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Hope you know...

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



I met you not so long ago and immediately you made me feel something. You made me feel like for you I was enough, that I was all you would have needed. You smiled at me and In that moment I felt nothing but warmth, nothing but happiness and content, wondering why I could make you smile like that and making you smile and seeing your smile would always be my dieing wish. We became closer and I knew in that moment I never wanted to be anything but next to you. I knew I needed you. I knew I wanted you. But you never knew. You never saw how I looked at you. You always look so beautiful and everyday I see you makes me feel so much better. Your hand in mine, you cuddling into me, I just wanted to pull you closer and let my kiss show you how long Ive been wanting to kiss you for, how much you mean to me. You always ask me why? Darling I always say the same thing over and over. Because you are more than just this beautiful woman I see infront of me. So much more. I wish you could see what I see, maybe then you would understand why I smile everytime you walk into a room. I always play it cool around you but you dont know how I really feel. How when you look me in the eyes really makes me feel. You are so worthy of all my time. All my effort. All my love. These hands and arms are always here to hold you when your'e down. When you need me.

So now I hope you know how you make me feel. How I never want you to let go. How I couldnt ever walk away from you or say goodbye. I hope you know that whenever you reach out your hand I'll be there to hold it.

You always make me feel so complete somehow. I just hope you know...

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