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As we drove to Jericho, California Dean let me pick the music. I plugged in my new IPod 5S and started playing some songs by One Republic. “Please tell me that Horan guy left you alone after what happened the other day.” Dean said while keeping his attention on the road in front of him. “Calm down Dean he’s just a friend unlike you.” I said in a sarcastic voice. “What is that supposed to mean? You don’t like me or you do?” Dean asked while taking hold of my hand.

“Silly goose… I love you and that won’t change. Niall was just a friend who I dated in the past… but you are my future.” As I said this Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor started to play.

“I guess I should be paying attention to this song then?” Dean asked me. I just gave him a wink and sat back in my seat listening too the song. We for about 3 minutes when a big black shape flew a top of the car. I felt the roof fall down on my head before I could even make a sound. As everything went black I heard Dean call out my name.

I woke up too the sound of someone screaming. My eyes flew open without me even thinking about it. I saw two figures. One was holding the other by the neck. As my vision came into focus I realized that Dean was being held by a demon. As my vision cleared out I saw it was a girl. She was yelling at him.

¨Why did you do it? She was an innocent girl who was taking care of business and now because of you she has been sentenced to a horrible sentence in the Underworld.¨ She yelled while choking him. A man appeared from behind her. He pulled the girl's hands off of Dean's throat.  H held her down as she screamed words that I will not repeat a Dean. Dean sat there trying to catch his breath. The man looked over at the girl, who was glaring at him, too see her jaw muscles flexing.

¨Calm down Shyla¨ He said quickly putting his hands up in the air.

¨We don't want another Chernobyl, now do we?¨ He asked her.

¨No that would be bad. Even worse than last time since we have both grown a lot. Well, at least our vessels have.¨ She replied the wheels in her head turning. They must be demons then. I saw Dean pick up a knife, obviously not hearing them, and start to get up. I tried to warn him but my body didn't follow its orders. All I got was a finger twitch. He got up and threw the knife a the two demons. The man caught it in his hand without even looking up.

¨Since your girlfriend is now conscious and you are still alive I suggest you get down on your knees.¨ He said after turning his head too look my way. I watched as Dean tried to run towards me but was held back by an transparent shield. I felt asleep rushing into my head like a flood after a heavy rain.

¨We will leave you in peace for now but you both owe us your lives. Get her to a hospital. There is a cop down the road to help you.¨ He said before disappearing. I felt Dean's hands on my face as everything went black once more.

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