Teenage Pregnancy

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This is a story about a teenage girl named Taylor who gets pregnant in high school.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



“No Taylor I do not want you anywhere around Robert, until he straightens up his act,” yells Juliet, Taylor’s mom.

Taylor replies “Mom, I love him. Do you know what it is like to love someone?”

 Her mom says, “Hunny can I talk to you?”

“What now?” Taylor screamed, “You are so annoying.”

“I do know what it is like to love someone, but this is not love. I am worried that you will end up in a bad situation with him, why can’t you just listen to me? I am speaking to you as your mother.”


Last night, Taylor called me on the phone.

I met a boy named Robert from school. Do you know anything about him? Taylor wondered. That was on a voice message so I called her back.

“So Robert, which Robert?” I said.

“Robert Frankie, do you know anything about him? All I know about is that he has blonde hair, blue eyes, and he seems super nice.” Taylor replied.

“I would not get caught up with him, you are in your 9th grade year. You are going to get in major trouble when something comes along between you two and you know it.” I replied.

“Why can’t anyone be happy for me? Are all of you, including my mom, just this stuck up? If I love Robert, I love Robert. There is no changing my mind.”

“Whatever do not and I repeat do not call me when he gives you problems. Goodbye.” I said.

(There I clicked the end button)


Taylor calls me 5 months later balling her eyes out

 “I am 6 weeks pregnant with Robert Frankie’s baby.” she said.

I replied, “Are you serious? I told you something bad was going to happen. Did I not tell you not to call me?”

“I know you warned me. I need to tell my mom. She already did not even want me to see him.” Taylor said.

 I said, ‘Tell her and call me back.”

(Taylor calls Juliet) “Mom I do not know how to tell you, so I will just say it. I am pregnant with Robert’s baby. Please do not hate me.” Taylor says as soon as her mom picks up the phone

“You have to be kidding me I told you to stay away from him. I told you he is nothing but trouble! You are a very smart girl get your head in the game. You have your whole life a head of you, you are only in 11th grade!” Juliet yells.

“I have to tell Robert. Can I go to his house to tell him?” Taylor asked.

“No, but Robert can come here. I better get used to it. He needs to step up and be a father.” Juliet explains.

“Thank you for not being mean about it mom, I love you and I really am sorry.” Taylor replied.

“It is okay hunny, everyone makes mistakes.” Juliet said.

“Thanks for understanding mom” Taylor said.


(8 months later) “MOM!” “ROBERT!” Taylor screams, “MY WATER BROKE I THINK I AM IN LABOR!”


Weighing 7lb 5oz a beautiful sweet baby Izzy was born at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Hospital, at the beginning of Taylor’s 12th grade year, she brought so much joy into the family. Her parents and the only two grandparents she had left adored her. Robert and Taylor loved little Izzy who brought them into a whole other world when no one thought that they could make it as teenage parents. With Taylor being 17 and Robert being 18 and them becoming teenage parents they got a lot of hate. They both agreed that the hate was worth it. Izzy, Taylor, and Robert make a beautiful little family. Both parents say now that they have no regrets. I know Izzy and she is a beautiful little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Congratulations.” said Juliet.

“She is beautiful.” said Chris, Robert’s dad.

(1 year later)

It is Izzy’s first birthday she is a joy able, happy, laughable, beautiful, sweet little girl. Taylor and Robert were very happy about celebrating their sweet little baby girls first birthday and wanted her to have the best party they could dream of. Taylor’s mom explained that they should not spend tons of money on a one year olds birthday party because they will not remember it, because they were one at the time and the only thing that is most likely going through their heads is when are all these people here? And what are they doing surrounding me? So Taylor and Robert decided to have a little party at the park many family and friends came to celebrate Izzy’s first year of life. They could all tell Izzy was as happy as a one year old can possibly be!


(1 year passed)

  Taylor and Robert loves having their own little family and they decide it is about time that they moved out of Juliet’s home. They needed a home of our own to raise Izzy in and get her use to the environment at a young age so when they do move she would not be too confused.  They did not want Izzy to get to that age where she is in school and has to switch schools because they have to move out of Juliet’s home. Taylor and Robert said they would rather do it now rather than later.


(3 months passed)

Their apartment was coming along just fine, getting everything set up was a pain but, with the smiles it brought to that family, I believe it was all worth it. Taylor and Robert would probably tell you the same thing. With me being Taylor’s best friend she is constantly nonstop telling me about how much happier Robert and her are now that him and her got their own place. It is so great to finally see Taylor as happy as she is after all the hate she got with Izzy’s birth. She enjoyed the hate and did not let anyone bring her down. If it were them she would never judge them or them down because she knows that being a mother is one true happiness that she wouldn’t trade for the world. Around this time is when Robert decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life being with Izzy and Taylor nothing in the world was changing his mind. So he is going to start planning very soon!


(3 more months passed)

Robert started planning the proposal and he was very happy to be asking Taylor to spend the rest of her life with him. He was a little nervous on what her answer would be he was almost positive that she would say yes but wasn’t to certain. She was always so happy around him and always told him how she would love it if they spent the rest of their lives together. She was not to found of marriage just yet because they were still so young but, he was going to go for it anyways because there was not any doubt in his mind that this is the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He thinks she feels the same way.


(6 months later)

‘Taylor will you marry me?” asked Robert

“Yes I would love to marry you!” Taylor replied.

“Congratulations.” said Juliet.

“Congrats Son.” said Chris.

“Thank you.” replied Taylor and Robert.

“You are welcome.” said Juliet and Chris.

(1 year later)

The wedding takes place in the summer of 2013, to be exact on July 11th. The wedding turned out beautiful and Taylor and Robert looked so happy. Izzy was dancing around the room bringing total joy and happiness to the parents. Even Juliet looked happy which in the past would have been a surprise. Juliet wanted Taylor nowhere near Robert when they were younger, because she knew that he was only going to cause trouble for their family. Now Juliet realizes that Izzy was no mistake she was a beautiful wonderful blessing. Whom is turning into a sweet little girl and deserves the best life she could possibly have. Juliet loves being Izzy’s grandmother and would not trade it for the world. Izzy was one major joy in her life and she loved when she was around.


Juliet was nowhere near close to being happy about the pregnancy but, when that 7lb 5oz little baby girl was placed in her arms she completely changed her mind. She could just imagine when that sweet baby girl turns to her and calls her grandma for the first time. She was beyond happy about the sweet little girl Izzy was becoming. And, she was completely right the second Izzy looked up at her and called her grandma it melted her heart completely. Hearing that world come out of the sweet little girls mouth and knowing she was directing to her, she cried and

said “I love you Izzy”

Izzy replied “I love you too grandma”



Taylor is going to college at University of Chicago for nursing. Izzy gets watched by children’s world daycare center. She gets to interact with many other kids too, it is so great she always come home with a smile on her face. She is joyful and loves to sit down and talk about her day. Taylor had told me before that she refused to let her go to daycare until she could talk. Some daycares are mean to the kids so she wanted Emma to be able to tell her all about her day and how the people there took care of her.

Taylor said “That will not be my kid. I will sue.”

It gets to the point where Izzy is now 3 and needs to interact with other kids, so Taylor finally makes daycare an option. She finally let Izzy be in daycare and soon enough she will be hitting Kindergarten.



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