frogs vs toads

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



“I don’t know if we should go, what if someone gets hurt?” explained Eli

“We will be fine” said Tyrone

  Tyrone and Eli were to best friends, and members of a gang called the Frogs. They were arguing about going to The Pond. The Pond is a pond in Pennsylvania where gangs go to do illegal stuff like gang wars, sell drugs or even kill random people. The Toads (the rival gang of the toads, led by William) are always at The Pond. That’s why Eli does not want to go he is scared something bad will happen. Eli is a short chubby frog that doesn’t like crime, he is only part of the gang because his best friend is in it.

  After a long period of arguing Tyrone finally convinced Eli to go to The Pond with him. They just arrived at The Pond and Eli was starting to feel sick.

“Everything is going to be alright” said Tyrone.

  There he was, William a humongous brown toad with long legs a bright pink tongue sticking a little bit out of his mouth. He was yelling at his crew members for eating flies. Then he spotted the frogs standing on one of the lily pads.

“What are you doing here?” yelled William

“We decided to hop down to the pond, to see what is happening” explained Eli.

“Get out of here!” shouted William

  So Eli left with Tyrone, but Tyrone was not happy. He thought about that all night, it made Tyrone angrier every time he thought about it. Later the next morning Tyrone hopped over to Eli’s because Eli made him breakfast. He had cooked him dead fries, Tyrone’s favorite thing to eat. Then Tyrone brought up the discussion of killing William and the rest of his gang. Eli did not like the idea.  But he decided to go along with the plan.

  After they ate, they hopped to The Pond again.  This time William was sleeping.

“Wake up!” screamed Tyrone

William began to open his eyes then he saw Tyrone and Eli, He jumped up as fast as he could.

“I said I never wanted to see you her again!” said William

  William was furious, one of his crew members told him to calm down. William kicked him into the pond with a bunch of piranhas. Everyone at the pond started to leave quickly. Not Eli and Tyrone they stood there watching William yell at his own crew members, the pond went completely silent then..

  William screamed “Why are you still here!?”

He got so mad his face got as red as a tomato and steam started pouring out of his ears. Eli and Tyrone still stood there quietly watching everyone leaving, terrified. William started to walk towards them. Eli and Tyrone started hopping away, it was like a chase.

Then, all of a sudden William stuck out his long pink tongue and stuck it around the leg of Eli, and slowly started to pull him backwards. Eli was screaming as loud as he could for Tyrone to help him. Tyrone hopped to Eli as fast as he could. William then threw Eli into a humongous rock by the pond. Tyrone went over to save his best friend, but by the time he got there, it was too late. Eli was dead and Tyrone couldn’t save him now. Tyrone broke out into tears, knowing that his best friend had been killed. Tyrone stood up, angrier than ever.

“I’m going to kill you!” shouted Tyrone

“You can try!” said William

  Tyrone then realized that this whole thing was his fault. Eli never wanted to be in a gang, he never wanted to go to The Pond, and he did not want to keep taunting William. He did it all because Tyrone, his best friend wanted to. Eli’s death was all his fault.

  Tyrone know what to do, so he hopped to his house once he got home he cried for hours, remembering all the stuff they did together. Like going out to eat flies, and the time that they went swimming on the pond. Finally, the most important moment, when they met…

It was a drug deal at around 8 pm at The Pond. Eli was just hopping around, he looked to his left and on a lily pad, he saw a frog with a toad pressed against his head, the frog was Tyrone. Eli used his tongue to grab the weapon out of the hand of the toad. Eli hopped toward the toad, the toad hopped away as fast as he could. Tyrone thanked Eli and introduced himself, from that moment on they were best friends. Tyrone moved in next to Eli, they would hang out every day. But now that’s all over, the bromance is over.

  Tyrone decided he should tell Eli’s family, so he hopped over to Eli’s parents’ house. He knocked on the door aggressively.

“Hello, Mrs. and Mr. Pogge.” said Tyrone

“Hello, what can we help you with?” asked Mrs. Pogge

“It’s about Eli” explained Tyrone

“Is he in trouble?” asked Mr. Pogge

“Sadly, he is dead.” said Tyrone

  Mr. and Mrs. Pogge started to cry. Tyrone told them that he was plotting revenge, they told him that violence is not the answer, and the police will take care of it. Tyrone did not agree with Mrs. And Mr. Pogge though.

  But he waited a few days, to see if they could catch William for murdering Eli. But they did not. Tyrone was hopping down the street one day when he saw a police office.

“Hello sir” said William

“Hello?” answered the officer

“Have you learned anything about the murder of Eli Pogge?” Tyrone asked

“No, we closed that case.” explained the officer

  Tyrone got mad. He started to argue with the police officer. So decided he to be a cop. He went into training.

Later in life he actually became a cop and arrested  He felt like a hero.William.




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