Code Red

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is called code red because his wife was taken and it alarms him. This is story In the beginning You wouldn't think its a mythology until you hit the climax. Take a step inside of this war as I explain the war that king of the warrior kingdom won.

Nando Franco

Mrs Niedbala

English W3


Code Red



So you thought you were slick? Hmmmh. No one takes my queen and beats her till she's bloody. My kingdom is furious and so am I. This was only about last night when I went for my walk and I found Samantha's clothes on the ground covered in blood . This is when I knew the Grimald  kingdom did this I haven't spoken a word their kingdom in years why would they do this to me? “Tonight I will make a meeting with all 12 of my generals and explain why we are going to war,” I explained to my main General Garciais.

Later on that night I was at the meeting and my General Sotus explained how the only thing we know about them is that they have a larger army than us. After the meeting all i could think about was the  numbers theirs against ours. I couldn't have gotten any less sleep that night because what happens if we can't win what about my queen what about my kingdom? The next morning i woke in a panic from my dream it felt so real it was about the war and how I could have a chance of seeking death. My children could never see me again after January.  It can be  the worst war and lose or it can be the best and win we can strategize better than any kingdom. We can flank out the right hand side and put at least 600 men at the front and only line. We can accomplish this but we're going to need some serious help. I talked to General Garciais the next morning and explained to him about my plan and who we can get help from and when I told him he said, “ How are they going to help, they hate us?”

I said back to him, “ They hate the Girmald kingdom as well “.

General Garciais “I’ll send the fastest messenger we have”.

“ I need him to hurry Within 3 days no less!” I explained.

“Yes sir,”  General Garciais said.

As I walked back to the my personal dusty old armory room all I could think about is  Am i really fit for this job should I fight one last time and be victorious  and save my kingdom once again with the powers of\ zeus and poseidon? How will i get their attention again they have not been incontact for awhile now? I grabbed the equipment and walked outside to the training courtyard.  First strike I made went right through the dummy and that's when I knew I still had it in me.  When I was done training it  was ridiculous how much sweat drenched  I was  in.

“Training hard i see? You going to fight in this battle and win it all over it again?” General Sotus added.

I said back to him “ Ha, hopefully I even survive this one! That was 17 years ago when I had to save my last queen”

General Sotus said back to him, “ That is when I didn't know you I just knew I had to fight for my kingdom. I almost didn't live if you didn't kill that guy.”

I questioned him, “ That was you I saved? I would have never guessed it was you that was saved.”

He said back to me “ Yeah i’ve changed a lot. I have to go and see if that messenger came back yet.”

I replied “ Ok  see you when you get the news?”

He replied back quickly “Yes.”

As i walked back to my huge Bedroom to get clothes to change into I notice something in my window. I walked over to see  what it was and it was a note and said Your messenger is gone now who will you send? Yourself ? That is probably your best option. Come soon before it's too late!

All i could think to myself was do not explode don't  do it keep your cool and you will head out tonight. Later on that night I got my armor and weapons and got ready and walked out to leave and of course I ran into General Sotus and he said to me

“I can't let you leave.”

I shot back quickly “ Why not i'm only going for a lil walk.”

He said “ I'm not stupid. Either I go with you and you tell me the truth on where you're going or you not leaving .” I took a deep breath and said

“ The messenger got killed  and now i'm going to talk the watery kingdom. Where it is far and dangerous so if you're ready let's go.”

General Sotus said “I already knew you were going to let me tag along so I already packed up i got food and everything.”

I looked at him strangely and said “ Ok?”

Not even half way through the forest and I already had to pull out my sword and kill four monsters and I found a little boy who was antithesis boor and was very kind and told him

“Go to my village and he will be well protected  and also to go to my bodyguards to them that I said for him to be just as protected as I am.” He shook his head yes and I handed him a dagger to protect himself. Walking along not only were we almost there but I wasn't surprised to find so many carrions but I was upset and sat down and cried when  I found my little cousin with a knife and note in his chest the note said  He didn't even know where he was going he just wanted to find your wife and save her but he's just as much as  failure as you are. I crinkled up the paper and put it in my pocket

I couldn't believe i found him it was on my mind for the next three  hours until I was blindsided by a giant and he struck me in the face I could not move for at least 25 seconds all i could see is General Sotus and the huge giant squaring off in the brutal fight I finally got up in a struggle knees feeling like sand falling through my hands I swung the giant around to face me and I stabbed him the the skull and Spartan kicked him in his chest pulling my Sword out of his skull was relieving as I walked away I  felt him grab my leg and pull me to the ground and i heard 2 arrows zooming out of nowhere and the grip on my leg loosen. I turned around to see the giant officially dead. As we walked  away I heard a voice say

“Hey you come here!” So I walked over to see who it was and when he came out of the bushes i seen the ocean emblem and I knew we were very close to the watery kingdom

The first thing to me was “ What do you want with my kingdom?”

I replied back to him “ I'm here to see King Tom and i'm the  King of the warrior kingdom”

He said “ Follow me then.”

We got inside and all eyes were on me and my general. We went up to the king's room and I said to him “Thank you for speaking to us I just had a real quick question.”

He said “ What is it?”

I shot back “It's the grimald kingdom an...”

He interrupted “ You need help because I will be more than willing to give it to you but there's a catch to it.”

I said “ What is it? “

He said “I want 17 percent of the gold that you get when you win.”

I shot back real fast “Deal.”

He said “Ok my whole army will be there .”

I asked “When will you send them?”

He took a moment to respond but said “They will be  Leaving with you so you might want to stay a night.”

I look at General Sotus and he shrugged his shoulders and I  looked at the king and said I “Show us to our rooms then sir.”

The King said “Ok show them to their rooms now.”

Walking away I was hoping and praying to the gods that he was candor about their deal. As we got settled into the room I felt very uncomfortable I felt if I fell asleep something was going to happen and I would have felt chagrin because the guards would have to come in and save me. That would be pretty embarrassing I would  say . I went to sleep and was woken up by strike of lighting and a man was there and I looked closely and it was zeus himself  

He said “Here take this bag and drink the potion.”

I responded in shock “ What's inside?”

He said “ Have I ever let you down before ?”

I said quickly “ No you have not.”

He said back with a big smile on his face “Ok then trust me i have to go remember if you don't win then we lose and we lose the war up in the heavens so you have to win.”


I said back “ You will not regret this Lord zeus.”

Later on in the early morning like really early Out of nowhere poseidon Barges into and Lays a replica of his tridon on the floor  and a potion and says to General Sotus

“ i know my brother stopped by for him but this is for you and my oldest brother and nephew is at the village with General Garciais Giving him weapons because we want to make sure you guys win for sure.”

We left that next morning It was foggy and you can't see 2 feet in front of your face  and we had the whole woods to our  face and only the kingdom to our backs Surprisingly we got there with no problems arrived the place was a straight up ghost town sort of a desolate place. No one was outside and still foggy I was looking around and no one was in houses every one evacuated i guess this is when i knew the war is today in a ephemeral amount of time my army came out and we were one huge army combined with the both of us . From our backs we heard a warrior cry and from at least 700 feet away we seen them

I hurriedEzekiel Elliott up and grabbed my generals and told them “ Me and general sotus is going for my  queen and you General Garciais Will go for for the guards. Ok?”

We started running around the army some how no one noticed us. It was easier than thought my heart was running faster than a horse. I told general to stop and we Was spotting were Queen samantha was she was in a cage with Their king and his main body guard I felt really safe with aegis on.general killed his main guard while me and their king were fighting he stuck me in my chest and i shot a bolt of lighting at him and he gaot back up and stabbed him the chest And pulled out my dagger and struck him in the throat I ran over and Ran through the cage and grabbed my queen and i Turned around to see my general dead on the ground the his guard  still alive i had nothing and neither did he we went to hand to hand combat and before i knew it i won me and my queen ran back to the castle and stayed their unitl it was all over and we lived happy ever after.


Submitted: November 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 darren gaus. All rights reserved.

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