2 A.M

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Late night inspiration

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



Lately, i've been holding my pillow tighter when i fall asleep
And there's dreams of kissing other women
And then of you, in between

Life seems sadder, but not harsh in any way
I have no worries, no troubles
I'm just stuck to yesterday
This haunting feeling of emptiness
It takes, and takes, but gives nothing back
Why do i need someone else to feel like myself?

Am i broken beyond repair
Is there no hope to be found in this despair?
I've tried to fill this hole, again and again
With women of all shapes and colors of hair
But none of them have felt remotely the same

As when i buried my face into your neck
And wrapped my arms around your tiny waist
As when i cried my heart out on that French restaurant
Cause i thought my life was falling apart
You took me in, held me tight
told me "everything's gonna be alright"

Oh lover you're a piece of art
I long for your big blue eyes
Why must we be apart?
Cause nothing seems to shine as bright
As you

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