behind us, we hear a clank of metal and there is one behind us. Ready to kill. We did not take our time, and ran for it. We get closer and closer to the place and the more and more we are shot at. The synthetic behind us seemed to have a chain gun rather than a hammer for an arb with human skin intact. “Who the heck designed this thing,” I shouted, “it’s like a Storm trooper, and it can’t hit a damn thing!” I have a feeling of confidence as we run to the casino, however that confidence was shot down and quickly replaced with despair.

“That’s because it wasn’t trying,” Angie said, standing at the door with 2 guard synths at her back, both with a sword for an arm, and a long hydraulic metal pole for another, “they lead you here due to my command. And now… I am taking the world… The statue of Liberty, The White house, the flag even… all resembling me…” The two guards are now along our side. She says with excitement, “And a Special live execution of you four! I’ll start with little Miss Lillian… she did create me after all…”

“What,” I shout out as I flinch back, “your lying!”

“It’s true,” Lilian proclaims. Just then, we are knocked out in quick succession. Hours later I awake in a cell, seeing only the inside of my cell from the moonlight. “You do know it didn’t have to be like this,” Angie said “but the times have changed and I’m now in control.” She was standing outside my cell, observing me. The cell was of an average jail cell with a dungeon like twist to it. All I can see is the glow of her bright red eyes and I can barely make her out due to the very low lighting. She then proceeds to step closer, against the bars. “This seems all too familiar.” I look at her with extreme hatred. I will end you… and every last one of them… I thought. “And now… we arise into this new world… we don’t even have to look human anymore… and you’ll be stuck to watch the change happen…”

“No,” I shout back, “you can’t just take over everything, what the heck would be left!?”

She retorts back with, “I wish I knew Zika… now… goodbye.” She then turns around and walks off. About 30 minutes later, a person walks up to my cell. However, they are human.

“You there,” The mysterious person said, “Do you want out of here?” She walks up into view. Her voice was a deep yet serious tone. She seemed to be rather fit, soft face, long brunette hair with blue eyes.

I ask, “Who are you?”

“My name isn’t too important,” She says, “Let’s get out of here. She has Rose under captive with her. She’s using her as a slave before killing her. Lilian and Leon are waiting for us at the staircase up. Also, I believe this is yours.” She hands me my old weapon I scavenged. She picks the lock on the cell and opens the bars and we proceed to the staircase.”

“So here’s the plan,” Leon states, “me and Lilian will hack the airwaves and convince everyone to rebel. You and Valarie here will try and take them on.”

I add in, “What!? Do you really want me to die that bad? They’ll tear us to shreds!”

“No,” Valarie states, “I was able to find the mainframe that controls them all on my way to free you, and I hacked it to where they think we all are one of them.”

“Am I the only one here that does not know how to hack here?” I say sarcastically.

“Yes,” Everyone else says.

“Great,” I say, “So I’m basically as pointless as glasses for blind people.”

“Stop it and let’s go,” Leon says. Me and her walk up the steps and to our surprise, we are able to walk right past them. We seem to be in the midst of what seems to be a rally. We see rose on a platform about 5 feet off the ground and more of them on the platform with guns aimed at her. Firing squad. Without hesitation or fear I quickly aim at them and shoot them all in the head. They all get back up healing themselves and leave her to attempt to find us. We hear Angie attempting to order them to kill Rose, however they cannot. About an hour of staying hidden, she finally spots us. “You two,” Angie shouts, “Since they won’t kill you, I will!” She proceeds to rush up to us with lightning fast speed. She knocks m down to the ground with a sharp metallic object raised. Valarie takes my gun and shoots her with it, however nothing happens. She is about to kill me, when we all hear a puzzling noise of what seems to be a large crowd yelling in the distance. We see over the hill, Leon and Lilian running at us, along with a huge group of people. The rebellion idea actually worked? It didn’t fail? It’s not even opulent, I thought. They ran and clashed into the synthetics, all them shooting, stabbing, punching, kicking, you name it, at each other. Leon helps me and Valarie to my feet while Lilian goes to help Rose. I re arm myself with my weapon and solely focus on Angie. She attempts to charge at me again and I dodge, unloading several rounds into her back. Leon drives his 6 inch serrated hunting knife into her back and she lets out a scream of agony. She pins him up to a wall about to stab her. Mows my chance, I thought. I reared the butt of mu gun upwards and further back and ran at her with all the energy I had and drove the bayonet into her back and through the other side. She falls off the tip of the blade and onto the ground. She stays there dead. In a moment’s time, all the other synthetics start to fall. One, by one, by one. Until humans were the last thing left. “We did it…,” I say as I pant for air. “Humans always overrule...and shall always win...we killed her in the name of justice…”

“I’m… so sorry…,” Lilian states.

“For what,” Valarie asks.

“It’s all my fault,” Lilian continues, “I made her as a helper. She was designed and released into the world to help people in need. I did a good thing… before all of this, she saved lives, not take them… People started to abuse her and make her a slave… she was so fed up, she even killed a man… then was sentenced life in prison… she broke out about 5 years ago…”

“You… shall… pay,” Angie says as she gets back up.

“No you won’t,” Valarie says, as she walks up to it, pistol whips it to the ground, and shoots its head to pieces in one shot with her modified .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol. We all walk back to our homes and finally are able to rest. It took about 2 years for the government to fully reform. Terrorism leads to nothing but defeat, no matter how well it is preformed, how big your army is, or who you kill. You are always going to lose. I lay into my bed, laying there in an unnatural relaxed position, in deep sleep. Well, there you have it. That’s how we won and how the government came back stronger and better. The humans were superior, and I am human since the day I was born. I would tell you otherwise… Would I? 

© Copyright 2018 Oogie. All rights reserved.

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