Never Forget

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Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



Never Forget


“Alrighty that was “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. It’s a bright sunny morning here in southern California so be careful on your way to work, just sit back and listen to some nice tunes here on 103.7 right after a word from our sponsors.”

The Radio spited out as David jumped out of the daydream he was having. As soon as it ended he tried to go back to even remember what he was thinking about but it was gone forever. This happened a lot on his drive in the mornings. He hated his long hour and half drive to work in Anaheim. The worst part was that as the years go by the drive got worse and worse. Even though the drive got worse his morning routine had been very consistent throughout the years. Every morning he would have to get up out of his bed which seemed more comfortable than when he got in. He would get ready for another long day of looking at another young kid who screwed up and had to punish him accordingly. He never felt bad about it he almost felt good. He was one of the rare judges that still thought that the correctional justice system could help someone if used correctly. It was surprising that David even still felt like this after 15 years of doing so and seeing many returning customers. Many of his colleagues over the years had become complacent from seeing so many cases that made them question weather they were making a difference or not. Many of them felt like this and almost gave up. Giving out less harsh punishments was a cycle that they all fell into. Somehow David was different. He hadn’t yet fallen into that endless cycle.

“And we’re back. Interesting news this morning, there was a fatal break out of the flu in Sudan killing 29 people.” The radio guy spat out.

Finally he was turning into the parking garage at the courthouse luckily about 30 minutes before 9am. By the time he got up to his quarters he only had about 20 minutes to look over the cases that were brought in last night. Fortunately there were a few he had to look over. There was the usual domestic abuse, public intoxication, and the always popular driving under the influence.

As he was looking over some of the small details he saw that one of three drunk driving cases was for Samuel Lewis. He had been one of the returning customers David had seen many times. Lewis had a very long record stretching out for multiple years and multiple different crimes. They were all spread apart and he never broke parole or violated any of the punishment agreements. All the crimes he committed like drunk driving, public urination, public intoxication, disturbing the peace, assault, and the worse was a breaking and entering, which had started his extensive record. All were ones that never resulted in much jail time. David had had many encounters with him and had grown some type of dysfunctional relationship over the years. So when David once again flipped open the file and saw his mug shot clearly showing he was so plastered, David didn’t even need to look at the blood alcohol levels to see that he was most certainly driving drunk.

There were times like these that David felt useless. No matter what he did to this man, nothing would stop him. Even if David gave Lewis the max punishment, which he probably deserved by this time, in a couple of months he would be back here in the morning for some other reason that happened the night before. He felt like there was almost nothing for him to do. But there was always a thought in the back of David’s head that caught him when he was thinking like this. It made him remember all the customers that he hadn’t seen again. All the men and women that he had punished that he has never seen again. He liked to think that he was able to make a difference in their lives.

 So as he finished looking over the rest of the cases, he zipped up his robe and prepared himself to go out. Right before he went into the courtroom he would always take a second to remind himself why he wanted to become a judge. He would tell himself that he needed to flip the switch from being human to something that cant see bias or have any emotion to effect the case.

As he walked out, David hears the Bailiff yell out “All rise for the honorable Jude Nazar.”

David walked up to the desk that was raised over the regular ground level and looked out to see who as all sitting in the courtroom. To no surprise to David it was only the few men and one woman that are waiting for their case to be called. 

First case of the day. He grabbed the file and read out the name.

“State of California vs. Simmons”

Well, time to get to work.


David was pulling into his driveway around 5:30 that night glad he was finally home from a trip home that was even worse then the one he had that morning. As he was walking through the front door he instantly smelt the breaded chicken being cooked by his wife.

Wow it doesn’t smell like she has burnt anything yet.

He set his bag and suit jacket down and walked into the kitchen to see his wife standing over the stove with her Ipad off to the side with the cooking instructions. She hadn’t noticed him walking in yet so he took a second just to look at her trying so hard to cook a simple chicken dinner. He loved the fact that she couldn’t cook. She could manage burning cereal and David wouldn’t be surprised. Somehow in a weird way he thought it was a cute quality about her.


“Hey!” he finally said giving away his presence.

“Oh, hey! I need your help over here! I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for you to cook so I just started it.” She replied.

“That’s ok.” David laughed. “Doesn’t look too bad so far. The Ipad must really be helping you.” He joked at her.

“It does!” she said defending herself in a playful way.

“Where is Ima?” David said as he was looking around to see if he could see their 14-year-old son somewhere.

“Oh, he is upstairs. He told me he had homework to do but I know he is just playing his video game again.” His wife replied.

“I will go check on him and say hi and yes I will make sure he is getting his homework done. But in the mean time do you think you could finish this? You’re almost done.” David said.

“Yes, that’s fine. If I burn something though it’s your fault.” She replied.

“Deal,” David said as he turned the corner to go up the stairs to Ima’s room.

35 minutes later Mary was finishing up plating the dinners for her two boys and finally wondered where they were. She made her way up to Ima’s room to find them both playing an intense basketball video game that they were both screaming over until the moment that Mary opened the door exposing them.  She started laughing at them and at David specifically.

“Is this what you call ‘making sure he gets his homework done’?” Mary asked kindly.

“Uh, yes we are seeing how well the, uh system, umm I mean its for a project….Ima your homework is all done isn’t it?” David stumbled through an explanation.

“Oh uh yes, yeah its all done.” Ima finally replied realizing that he was being asked the question.

“Oh, ok well then come downstairs to eat this meal I somehow found a way not to ruin.” Mary said ignoring the fact that they were so bad at coming up with a good story.

“Ya we will see about that.” Ima replied under his breath just enough for his dad to hear.

David laughed at his son’s small comment and smiled all the way down the stairs thinking to himself how happy he really was.



That was the last time that David felt that way about his life. That day was over a year ago. David hadn’t felt anything even close to that level of excitement since then. Things were so different now. Back then days seemed endless. It seemed like the last couple days of his life weren’t going to come until years still. Little did he know that soon after that he was going to be told about the short life expectancy he had.

He sat on his couch watching TV flipping through the channels and landed on the news station. A young girl was sitting alone behind a big dark brown desk. She looked like she used to be quite beautiful. But like everyone else, including David, she looked like death was upon her because of this dreadful disease they had. She started her news report by saying all small things about the news station but then something she said really caught David’s attention as he was sitting there feeling sorry for himself.

“Hello, tonight some of my coworkers and myself prepared a special broadcast for the last airing for this news station. The infection. The plague. The disease. Whatever you want to call it, it has swept the globe infecting everyone and everything in its way. It has killed about a fourth of the worlds population but the numbers keep rising every second. Tonight with our last broadcast we will report and the biggest news story in human history. “ The news woman said in a sad, calm voice.

She continued on, “For the sake of the segment we will classify this infection as Type A. Type A we believe started somewhere in Sudan just over a year ago. From there it spread like wildfire. Crossing over every boarder in Africa within months. Sudan and Ethiopia were the first ones to officially close their boarders within weeks of Type A breaking out. There were numerous reports from other governments telling the media that the threat wasn’t as serious for them because of the heightened level of their medical systems. They believed they could handle it. I am utterly disappointed to report that they were drastically wrong. Within 6 months it had infected every single country in Europe and was starting to cover Asia. At this point single human beings that classified themselves as a doctor was working on trying to find a cure for this unstoppable cancer of this Earth. Just like in Africa it spread quickly through South America. America itself was one of the last countries to close its boarders because at this point in the world it wouldn’t have done any good. And just under a year it had infected every single country on the planet Earth. Another 3 months have passed since that point. We believe that over 90% of the world’s population has been infected. The other healthy 10% are the scientist working around the clock to find a cure for humanity. Unfortunately, they have been completely unsuccessful in their efforts.” The news anchor started to choke up and had a couple tears stream down the side of her face. She took a deep breath and wiped her face and continued.

“The sickness lifespan is very short. Once one is infected it is believed that they have only 4-6 weeks to live and many of the times it has been shorter than that.” She stopped with a gaze that went through the lenses. She then touched her ear as if someone was talking to her through it. Then she snapped back into it and looked at the camera.

“I… I am just getting notified of, uh, an idea that the doctors have come up with.” The lady said slowly in disbelief.

“Apparently they are asking everyone sick or not to go to their nearest hospital and get blood drawn for testing. They have set up many different stations in each hospital. So, yes, please if you are watching this get up and go to your nearest hospital to get you blood drawn in hopes that they will find a cure for this. God please let this help.” She said to herself as she was getting up out of her chair.

David was stunned. What does he do? He got up off the couch with a shot of pain everywhere in his body that was punishing himself for moving. He stumbled up the stairs to Ima’s room where he was laying on his bed with Mary. He opened the door to see both their heads pop up. He saw Mary’s face and he instantly thought how bad she was getting. It hurt him to even think like that. Then his gaze went to his son who has somehow preserved through this and still looked fairly healthy. David knew he was a fighter. He wouldn’t give up.

“Guys, they made announcement saying that everyone has to go to the hospital to get their blood drawn so they can do more testing on it to try to find a cure. So come on we got to go.” David said softly to this family.

“No. There is nothing they can do. We aren’t going.” Mary replied bluntly.


“No! Stop it David. You can go if you want to so bad.” Mary said as she interrupted.

“Alright. I will just go then.” David replied softly as he turned out of the doorway.

“Wait! Ill go with you Dad.” Ima said quickly.

David stopped and smiled. He motioned to have Ima come with him. So Ima climbed out of bed and continued with his dad down the stairs and to the hospital. David thought to himself that right now giving blood to these doctors was something he had to do as a judge. It was his duty. He had to flip the switch back to being a judge and do this for the betterment of human history.


As the two guys got back home from the hospital two hours later with little cotton balls on their arms they saw that Mary hadn’t moved an inch since they left. David knew that a depression at this point wouldn’t help anything so he went to get her out of that bed and downstairs on the couch where she could at least gaze out the window at the trees. The two boys got her to get up and come down stairs with them. As they were toward the bottom of the stairs there was a knock on the door. All three of them looked up at the door in complete awe. They basically accepted the fact that for the rest of their lives they wouldn’t receive any visitors. They all looked at each other in shock of who would be on the other side of the door.

“Go help your mom into the living room. Ill get it.” David told Ima.

David headed toward the front door and opened it to find it had two men wearing huge yellow biomedical suits to keep them safe behind it. David was speechless that he just stood there looking at them with their intimidating yellow suits.

The man on David’s right said, “Are you David Nazar?” in a very deep serious voice.

“Uh, yeah. What is this about?” Asked David very nervous about the answer he was going to get back.

“Is your son Ima Nazar?” the same gentleman asked.

David stopped and looked at both of them to try to figure out what was going on and why they were asking about his boy.

“Yes but what do you want.” He replied shortly and assertively.

“Sir,” the gentleman on the left started, “we need to talk about your son.”

“What? What do you mean you have to talk about my son? What do you guys want? You guys need to tell me or you can go ahead and turn around to go back where ever the hell you came from.” David replied forcefully.

“Sir please. We are here to help. We don’t want any trouble. All we need is just to talk with you and your son. We are scientist that are working on trying to find a cure.” The man on the left said in a very calming voice trying to get David to calm down.

After a little more back and forth they eventually came in and cleared the place of anything that could cut their suits. They then proceeded to sit down with David, Mary, and Ima. They were all sitting at the kitchen table in silence and a very tangible tension was in the air that it was a very awkward time.

“Sir,” the man that was on the left started, cutting the silence and tension in the room, “As you know that we have been needing blood samples from people so we can do more testing in order to try to find a cure. Well the blood samples that you and your son donated were some of the ones that we first started testing. However when we came across the blood of your sons something very strange happened.”

David was starting to get really worried that something was drastically wrong. But he thought to himself how much worse could it possibly get? He and his family have a disease that would kill them within weeks along with every other human being on the face of the planet.

“There is a test that we do with all the blood,” The man that was on the right picked up the story now, “It is something that we do just in case something like, well something like this would happen honestly. It is a test to confirm that the blood sample has this disease. Well when we started doing this with your sons blood, well I’m not sure how to say this but it wasn’t the same as everyone else. The test came up negative.”

“Wait, what?” David said in disbelief. “Does this mean that he doesn’t have the disease? Is that what your are telling me?”

The man that was on the left stepped in and replied, “Yes. That is exactly what we are saying.”

“Well then what they hell are you guys doing just standing here? Get my son one of those damn suits to keep him safe!” David yelled at the two men in the moment.

“Actually we don’t need to because there’s more to it then that.” The man on the left continued in a calm voice. “Your son Ima is actually immune to the disease. We have done numerous test on his blood and we think we have come up with a conclusion.”

“You think? You think you have come up with a conclusion? This isn’t some science experiment! This is my son you are talking about here!” David yelled back still upset.

“Yes we think. We have no idea. This disease is like nothing we have seen before. The same goes with your sons blood. Its remarkable actually Mr. Nazar. Your sons blood isn’t only immune to the disease but it can cure other blood as well. We have done test and we have come here to tell you that your sons blood contains the cure for this disease.” The man that was on the left told the three of them.

“His….blood has a…..a cure?” David said in shock of what he had just heard.

“Correct. And that is the good news. Unfortunately though I have bad news as well. We know that your sons blood contains the cure but we are unable to extract it from his blood. The only thing that this means is that the cure is actually in his DNA. His genetic make up is what can save the world. So this is the bad news. In order to save the world from this disease we need his DNA to distribute to the world. “

“Ok, so what, Ima just needs to donate some more blood?” David asked hoping that would be the extent of it.

“In a way yes. We need him to donate blood. The problem is that since he is just a minor the amount of blood we need is too much for him to donate and still sustain life.”

“So can’t we just donate some now and some later for him to heal.”

“Unfortunately we don’t have the time to wait for his body to rejuvenate the amount of blood that we need.”

“Ok, so how much do you need then?” David asked still in in confusion.

“All of it.” The man replied bluntly.



The next morning after throwing the men out of their house all three of them were still trying to cope with what just happened. David woke up in pain everywhere on his body. He lay in his bed with Mary and Ima next to him thinking about what just happened. He could clearly see it. Mary was going ballistic at the men screaming and throwing things at them compromising their health. He remembered the men trying to talk on the run out the door yelling all kinds of information at David and Mary. He remembered Ima just sitting there in disbelief. How worse could it get. His son not only has to live with every person he knows dying and now he has to die to save humanity. This wasn’t the life that David wanted to give to his only son. David remembered the men saying that they would do everything they could to get the blood. He remembered them saying that they would take this to the government. David sat there thinking about it and wanted them to so he could shut them down. He is a judge. He can say no to the government. This was his son.

Later that day there was another knock on the door that the three of them heard from the kitchen where they were eating what little food they had left. David went to the door, prepared to shut it right away on a yellow suit. But when he opened it the man on the other side wasn’t wearing any suit. He was a normal guy. A guy that clearly shared the same killing disease that David and Mary had. The same disease that every single person had on the planet except his son. He handed David a thick envelope and left without a word exchanged between them. David held the envelope in his hand still looking down at it with curiosity and confusion as to what it was. He shut the door and slowly walked back to the kitchen with the envelope that felt like it had a huge stack of papers in it. He walked into the kitchen to sit back down with his wife and son that were just looking at him waiting for him to explain who was at the door.

“Who was that?” Asked Mary who was still looking at the door expecting to see more yellow suit men walk in.

“It was just a guy. A guy who just gave me this and then walked off.” David said trying to explain it to Mary even though he still didn’t understand it himself.

“Well open it up then.” Mary told David as he was just sitting there looking at the envelope. David looked back up at Mary and nodded his head and began to open the package. He pulled the papers out and he instantly recognized the format of the papers. They were lawsuit papers. Someone was suing them.

“Well what is it David?” Mary asked him in a very worried frantic voice as she was holding Ima’s hand.

David didn’t say anything back at first. He hardly even heard his wife’s question because he was too busy looking over the papers the instant that he opened the package. As he was reading through the papers he started to understand what this was. At the very moment that he knew what had happened he dropped the papers on the glass kitchen table, stood up and began to pace around the room in deep thought as to what he just read.

Upon seeing this from Mary she became very worried. Even more than she has been in the past several months. There was a little part of her that was happy that there was something going on. She knew she had become depressed with the inevitable death that was coming for her and her family. She was glad not to be in that state anymore. She hated it so much but as she was reaching for the papers, she thought to herself if this outcome was really a better alternative to her own depression.

As Mary tried to decipher the weird language and set up of the legal papers she reached a point where she threw the papers on the table and asked David for an explanation of what the papers meant.

“They are suing us Mary!” he shouted out of frustration.

“Suing us? What do you mean? What are they suing us for?” Mary responded as she was trying to make sense of what David had just told her.

“They are suing us for Ima’s blood. Apparently there is a new law that I have never heard of in my entire life working for the legal system. Its called failing to save humanity.” David said with rage in his voice.

“I….I don’t understand. How can they sue us for our sons life?” Mary asked.

“They can do whatever they want. Its not just the government. It’s the entire world that’s against us.”

As soon as he ended his sentence there was yet again another knock on the door. As if it was becoming something that was nagging at David. It became a symbol of bad news. David in his rage already, walked towards the door and yanked it open wanting there to be someone on the other side for him to punch in the face. Yet again he was surprised to who was behind the door, as he became overwhelmed with a coughing attack that was brought on with the shock of seeing his old colleague.

“Oh my, you don’t sound so good.” The colleague said in a low growly voice giving the impression that he was worse off than David was.

“Yeah well it doesn’t matter now. Now I don’t have to worry about it. The government is going to save us all. Oh, I just have to let them kill my son in order to do so. No big deal.” David replied sarcastically.

“Uh, ya that’s actually why I came over today, barely. I had to take three rests just on the walk down the street to here because I couldn’t handle this coughing. But anyways, I am sorry to say that I don’t have any good news for ya David.” He ended on a soft voice that sounded very odd from the sickness. “I got the papers this morning about the law suit that they have against you guys. And I have to say I am truly sorry on behalf of my government that I have worked for, for so many years. I am truly sorry. They asked me to be the judge on the case and single handily give a verdict. Apparently with the severity of this case all they need to do is have both parties present and then I can give my verdict. There wont be any statements from either party.”

“You got to be kidding me! This is outrageous. This isn’t a court case. This is just stupid legal bullshit that they have to do just to justify it in their record books.” David screamed with fury.

“Yes I know and I’m sorry. There is nothing that I can do. I am not taking the case, one because I don’t want that kind of power in my hands. And two because frankly, I don’t think I’ll be alive in two days.”

“So then why the hell are you here Steven?” David fired back at him.

“Because as the judge on the case if I cannot be the one to appear in court I must nominate another judge of my choosing to continue in my place. That’s why I’m here David. You are the judge that I am choosing to replace me. I already turned in the file. You must be there two days from now at 10 am.”



David stood in his chambers with this robe on and the file in his hand ready to head out to the court room that was filled with people from all over to find out what was going to happen. The government somehow allowed the news to slip out to everybody that there was somebody that could heal them from this disease. The only thing that would stop them would be a selfish father that doesn’t  want to see his kid die. This is was David was thinking about. His mind also wondered to the unbelievable fact that he was the one that had to do this. He has been fighting this from the moment that this co worker delivered this news to him. David couldn’t believe that he was the only healthy judge in the area that could still do this in time to save the human race. 



How the hell am I going to do this? How can I go out to that court room, the very one that I love to spend my days in hoping that every person that I see, I am helping them change their lives for the better, and then look down from the stand that I’m on and see my innocent son who has been thrown into the awful world that is forcing him to give up his short life for something that he can’t even comprehend. Hell something I can’t even comprehend. How am I suppose to tell my son that he has to die, something that he doesn’t even understand the weight of, something he doesn’t know the measure of what he is missing out on, for the sake of everyone’s lives that they have already lived out but cant bear the thought of letting go to the point of wanting a small young boy to take their place. Or how am I suppose to go out there and tell everyone in the world that I value my sons short life higher than everyone else to the point that I would rather every single human being, except one, die. How can I tell them that I don’t care enough about their lives or mine to let my one and only son die? So I come back to the same question, repeating in my head, what am I supposed to do? Why should I have to do anything more for this world? I have worked my entire life trying to help people that have consciously committed crimes that they don’t care anything about. Why should I have to do something that makes my own bones curl for somebody who will just take advantage of what they have been given? What gives them the right over my son?

Ok David there is a right answer somewhere here for this situation. You just have to find out what the best thing is. I just need to simplify it down to the basics to see what the bottom line is. I need to be an unbiased third party that can give a verdict that is truly the best outcome possible. I need to a judge that gives the right answer, the answer that will fix this problem that I was forced into. I need to turn the switch back into being that just judge that doesn’t care about the consequence or the situation. I need to be that judge that sees things in black and white. Right and wrong. Yes and no. I need to do what I have been doing all my life. I need to do my job.

All right, lets look at the outcomes of each decision that I could possibly make. Well this should be easier than normal; there are only two outcomes.

First, what would happen if I chose to kill the boy. One young life would end in order to continue billions of other lives and trillions on and on until another day comes where the human society might come to an end. This one life would be sacrificed to save everyone for eternity. Is it worth it? What else could humans do with the borrowed time? Would they make the most of it? They would have to do something worth the life that they took in the future. Do I trust human society to make the most of their borrowed time? That’s a lot of time though for them to come up with something that would have to be worth of a young boys life. Maybe that’s too much expectation. Is just one new life worth it? What about billions more lives that would have the chance to start at the expense of one life ending? I think that just one new life would be worth getting rid of one. The rest of the lives that will be made are just added bonuses at this point. 

Second choice. What happens if I save the boy’s life and single handily choose to end the human race. Would it be worth it? What would this boy do to make up the worth of a billion of lives? Could he single handily make up for the lives of everybody on earth?  Is this something he even wants? Would he even be able to survive by himself? Maybe its not even about him. Maybe it’s more about the rest of the world. Do they deserve to die? Do they deserve to have this disease kill them off? I don’t think that they do deserve a second chance. What have we done so good in the past? From the moment the first human stepped foot on this earth we have been slowly destroying it. Over time the well being of this earth as well as the well being of human life has drastically decreased. There has been pain all over the world. Humans are naturals in the art of pain. We kill, we steal, and we are so worried about ourselves that we can’t see the bigger picture. We worry more about the lives of celebrities than the lives of your next generation of kids. We are more interested in making money for ourselves that we cant even realize there are people all over the world that are literally dying form hunger. We can’t see that we are only killing more humans in wars in the never ending, unreal pursuit of peace on earth. Would it really get any better? Maybe its time for humans to die off. Maybe we have run our course.

I have and always will be a just judge. I give out verdicts based off of what people deserve. If somebody does something wrong, they should be punished for it. No matter the situation. The punishment for our blind lives has caught up to us. I just have to be the person to do it. Well, lets go.



David stopped his pacing back and forth in the room and walked straight out the door and into the courtroom. He heard the crowd’s chatter instantly stop and the room became silent. David without looking into the crowd walked straight up to his chair and sat down. He kept his head down at his papers and took a deep breath, paused, grabbed the gavel and smacked it down.

“Please be seated everyone.” David spoke loudly for everyone to hear.

David sat up in his chair, cleared his throat with a sip of water and took a second in preparation for the speech he was about to give, the historical speech that would decide the future of the human race.

“I wanted to become a judge forever. There was never a point in my life that I didn’t want to be a judge. I wanted to become one so that I could actually make a difference in a young kids life who made a couple of wrong choices. I wanted to show that kid the difference between right and wrong. I wanted to do something for the well being of the world. I think that I have ultimately reached that point. I have the opportunity to really make a difference in the entire world and I think that I have made a decision that will do just that. This was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. It is something that I don’t want to do but it is something I have to do in order to truly better this world that we live in right now.”

David took a second before he continued to keep himself from crying because of what he was about to do.

“While thinking about the decision I was forced to make there was one aspect that stuck out to me more than anything. The fact that humans might not deserve a second chance. They might not have the right to have a free pass out of this suffering. The wrong doings of this race has finally caught up to us and I think that we should finally pay for what we have done. I think that I should be the one to make it happen.”

“Right before I walked out here that’s what I was going to do. I was going to punish the human race by not letting this little boy die to save you all. I was going to be the one to right the wrongs of human history. But then there was something that stopped me. The fact of what I would become if I continued with that choice. It would make me somebody that deserves to die. It would make me just like every other human being that has caused chaos on this planet. There would be no difference from what I would be doing. I kept of telling myself that there was never a change in the history of humans. We kept on getting worse and worse. If I were to choose to have everybody die I would just continue down that same road.  This world doesn’t need any more punishment. This world needs more compassion, needs forgiveness, and needs grace. This world needs more love in it.”

“With the idea of expressing more love I am choosing to take the blood from this child in order to create an antidote that will heal the rest of the humans.’

David smacked the gavel and ran into his chambers because he couldn’t bear to keep his grief in any longer. He couldn’t handle the hatred he felt toward himself for killing his own son for people that had never and will never earn the right to live another day.



After getting the antidote distributed to everyone and governments set back to the it was, there was a ceremony held for Ima. There were days, awards, and even cities named after him all over the world. He went down as the one person that saved the entire world. At the time every human being adored this young child for the sacrifice he made to save the world.

After a while that all ended. Life resumed. Days, weeks, years, decades all passed and people started to forget to importance of Ima. They started to forget what he had done for them. The normal life was getting back to normal.

David saw this in the world and his heart sank. It hurt him so much to see that people were forgetting what his son did for them. He was tormented by the choices that were being made with the extra time that they were granted by grace and grace alone. He wanted to ask them if they remembered what his son did for them. Do they remember he died so they could live? Do they know that he died for them? Does that mean nothing to them?  I hope not. 

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