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a historic fiction piece......luigi and his men set out to find a great creature that can kill a terrible illness only to find some obstacles along the way. Will they make it in time or will disapointment be near in the future.

Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Sept.14 1992: Tomorrow i will begin my jouney into the Deep Forest. There lies a deer that has the blood of all antidote. I am known around the greatplains as Luigi, but my actual name is luigihuan.My tribe needs me. Winter is before us and there is a terrible disease going around with the name of Boya. As the chief of the comanche it is my job to find the beast, kill it, and return home with the cure. At dawn my men and I are to set out into an adventure.12 troops are to follow me as I lead the into victory. I have estimated the amount of time we are to set out and locate the deer and the amount of time boya will take over  my colony. I am to return home with in 3 days or all will be lost.

Sept. 15,1992: The cariage waits along a dark, scary, foggy road as my men fill in 6 buggies I hear people say that time goes by when your on the road, but i guess sence we were not doing anything, 36 hours of ride time felt lie driving through the Great Depression. There was a point of time when the horses were feeling tired so we pulledd over and gave them a rest. Weather was harsh. The rain felt as if gumballs droped droped from the sky and thethunder was louder than listening to the patients it the center care yelling to God to help solve their issues. I remember thinking we have buta long way to go, but to test my luck, we were right there. The deers nest.

Sept.15,1992: All we had to do was  get in the right posistion and head in, but i guess the beast spotted my crew before I did him because when I called out,"Left Wing in position no answer to be heared. I soon realised that all my men were dead and that I was the last man standing.I waited until the deer was sound and sleep before I went in. After 2 hours of waiting, I took a leapof faith, pulled back the string. Icould feel the wind sweep back my hair as i focused in on the heart. I realeased the blade and heared a sudden weep. When i was able to go up to the  deer drain the blood from the heart into the hasten I was on my way home. 

Sept.17,1992: theride semed to be longer than i remeber so i got out of the carrage took a horse and speed my way home. I was there in less than an hour and when i arrived  everyone was  long dead. I was unable to complete the journey in the mater of time. I not only failed my tribe but i did myself. At the time i was to wrapped up in how porly id done to realised that i to had been infected. I waited a  period of time before i drank the antidote.

Sept.17, 2004: This was indeed 12 years ago and i am still ashamed of this event. Never will I or HIstory ever fofrgt this moment. I now live on an Island  near Canada with my heade down traveling through the jungle. I face all types of creatures on a daily bases trying to make up for what I did.

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