The Girl in the Mirror

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esmeralda lives in salem massachusetts. she lives in a sinister house that was built a long time ago. she experiences eerie things which got to the point where she had to go to her parent's house in maine. those horrific things came along with her and not only did she experience them her whole family did. there is one supernatural thing that happens with a mirror. esmeralda gets sucked in and has to find a way out of the mirror world before it's too late. will she get out? or will she be to late.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



 The Girl In The Mirror

My name is Esmeralda and I live in the most fascinating, elegant town called Salem, Massachusetts. The foliage is so exquisite it brightens up my day. Every morning you can hear the river behind my house raging at rapid speeds. At night you can hear the wolves howl. I find it very calming.

In all of the time that I've lived alone in this house. I swear I've closed more doors than I've opened. This neglected house in the middle of the woods creeps me out all the time. Its rugged foundation, creaky floors, and cracks in almost every wall complete the creepiness of it all.

At night strange things happen. Once there was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.

Another night I hear knocking on glass. At first, thought it was the window, until I hear it come from the mirror. I wake up and walk over to my mirror. As I start walking toward it a face appears. I keep thinking it's my imagination until I hear a voice come from inside. This time my head isn't letting me think it's my imagination, my head wants me to think this is real life, this is what's happening at this moment, at this time. Once again something happens, a hand reaches out the mirror likes it’s not a solid object. It grabs my hand and the lovely, soft lady voice that I here says to me,

“Come my dear child and you shall see a better world where you're meant to be.”

I  scream and dash back towards my bed.  I notice there is a hairbrush on the floor with a M marked on the back.  I don't have a hairbrush like that.

With me being a wimp in all, I decide to pack a suitcase and head to my mother's house in Maine. My mother’s name is Tanya. She lives with my father Jose and my baby sister Elador. When I first got there I told my mom what had happened. After that my mom looked at me strangely. She notice that I had a scar on my cheek that looked like the letter M.

The first night I was there strange things started to happen again.  I hear my mom yell my name from downstairs, so I got up and started to head down. As I got to the stairs, my mom pulled me into her room and said,

"I heard that, too."

My mom told me to go back to my room and don’t come out. I never go to sleep, but I keep waking up.I keep hearingsounds of scratching at my door.Now this puzzles me. We don’t have any animals, it is very unsettling.

The second night my father told me he awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling with a voice comforting Elador. As he adjusted to a new position, his arm brushed against my mother, sleeping next to him. He goes to Elador’s room to investigate and peers through the door. He sees a young girl holding Elador brushing her hair with a brush that has the letter M on the back.

The very next day I was sitting at my mom’s bureau when the same face appeared.

“I’m taking you my child.” said a creepy lady voice.

She grabs me and pulls me into the mirror. I go straight through without a scratch. I’m passed out and when I wake up I find myself to be in this dark room with one lit candle and someone sitting beside my bed. She has a mask on that covers her whole face. She has long luscious hair.

“You’re awake I see, would you like some dinner?” she asks patiently.

“Where am I? Who are you? How did I get here?” I ask while shaking.

“Stop asking so many questions. Do you want some dinner?” she asks again, impatiently.

“No! Please leave.” I demanded.

“If you wish, I will leave you dinner on the table. I will be back later.”

I thought to myself why did she have that mask on? Later on she comes back with a bunch of people that all have mask on too.

“Isn’t she pretty.” The leader of the masked girls says.

“Why yes,” her masked minions responded.

“It’s time to pick out your mask.” said one of the girls.

I never responded, so one of the girls picked one out for me.

“I will come get you later and your mask will be sealed to your face.” said one of the masked people.

 A girl comes in and drags me to go see the leader for my mask ceremony. Once I walk into the room I see that she is playing the piano with her head turned around so I can't see it. All of the girls are gathered in the room, I'm the only one without a mask on.

“Hello my dear child,  are you ready to be masked?

“No!  I do not want to be masked, I just want to go home to my family, they’re probably looking for me by now.”  I replied.

“What makes you think your family notices that you're gone? I have made an exact replica of you, and I have placed her with your family in the house that I took you from.” said the leader.

The minions begin to say to me,

“This is Mary, she died in a fire long ago. She always used to get bullied and the one thing that calmed her down and let her thoughts escape her mind was brushing her hair in front of her Bureau looking at herself in the mirror thinking and saying how pretty she was to herself.”

The girls say to me once again,

“Her face is burnt that's why she always wears that mask. She brings pretty girls into her world and put masks on them to show them what it's like for her. She used to be pretty but now she's not and she wants us to see what her life is like. Mary is psyco, we want to leave we don't want to be here anymore, but the only way out of here is to have someone come rescue you. But the twist is it has to be your own mother. Also no one has ever escaped. Because no one has ever come and rescue them.”

“How would she know where you are or where to come rescue you when there is an exact replica of you in your house right now.”  I said

Anyways back at the house my mother starts to realize that the replica of me doesn't exactly look like me that much.  It doesn't know where it lives, and it doesn't know how old I am, or what my family's names are.

She starts to realize that this isn't my daughter. She starts to worry,  but she thinks back to what has been going on. She thought back to when my baby sister had that room.  

There were cameras in there, which were still recording.  She decided to check those to see how I went missing.  Once she realized that the girl that I saw in the mirror had taken me she decided to dress up as a pretty girl and start sitting in front of the mirror brushing her own hair.  

When the leader had notice there has been a new girl brushing her hair in the mirror she decided to go after her too. The leader had told all of the girls to go back to their rooms.

Once the process of getting here was over my mother add come to the place where I was. My mother had asked one of the girls to go for a walk with her. My mom asked where the most recent girl besides her was staying.

“That was my daughter.” my mom told the girl.

When the leader found out, she went crazy. My mother and I had to take a harsh journey to figure out how to leave this place. All we had to do was sit in front of a mirror and brush our hair for five whole minutes. The mirror had sucked us into a whole nother dimension.


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