She´s dead and yet alive

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016




Her Death

 Okay so where do I start? Hmm… I got it! I start at the day my mom died. So on a nice beautiful summer day I was playing in the yard with my brothers Keith and Ricknedo. I was about 7, Keith was 10, and Ricknedo was 4. We were wrestling, to be precise, when I went inside to get a drink. I walked by and heard my mom yelling at my dad. My mom was a beautiful woman. She had brown hair with natural gray streaks (she was born with them), blue eyes, and just happened to be 6’3’’. My dad is what some would call a walking monkey. I can let you guess at what he looked like. My dad was a mechanic. Ever since he started I was the only one he let into his office. I soon learned how to build and take apart any type of robot. When my dad noticed my talent he started leaving new assignments for me too do. As I accomplished them my dad would sit on the couch and watch TV. Finally my mom caught on too what my dad was doing. I came in too hear my mom yelling at my dad about what he was doing.

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