Fullmetal alchemist fanfic

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yay my first post this is a fanfic with me and all my friends in here

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

YA I hope you all liked my prologue and here is chapter 1 Read Chapter

Chapter 2

YAY CHAPTER 2 HOPE YOU ARE ALL ENJOYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Read Chapter

Chapter 3

YAY CHAPTER 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read Chapter

Chapter 4

“WHEELY CHAIR RACE!” Olivia screamed at the top of her lungs. We dragged Amberlen and Kes into the room and told them our pla... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

*Amberlen’s P.O.V.* I watched as Kes ran after Olivia and Amaya “ Well it’s been fun Roy but now I must go.” I ra... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

YAY Chapter 6 this chapter is completely random and also so you know later on i will not be going through the depressing part with Nina and Alexander it makes me sad Read Chapter

Chapter 8

*Olivia P.O.V* We completed our mission with ease came back informed Roy on what we saw we then went back to our rooms when we got ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

  *Olivia’s P.O.V.* Suddenly Ed walked in asking if he missed it Amaya rolled her eyes “ DUH!” She said “ ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

*Amaya P.O.V* I was sitting on the couch reading when I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” I yelled The door opened ... Read Chapter

chapter 11

*Olivia’s P.O.V* I looked over to Amaya and she began to flip out “ OMG HOLY CRAP ED JUST ASKED ME OUT!!!” She said exc... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

*Kes’s P.O.V* “Finally off that train and in Lior.” I yelled as we got of the train “ Yay finally that train was unco... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

“ But i’m sure if you believed the sun god would make you taller.” Rose said to Ed. But before Ed could strangle her Amaya grabbe... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

*Olivia’s P.O.V* “ D**N IT!” Ed yelled from the library room. Amaya ran to the room along with Kes, Amber, Lieutenant Ross, L... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

*Amberlen’s P.O.V.” For the past two months Amaya has been stuck in a coma I haven’t left her side even to sleep. Ed blamed h... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

*Ed’s P.O.V* Olivia, Amberlen, Kes all left leaving me and Amaya. I was on the verge of tears. “Ed what’s wrong?” She a... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

*Ed’s P.O.V.* The door opened and Olivia was standing there. “ We will let the two of you talk alone.” She said calmly ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

*Olivia´s P.O.V.* I had just came back from a date with Al at the pub (HAHA XD) when Amaya walked in. “ Ha another date gone... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

  *Ed’s P.O.V.* I walked and sat next to Amaya on the couch I could have swore she slid away from me. “ Amaya I’... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

*Ed’s P.O.V.* “ Ya cuz you are a dwarf” Amaya said “ Don’t call me short.” I growled. Amaya stepped away from me ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

*Kes’s P.O.V* Yuck! That was really gross. They really are back together. It is great that they are both happy again! I ran back ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

*Amaya POV* “ OMG MORGAN IS THAT YOU?!?” I ask “ Yep.” Morgan replied. I gave her a hug. “ I missed you so much... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

*Kes’s P.O.V* Amaya was crying really hard because she knew that she could only be a *freak* As what she would say. But I knew th... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

“ I DON’T WANT TO DRINK THAT DISGUSTING COW JUICE!” He yelled. Al looked up and said “ Just drink it brother.” “You... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

*Amaya’s POV* “Nice job stealing my boyfriends pocketwatch Bunny!” I said laughing “Thanks!” Bunny said laughing. Sud... Read Chapter

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